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    Mr. Sykes.
    "I'm his manager. Sykes with a Y."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Former Antagonist
    Wacky Manager
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Pufferfish
    Portrayed by: Martin Scorsese
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Shark Tale

    Mr. Sykes is Oscar's former boss and current co-manager, Ernie and Bernie's leader and boss, and one of Don Lino's former henchmen as a minor antagonist turned protagonist of the 2004 animated film Shark Tale. He is voiced by Martin Scorsese.

    Why He's a Puff Daddy

    1. He is the funniest character in Shark Tale, with many saying he is the best character in the film.
    2. Mr. Sykes became a loan shark to Oscar and when he learned that his $5,000 was bet on a seahorse race, he let Ernie and Bernie take Oscar to the depths.
    3. The way he calls himself "Puff Daddy" is both strange and hilarious.
    4. When he listed the food chain with Oscar at the very bottom is also just as hilarious.
    5. Martin Scorsese did a great job voicing Sykes.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Sykes startlingly resembles Scorsese in an uncanny way.
    2. Whenever Sykes gets upset, he puffs up with a high-pitched voice, which can come off as either really funny or kinda annoying by personal preference.
    3. He can come off as a character you can either like or not like, mainly because of some of his actions that can come off as annoying or overbearing to some viewers (e.g. making tons of promises and deals to the mob with Oscar's name in it since he was famous as it was a bad idea for Sykes to do when he had shown to be a flawed manager to Oscar. Another example are the ways he tries to be hip as well).
      • Likewise, some of his mistakes were also causing problems for Oscar, someone who didn't like working for Sykes that much and never paid up, and Sykes' promises being the fatal result of Oscar getting killed by The Sharks.
    4. At the beginning of the film, he wasn't particularly respectful towards Oscar.
      • In fact, he orders his minions Ernie and Bernie to take Oscar to the outskirts of the ocean where they will abuse him.
      • While it is understandable, considering the fact that Oscar impulsively gambled with their debt money, it doesn't excuse the fact that Sykes sent his own employee in the middle of nowhere, which will likely get Oscar eaten by sharks preying on him.


    • Sykes is Martin Scorsese's only voice acting role to date.
    • Famed YouTuber Schaffrillas Productions considered Sykes his favorite Shark Tale character to which he is an ironic fan of the film.
    • Sykes getting worried is a popular GIF for how over-the-top it is.


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