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    N. Gin
    So, you wanna go a few rounds? When this is over, we'll see who's obsolete!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Mad Scientist
    Species: Human cyborg
    Portrayed by: Brendan O'Brien (1997-1999)
    Corey Burton (2001, 2017-present)
    Quinton Flynn (2003-2004)
    Nolan North (2005-2008)
    Lex Lang (Crash Bandicoot - Monster Truck Short, 2007)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Crash Bandicoot

    Dr. N. Gin (also spelled N-Gin) is a recurring villain in the Crash Bandicoot series. He is an insane cyborg and assistant to Neo Cortex, replacing Nitrus Brio after the events of Crash Bandicoot as his right-hand man.

    Why He's An N. Sane Badass Cyborg

    1. He is one of the most well-known and memorable villains in the Crash series.
    2. He is present in almost every game in the series (except the first one), and was one of the only villains to return in Crash of the Titans (The others are Cortex, Uka Uka, "Tiny" and Nina).
    3. Unlike many characters in CotT, who had totally different personalities and designs, his change was the most acceptable, as he gained a crazy, funny personality, and he steals the scene whenever he's on screen. Some people even prefer this personality to the old one.
    4. His character design is decent in all Crash games, even in CotT, where he has quite a different skin tone, but compared to the other designs in the game, his is one of the most acceptable.
    5. He has a decent voice in almost all of his appearances (except in Wrath of Cortex, which is a little weird).
    6. His boss fights are pretty good, with the exception of Crash Twinsanity, where his boss fight is pretty easy, and the last two games before the N. Sane Trilogy.

    Not-So N. Sane Qualities

    1. His appearances in some games are very short, like in Crash Bash, where he doesn't even appear as a playable character and takes part in just one map.
    2. His crazy personality in Crash of the Titans, while funny, still disappointed some fans.
    3. He only has THREE short lines in Crash Twinsanity. In about this game, his boss fight is also ridiculously easy.
    4. His design in Wrath of Cortex, while decent, is a little weird and could be considered the worst.



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