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    NOTE: This page is dedicated to the late creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama (1955-2024) and the voice actor of Mr. Satan, Daisuke Gōri, who committed suicide on January 17, 2010. May they rest in peace.

    Mr. Satan
    “Don't you worry about me! I'm a master of martial arts and I'm also packin' some serious heat! And as soon as Majin Buu pops his head outta that hole, he'll be eatin' a lead salad!” — Mr. Satan in the episode "The Old Kai's Weapon".
    Gender: Male
    Type: Redeemed "Faux" Martial Artist
    Egomaniacal Comic-Relief Fighter
    Age: 736
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Daisuke Gōri
    Unshō Ishizuka
    Masashi Ebara (Japanese)
    Don Brown (Oceans Group), Chris Rager (FUNimation)
    Dave Pettitt (Blue Water)
    Paul Bandey (AD Groupe)
    Jamieson Price (Bang Zoom; English).
    Status: Deceased (Age 774-820)
    Alive (Universe 6)
    Media of origin: Dragon Ball Chapter #393: The New Kami-sama (1992)

    "You tell that freak I just declared open season on psychopaths! Spopovich, for every second Videl's in recovery, I'M GONNA BREAK SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD!"Mr Satan's protective response to his daughter being hurt by Spopovich.

    Mark, also known as Mr. Satan or Hercule (depending on the versions), is a main character in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

    Why He Rocks

    1. Character development: When Mr. Satan was first introduced, he was a manipulative fake "hero" who was also a coward and a jerk with good publicity. However, when he honored 16's last request by throwing his head close enough to speak to Gohan, even when doing so put him at great personal risk (16 lowered his ego a bit), this directly led to the world being saved via 16 giving Gohan a moment to face death with dignity. In a way, he really did save the world in the Cell Games (though he took all credit for beating Cell). This revealed his tendencies as a jerk with a true heart of gold who became less of a coward and defined himself as the classic Anti-Hero throughout the Buu saga.
      • As time passed on, he's become more accepted into the Dragon Team. He also proved himself to be much more humble, thoughtful, kind, and appreciative of their powers and achievements underneath all of his grandstanding and egomania, he even went out of his way to grant them their honorary ranks due for all they've done. In the OVA Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!, he treats the entire gang to a feast at the hotel that was built for supposedly beating Buu. Later, in Dragon Ball Super, he's handed a World Peace Prize and one hundred million Zeni, instead of using it for himself he immediately starts offering the money to Vegeta, then to Goku (who Goten convinces to accept). He also built Gohan and Videl a house to live in as well as fronting the bill for Gohan and Videl's marital home, and his making Goku and Chi-Chi rich subsidizes Goku's ability to train (and, by extension, allows him to continue protecting Earth). Not so bad for a guy who once took all the credit for killing Cell while calling the real heroes fakes.
    2. He even got to be featured in his own saga called the Majin Buu Saga, where his character gets more explored despite exhibiting an fallible "arrogant showboat" persona upon facing the threatening Kid Buu, and then bonding with Majin Buu.
      • In his first interactions with Majin Buu, Mr. Satan went from attempting to kill him off without him knowing while Buu remained oblivious and unsuspecting the whole time, to then forming a genuinely nice friendship upon finding out he's not gonna cause any harm with Satan around despite seeing how lethal Buu is.
      • Ever since it was revealed that Majin Buu had killed people. He used to be ruthless, simple-minded, and a monster who was told to murder people by Kid Buu. This day was the twist that occurred. Mr. Satan was there to wisely stop Buu upon meeting him for the first time with both, bravery and pure fear. Despite Mr. Satan's failures to kill off Buu with many misdirections and attempts to claim his acts of defeating him in newspapers, he eventually changed his heart, became less insincere, and he remarkably got Buu to stop killing people by simply asking him not to. Ever since, both Mr. Satan and Buu became the best of friends. Mr. Satan even taught Buu how to be nice, as the two play with Satan's dog Bee.
    3. Everything he says and does is hilarious. Especially his facial expressions being some of the funniest in Dragon Ball history.
    4. All of his voice actors do a great job voicing him, especially the English dub provided by the ever-so-unforgettable and talented Chris Rager. Satan's voice is so exuberant and expressive, it's much hammier than most of the series' villains and that's saying a lot.
    5. Despite being extremely arrogant, clownish, cunning, a good liar, and often clueless about what is going on, he still is very good-hearted and heroic when he has to be.
      • Even though he always shows many signs of greed, incompetence, and cowardice, Mr. Satan is still a fundamentally honorable, decent, sensitive, and kind-hearted man in the inside. He genuinely cares about protecting the innocent and fighting for justice to the best of his abilities and is prone to violent and righteous anger when faced with the abuse of helpless innocents by villains.
      • When Goku and Vegeta fail to telepathically convince the people of Earth to lend their energy for Goku's Spirit Bomb, Mr. Satan angrily yells out for them to do so with his supposed telepathic ability he used to share with the world. Thanks to his popularity back on Earth, it works. Then after the energy isn't enough, he stands up to Vegeta, who is demanding that he do it again. He refuses because the initial energy push to build up the Spirit Bomb had drained most of the population's energy already, and asking them to give another dose would kill those who didn't have enough to give.
    6. Satan is the strongest "normal" human of the series and has a stroke of incredible luck. Since he not only survives anything painful like being pummeled through mountains or landing on his crotch, but he also gains fame for most of the heroes' acts.
      • He's even been in battle with some of the most powerful villains such as Cell and Majin Buu, all the way through he has managed to survive in these lethal battles that nobody would normally survive from. In the Cell Saga, he took on the mighty Cell in the Cell Games (of course Satan was eliminated, but he survived to tell a fake tale). In the battle with Kid Buu, he fought Buu head-on to protect his friend Fat Buu (although he stood no chance, Hercule showed heart). In the world tournament, he fought Android 18 and Might Mask (Goten and Trunks in costume); surprisingly, he came up as the winner.
      • Mr. Satan is the People's Champion (WWE Reference) and Satan was always proven to be capable of maintaining this posture and image for the many people who look up to him as their "savior". Even though Mr. Satan pretends he's the strongest out there sure, he is strong in the people's eyes and they always thank him for it. He isn't completely a "fake" champion as he legitimately won the title with his own strength. He isn't strong in the same way as the Z-warriors, but he can take punishment with honor and grace. Does all of this ring a bell??
    7. He is a very loving and caring father figure to Videl. Being a wacky and goofy parent who is still very protective of his daughter Videl, and would not allow her to hang out at any boy's house unless they are tougher than him (which he might consider).
      • In grave danger, Mr. Satan will take great offense to people like Spopovich beating Videl to a bloody pulp, and nearly killing her. Satan's first response to this was to attack the tormentor who instigated the conflict with his daughter.
    8. He even has a good relationship with his wife Miguel as a loving father and also has a sweet relationship with Pan in GT as a caring grandfather of hers.
    9. He's also known for having enjoyable and memorable interactions with characters such as Android 18 and Majin Buu, the latter being a charming rivalry-turned-friendship they've formed as discussed above.
    10. In many ways, some aspects of his personality are quite similar to Master Roshi's as they both are lecherous yet heroic martial artists, the only difference is that Mr. Satan is apparently far more successful with women than Roshi due to his fame and wealth as the self-proclaimed "world champion".
    11. Mr. Satan may be a little immature and something of an incompetent buffoon, but he isn't stupid.
      • He's also vital in the final battle against Kid Buu, where he uses his popularity to motivate everyone on planet Earth, requesting that they give "him" their power to help finish Goku's Spirit Bomb.
      • Mr. Satan may come across as a boisterous idiot, but he fully understands how out of his league he is among the Z-Warriors and the kinds of monsters they regularly face. As much as he would like to surrender, his status as Earth's champion means that he can't afford to show weakness in front of any opponent, forcing him to get creative in finding ways to wriggle out of the conflict.
      • For Fat Buu in Dragon Ball Super. Satan will call Buu out when he's starting to go overboard and has ways to distract him if the situation needs it.
    12. Many fun and enjoyable quotes he's provided throughout the series.
      • “Yeah, I am that good... I'm just flattered I remembered the VCR at home to record this special moment.”
      • “You go "cuckoo crazy"! Don't tell me you REALLY thought the mighty world champion, Mister Satan, would tolerate Majin Buu destroying Earth, and the very universe itself!!”
      • “You know the real battle is about to begin, so laugh while you can! Cause I'm gonna pound that smile off of your face! Hahahaah!!”
      • “You had your way with those other two, but let's see how you do against the WORLD champion!!”
      • “Kiss my barney stone!!”
      • “Maybe this nightmare, is gonna turn into a "Mr. Satan Saves The Universe" dream!!!”
      • “Hey whatcha- aren't you gonna kill me??? Uh, I don't suppose, you're intimidated by my greatness... Hahaha AHAHAHAHAH!! That's it! It's MY power! AHAHAHAA! OOOH yeah! I should've known!!!”
      • “AHAHAHAHAH!! You're scared! I don't blame yeah, my prob streaking is TOO much for anyone!!”
      • “Koan dam!! PREPARE to meet your doom!! Cause the CHAMP is about to beat you down to a bloody pulp! Egh.. woah what's this guy's deal?
      • “That's what you want, if you're REALLY that eager to get your butt kicked then LET'S do this! Come on, bring it.”
      • “Hmph! This is MY dream, after ALL, that means there's NO way in heck I could possibly LOSE this fight.”
      • “OOH YYEEAHH! He's, GONE! ALL Right, I should've known!! NOBODY wants to mess with the mighty Mr. Satan!! No siree, I am, the KING!! AHAHAHA!! Well I don't blame him, I'm TWICE the size of that, PINK Sissy! And HE didn't want any of THIS anyway! No way, baby!”
      • “Gee, h-h-hi Buu! Nice DAY!”
      • “HE ate it! I can't believe it! Each one of those chocolates has enough, cyanide to KILL a water buffalo!!!”
      • “THAAAA!! Doh I'mma I'mma sorry about that, I'm sure I can find a game here that DOESN'T cheat!!”
      • “Time to introduce Mister Buu, to Mr 'Plastic Explosive'!”
      • “OOH YEAH!! I've just got TWO words to say! ... THE END!!!”
      • “THA!? *sarcastically:* OOH of course, human candy is some of my favorite stuff in the world! Oh yeah, this candy is great! It's sweet without being TOO sweet, and it kinda reminds me the candy my mom made when I was a kid ... What's that!? (Spits human candies out)”
      • “I know it seems STRANGE, but this is the latest STYLE of picture takin'!”
      • “HA! Yeahahaha! There's one for the front page!! Say Mister Buu are you HUNGRY at all??? I don't mean to brag but I'm a pretty good cook! What do ya say? Hmm???
      • “SO, you WANNA I'm gonna do to setup? Exactly the same thing I'm gonna do to this bus!!
      • “Huh?? I'm not gonna go poop, I'm gonna go in there and kick his lily-livered BO HOGUS that's what I'm gonna do-”
      • “HE dropped, the. Bomb...
      • “Heh... That tickles my ear, what, WHAT did you SAY?!”
      • YAH! Coming at you SWEETHEART, NO more fooling around! FEEL, MY, TRUE POWEERRR!!!!
      • “I DID it!! For years I've been trying to perfect the variation of a megaton punch, that uses lightened energy to cause a delayed reaction, to catch my opponent OFF GUARD!!!! And today it finally happened!! It worked! After ten years of practicing every day it worked! YYEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
      • “I DID IT! I got this guy to change his ways, and I didn't have to throw a punch or throw him up! Oh Mr. Satan, you are TRULY the GREATEST!!
      • “Dall right alright, so uh, the guys from the Cell Games came back well uh, a couple of them and, but WHERE did all of those WEIRDOS come from? And was my Videl acting so chummy with that 'Pretty Boy' one?? And HE had the NERVE to go off and start flying, which means he could've been some been a trickster or some kind of EVIL alien!! AND VIDEL IS ABSOLUTELY, NOT ALLOWED TO GO OUT WITH EVIL ALIEN BOYS!! NOOOO WWAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
      • “Ohh do ho gone the SECOND something DOESN'T add up here!!!”
      • “If only tricksters and aliens could fly then, how is my DAUGHTER in the air with him???? Hey, now I understand it!! Human beings must've been capable of flying all along! Obviously, it's just a matter of sufficient upper-body strength! So, of course, the World Champion can do it, no sweat!!!”
      • “(chuckling) Those know-nothing losers think they're so COOL! But it PROBABLY took them a couple of decades, just to build up the arm muscles IT takes to FLY! TOO bad they're not here to learn in one day!!”
      • “Deh- OF course! Just come on in I was just, perfecting my world-famous "Carpet Diving Attack" technique! Heheh ye, Ya carpet, heheh yeah.”
      • “You're not weak! I'm JUST too strong!! It's over, now GO check yourself into a clinic or somethin'”
      • “Please! Don't doubt! I was working undercover, that's why I didn't speak to ya, I was- keeping my- identity A secret. Now raise up those hands and lend that energy, so I can DEFEAT: Majin Buu, HAHAH!! Dohhh yeah uh nothing personal, I- just don't think they'd do it unless they thought it was me. And at this point, defeating Majin Buu is all that matters...”
      • “I'm sorry Buu I'M sorry!! Come on, don't be mad! You know I LOVE ya! I'll make you LOTS of tasty treats later and then maybe a nice bubble bath! YOUR favorite! (Buu: Hungry NOW!!!) Okay okay! Keep 'em Keep 'em!! I'm sure there's chocolate or something in here! Huh? (grunts) VIDEL! GIVE YOUR DADDY A HAND! I CAN'T FIND THAT CHOCOLATE!!!”
      • “YEAAHAHAHYEAH! Now that's a REAL man! Incredible! Hehuh What a, god yeah!!”
      • “Hm? Oh, it's you Videl, I'm just reviewing some of my, old matches and studying strategy. You can NEVER rest if you want to STAY on TOP!!
      • “Dahh your dad knows ALL about the former champion. His name's Goku, and he's a magician NOT a fighter, uses all kinds of light tricks and deception to win his matches see? And HE doesn't HAVE the brute strength that your FATHER does Videl HE'S A SISSY, COMPARED TO ME AND NO ONE COULD DEFEAT THE MAN, WHO SAVED THE WORLD!! YEAH NO ONE! DO YOU HEAR ME GOKU!? YEAAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHHHHH!!!!'

    Bad Qualities

    1. Despite being entertaining, hilarious, and endearing, he started as a fraudster who lied about his title as a heroic martial artist who challenged powerful threats like Cell when he didn't until later.
      • Even after getting character development, he can still have his jerkish, egotistical, and cowardly moments in and out of combat.
    2. Ever since his wife's death and his rise to martial arts stardom, Mr. Satan became a hedonistic womanizer, much to the annoyance of his daughter Videl. This is the main reason she doesn't have a problem with Gohan and the others bringing him down a peg or two.
    3. Everyone tends to mistake his immaturity, high confidence, fears, anxiety, clumsiness, and fallibility for pure stupidity.


    • His real name is Mark (a pun on akuma, the Japanese word for "devil"), as stated by Akira Toriyama in an interview, additionally, according to Toriyama, he is from a cultural region in which surnames are not used, therefore, that is his full name as well.
    • In Christianity, Satan is sometimes referred to as "the Father of Lies". If there's one thing Mr. Satan has in common with his Biblical namesake, it's his remarkable talent for spinning elaborate deceptions and manipulating people into doing his bidding. The cult-like worship that the Earthling population shows for him can help to further the comparisons.
      • Due to the religious implications of his name, the character was renamed "Hercule" in North America to avoid problems with the Christian community.
        • However, it wasn't changed in other countries like Brazil and many christians was trying to sue Dragon Ball because of his unchanged name, with many christian parents believing that Mr. Satan is teaching their children for lying and acting like him, similar controversies happened with other cartoons like Naruto, Ben 10, The Cuphead Show, Pokemon, the infamous first version of Woody Woodpecker and so on.
    • Mr. Satan himself is based on the martial arts blowhard Count Dante, and his English vocal performance recalls the mannerisms that resemble Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. His character design also bears an uncanny resemblance to '80s era Frank Zappa.



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