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    This page is dedicated to Francisco Ibáñez (1936 - 2023)

    Mortadelo & Filemon
    "The Very First Spanish Cartoon Characters Before Pocoyo"
    Gender: Male (Both)
    Type: Likeable Secret Agents
    Age: 55
    Species: Humans
    Portrayed by: Karra Elejalde (Mortadelo)
    Janfri Topera (Filemon
    Status: Unknown
    Media of origin: Unknown

    Mortadelo & Filemon are two Spanish characters that were made in Spain. They first appeared in the books of 1958.

    Porque Ellos Se Lo Mecen Todo (Why They Rock)

    1. Their designs look impressive as if they look like Spanish versions of Mr. Bean, but in two.
    2. Mortadelo's abilities to transform into random things was a classic version of Jake the Dog's abilities from Adventure Time.
    3. Their theme song in the 1995 TV Series is very catchy to listen as if they look impressive.
    4. Despite the scenes where Filemon gets hurt in the 2014 CGI movie being horrendous, they can also be very funny.
    5. Their Spanish voices look impressive as if they look like real Spanish characters.
    6. Sometimes, they can also be funny when they say not so much swear words in the movie mentioned in WTR#4.
      • And Not to Mention that the rating of their movie was actually rated PG-13.
    7. Their behaviours in the comic books and the 1995 TV Series look very admirable.

    Malas Cualidades (Bad Qualities)

    1. Mortadelo can always be an idiotic moron who doesn't know everything about science.
    2. Filemon can always be grumpy with Mortadelo. Especially when he chases him.
    3. Sometimes, their designs can also look very ugly to see.

    Trivialidades (Trivia)

    • Mortadelo & Filemon are the VERY' first spanish cartoon characters to be made in the decade.
    • In their country of origin (Spain), they're very popular at times.

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