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    NOTE: This page is dedicated to the late Angela Lansbury (1926-2022).

    Mrs. Potts

    Gender: Female
    Type: Cursed Supportive Parent
    Species: Teapot (Cursed)
    Human (Normal)
    Portrayed by: Angela Lansbury
    Anne Rogers (Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World)
    Emma Thompson (2017 live action remake)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Beauty and the Beast

    Mrs. Beatrice Potts (also better known as Mrs. Potts) is one of the supporting characters of the Beauty and the Beast franchise. She is the Beast's motherly head of the kitchen staff who became a teapot during the Enchantress' curse.

    Why She is a One of a Kind Motherly Servant

    1. She is a loving mother to Chip and her children.
    2. Her stern attitude has a strong effect whenever the Beast is in a bad mood.
    3. She does not tolerate any trouble and is the voice of reason, compared to Lumiere and Cogsworth.
    4. She is caring to the other servants, Beast, Belle, and her son Chip.
    5. Angela Lansbury and Emma Thompson both did amazing making her a motherly housekeeper/teapot we know and love.
    6. She is not afraid to be brave, as shown when she helps Lumiere and Cogsworth fend away the villagers that tried to storm the castle.
    7. Despite her bad voice in Belle's Magical World, she is one of the few characters that was never flanderized into being a passive girl like Belle had, a massive jerk like the Beast did, a perverted jerk like Lumiere, or became a pathetic punching bag/arrogant manchild like Cogsworth.
      • That said, she is the only one of the three main servants who was never flanderized and still kept her original personality in the third awful movie, though both Lumiere and Cogsworth went back to their original personalities in the 2017 live-action remake.
    8. Additionally, in the live action remake, she is one of the few characters, along with Gaston, Maurice, and the other Objects that are still their likable selves and is not flanderized like Belle and the Beast.
    9. In the 2017 live action remake, we figured that her husband is actually Mr. Jean Potts and is depicted as a younger woman, which make sense because she is clearly Chip's mother.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Her voice given by Anne Rogers in Belle's Magical World is arguably weak and an inferior to Angela Lansbury.
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