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    Ms. Fowl (Jimmy Neutron)
    "Sheen, this is the seventh week in a row you've shown Ultra Lord in class!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Memorably Quirky Teacher
    Age: Unknown
    (Seems like in her 80s)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Andrea Martin
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
    The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

    Winifred Fowl, otherwise known as Miss Fowl, is a supporting character in the franchise and a teacher at Lindbergh Elementary. She is Jimmy's teacher with a very vague age. Usually, when Jimmy questions the assignments and the standard of research on the school projects, Miss Fowl hastily shifts the focus to show and tell instead of answering.

    Usually, when Jimmy show-offs his inventions, she ends up being the victim of them (such as getting shrunk or turning into a green plant monster). She also shows annoyance at Sheen, for the seventh week in a row that he had brought Ultra Lord. Miss Fowl often makes various parrot noises when she talks.

    Why She Rocks

    1. The way she resembles a bird (such as a parrot) in many ways to showcase this such as her verbal tics with squawking while talking is pretty funny.
      • And it's not only just her name but her appearance (long pointy nose, motioning her arms like wings, etc).
    2. She has a creatively good character design.
    3. Andrea Martin did a brilliant job at voicing her.
    4. Ms. Fowl isn’t just any ordinary teacher, many examples of this are in episodes such as "Foul Bull", where it reveals that she was once a cowgirl and she uses her experience to save the day.
    5. As odd as she is, she has proven many times to be a reasonable authority figure.
    6. She's normally a fair and reasonable teacher to the rest of her students, she also appears to have a particular enmity towards Sheen. Though considering that it's Sheen, the student that'd annoy anyone because of his stupidity, you can imagine that there would be some valid reasons for why she considers him to be her least favorite student.
    7. She has moments that show that she may be a strict/no-nonsense teacher, but she is one that still cares for her students.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She can be too eccentric in such a way that it'd frustrate her students for no reason.
      • For example, when all the kids in her class got sick and skipped school, she was so desperate to teach that she started lecturing the empty room and would then sit at the student's desks pretending to be answering her own questions.
      • Another example of this is where she occasionally teaches subjects that really aren't pertinent to a fourth-grade education with this line ("And that's why cowboys are bow-legged" anyone?).
    2. While she is a reasonable and strict teacher, she was shown to be outsmarted twice in the episode "Sheen's Brain", where both Smart Sheen and Jimmy used a complex method for leaving class.


    • Her surname Fowl is another term for a bird, which fits her bird-like motif. Her Latin American name, "Señorita Ave", is more literal. (It means Ms. Bird).
    • In one episode, she implies that 58 is young for her.
    • In "Make Room for Daddy-O", she mentions that it is the 82nd annual Father's Day Follies and states that she still remembers the first one like it was yesterday.
    • She's apparently old enough to have taught General Ernest Abercrombie and Dr. Finbar Calamitous when they were children, the latter of whom is clearly an elderly man.
    • In "How to Sink a Sub", she states she has been teaching for 74 years, which would make her at least 92 assuming she started when she was 18.
    • The episode “Lady Sings the News” implies that Ms. Fowl may be transgender, according to Principle Willoughby.


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