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    Mystique (Rebecca Romijn)


    Mystique is a minor antagonist of the X-Men original film trilogy. She was played by Rebecca Romijn.

    Why She Rocks

    1. Mystique is able to shape-shift into everyone. Her fight scene with Wolverine in the first film is memorable. She can also alter her voice so people wouldn’t notice it’s her.
    2. Rebecca Romijn played her very well and made her fun to watch. It is her most notable film role.
    3. She is considered a fictional 2000s film sex symbol and is very appealing. It went to the point that many women who are fans of the films do realistic cosplay of her.
    4. She is able to slide through the ground and give her opponent the finger.
    5. Unlike Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal, she is associated with the Brotherhood of Mutants like in the comics. She’s basically Magneto’s right hand woman.
    6. She had good chemistry with Magneto and the other members of the Brotherhood of Mutants.
    7. Mystique had very realistic makeup and it made her look like an actual mutant instead of a possible uncanny valley computer generated character. Her makeup still holds up to this day.

    Bad Qualities

    1. It isn’t clarified if she is Nightcrawler’s mother as in the comics. However, they share a heartwarming scene together in X2.
    2. Her scale covered skin can be too inappropriate for PG-13 superhero movies. She does wear clothes in the prequel film series, though.
    3. She doesn’t talk that much.


    • Rebecca Romijn enjoyed playing Mystique and using her make-up.
    • In the second and third films, her make-up is easier to apply.
    • An action figure with Rebecca Romijn’s likeness was made.


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