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    "Good good. The Thunder Flop knows neither friend nor foe, only destruction!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Brawn
    Species: Hippopotamus
    Portrayed by: Chris Murphy
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sly Cooper

    Murray is a secondary protagonist of the PlayStation franchise Sly Cooper. He was voiced by Chris Murphy.

    Why He's the Murray

    1. He is the strongest of the Cooper Gang and is able to defeat enemies quickly with two punches. He is so strong he can lift heavy objects by pressing buttons repeatedly. He was even able to knock out fifty wolves while at the Contessa’s prison.
    2. Chris Murphy did an amazing job voicing him. He hams up a lot of his lines not unlike Chris Farley.
    3. He supports his best friends Sly and Bentley ever since they met at an orphanage. He also takes good care of their van. He helped protect Sly and Bentley from the Contessa after they left prison.
    4. He is filled with memorable lines such as “The Murray scores again”, “I'll floss my teeth with your spine” and “Tip me over and I'll smash up everything!”
    5. He undergoes character development in the third game. He left the Cooper Gang because of his depression to study Dreamtime under an Aboriginal Guru. Because of that, he had some mystical powers. Sly and Bentley were able to make him snap out of his trance and join their plan to open the Cooper Vault.
    6. Starting with the third game, he can pickpocket enemies while shaking them as he holds them. He can even pick up loot and bring it to the Safehouse.
    7. In the first game, he stays at the Safehouse and occupies maps for levels that haven't been unlocked with funny moments including where he eats dog food, listening to a Walkman with a headset, playing on a PlayStation and playing paddleball by himself.
    8. Murray had great driving skills. He knows how to drive a stick shift on a repair truck and his own van. He was nice enough to let Bentley drive the van after he freed him from the Contessa’s prison.

    Bad Qualities

    1. In the first game, he is a one-dimensional coward and driver of the team van. Luckily, the developers vastly improved him in the second game.
    2. In the second game, his voice was somewhat pitch shifted down. This was fixed in the third game.
    3. Unlike Sly and Bentley’s Binocucoms, his doesn't have any extra features.
    4. After Clock-La broke Bentley’s legs, Murray blamed himself and gave up his “The Murray” persona. By the events of the third game, he was able to bounce back quickly.
    5. It isn't explained on how he kept his half of Clockwerk’s heart safe from the Spice Temple to the Contessa’s prison.
    6. Unlike real life hippos, Murray can't swim and can take damage.
    7. His controls while driving a tank are a little difficult.


    • In the Bad Mojo Collector mission of the second game, Murray was originally going to ask Bentley “What’s a bad mofo collector” but was changed to “Huh” because the developers didn’t want to risk a T rating.
    • Murray originally was bi-curious but was changed after a test because the developers didn’t like how he sounded like Barney the Dinosaur.
    • In the second game, Chris Murphy was originally going to be replaced by an unknown voice actor but the developers decided to keep Murphy as Murray’s voice.
    • He is the only main character not to narrate an animated cutscene.
    • In the first game, Murray originally had a Rambo-like design. This idea would be reused for Bentley in his hacking minigames from Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time.
    • Chris Murphy reprised his role in PlayStation Move Heroes.


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