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    Mr. Game & Watch
    Behold! The oldest Nintendo fighter in Smash Bros. and one of the oldest video game characters to ever exist!
    Gender: Male
    Species: Monochrome
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Game & Watch

    Mr. Game & Watch is a character that represents Nintendo's early Game & Watch handhelds. He appears throughout the Super Smash Bros. (since Melee) and Game & Watch Gallery series. He is just as simplistic as the LCD games that inspired him; he has no dialogue, simplistic animation, and very little personality.

    Why He Watches You

    1. He represents Nintendo's early history in a creative way; all of his moves are inspired by Game & Watch games.
      • Neutral attack (Greenhouse), forward tilt (Lion), up tilt (Flagman), down tilt (Manhole), dash attack (Helmet), forward smash (Fire Attack), up smash and Final Smash (Octopus), down smash and floor attacks (Vermin), neutral aerial (Parachute Melee; Tropical Fish Brawl-onwards), forward aerial and grab (Mario's Cement Factory: FA: Melee-Smash 4, and Grab; FA Ultimate: Mario's Bombs Away, Safebuster, and Bomb Sweeper), back aerial (Turtle Bridge), up aerial (Spitball Sparky), down aerial (Donkey Kong Jr.), pummel and edge attack (the Game & Watch's alarm feature), all throws (Ball), Chef (neutral special), Judge (side special), Fire (up special) and Oil Panic (down special).
    2. He pulls random items out of nowhere, which is a unique and sometimes entertaining way to fight.
      • Sometimes, when he hits someone with Judge #7, three apples spawn and he, or his opponent, can eat them and heal themselves.
    3. He has a two-dimensional look that sets him apart from other Smash Bros. characters.
      • Funny enough, his model is actually 3D, it’s just been edited to look 2D. There are moods in all Smash games he’s in to have his 3D model expanded to see him in 3D. In Smash Ultimate, you can officially see him in 3D with no moods by scanning his amiibo in the game, so the game gets him as a Figure Player, then rotate his model, and you will see him in full 3D.
      • You can also see his 3D round front in game if he becomes metal, is a false character, or is covered in ink, and can also occur during certain cinematic Final Smashes, such as Dede-Rush, Triple Wolf, or Supernova.
    4. His moveset is very accurate to the original LCD handhelds, especially in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    5. The character made some people more interested in Nintendo's earliest works, and he also inspired Nintendo to make some future Game & Watch handhelds, most notably, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.
    6. While he mostly makes sound effects, he actually does have a voice via when he's put to sleep, and has a unique voice clip that's pretty cute.
    7. Despite being on one of the bosses in Brawl, his boss is defeated and when he's rescued by Princess Peach, he is grateful to her by kneeling (since she's obviously a princess) and appreciates her even more when she gives him her umbrella. Though unfortunately, he still doesn't have a clear personality.
    8. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, most of Mr. Game and Watch’s moves temporarily alter his appearance to resemble the characters from the Game & Watch games they are based on. This significantly changes most of Mr. Game & Watch's attack animations both functionally and aesthetically, it makes him more expressive overall, and gives him more of a personality.
    9. In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, he appears on a sign in Brooklyn with him using a shovel to dig in the scene where Mario and Luigi run to the Brooklyn couple's house to fix the plumbing a la Super Mario Bros..

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. As of yet and as stated in GQ#7, he does not have a clear personality.


    • Although Mr. Game & Watch has always been a unique character as opposed to a clone, he incidentally shared all of his attributes - except for his weight, air speed, and air acceleration - with Mario in Melee. The two characters shared their dashing speed, walking speed, falling speed, fast falling speed, traction, and gravity.
    • He was introduced one month before Pac-Man in April 28, 1980, compared to him (Pac-Man) who debuted in May 22, 1980.
    • His first game was Ball, released along with him.


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