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    Mirio Togata
    "I will always be Lemillion!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Passionate Learning Superhero
    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tarusuke Shingaki (Japanese)
    Ricco Fajardo (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: My Hero Academia

    Mirio Togata (in Japanese: 戸形ミリオ, Togata Mirio), also known by his hero name Lemillion (レミリオン, Remirion), is a major supporting character in My Hero Academia. He serves as the deuteragonist of the Shie Hassaikai arc. He is a student in Class 3-B at U.A. High School and is part of The Big 3. As a young boy, he fell into a river but was saved by a Pro Hero which led to him wanting to also become a hero to save others. However, his dad has considered that it would be difficult to achieve due to his Quirk. That didn't stop him from losing his heart and spent years training to control his own Quirk thus becoming the hero that he is today and also being part of The Big 3.

    Why He is Lemillion Times Greater

    1. Normally he comes across as a goofy but energetic individual who is very optimistic. In fact, he's can almost be seen smiling. Even when may question how he became a top student, Mirai Sasaki believes he could be the one to replace All Might as the symbol of peace.
    2. When he wanted to become a hero, he didn't want his laid-back nature to obscure his judgment or impede his dreams to follow his goal. With all that said, he's really a hard worker just by making his own ability into a powerhouse Quirk. It has gone to the point where Mirio wants to look for ways to improve his skills.
    3. Is brave enough from dealing with the dangers he encounters including people so he's not easily the one who would get a scare. He talked to Kai Chisaki in such a normal yet cheerful manner despite Kai's origins as a yakuza member. He can even battle against Kai Chisaki, Hari Kurono, Deidoro Sakaki, and Shin Nemoto all by himself.
      • Speaking of bravery, he's confident about his own abilities.
    4. Being a hero, he has the values of one like having to sacrifice his own Quirk just to protect Eri. He had a reason as to why he chose that because he just wanted to let Eri know to never let her know pain again. Mirio continued fighting after losing his Qurik.
    5. Even when he had to lose his Quirk, he remains his steadfast self to becoming a hero. His personality has not faded and has refused Izuku's offer to get the One For All Quirk. He's okay being Quirkless.
    6. As you may have guessed, he's considered to be U.A. High School's most powerful student.
    7. His backstory is inspiring. He wanted to be a hero and never let anything break his dreams. Of course, his backstory is mentioned already, but you can still be moved by his tale.
    8. The scene where Mirio sees Mirai in his death bead is touching. Mirio tells his mentor to live as he still has much to learn from him. It's even gone to the point where Mirai used his Quirk one more time to see Mirio's own future before passing away. Later on, Mirio has decided to not be sad because Mirai was smiling all the time while talking to him. Also told Izuku to lighten up.
    9. He has a good friendship with Tamaki Amajiki since both characters inspire and support each other. The same could be said about Nejire Hado (while not on a first-name basis, but they do show a good relationship) who the two find it easy to talk with each other.
      • What about Eri you ask? Well he at first left her with Kai Chisaki, but things start to go downhill when he learns the truth about Eri. He took the blame for the hit and even going to save her and is the first person to give Eri hope in order to be free from Kai Chisaki and the Shie Hassaikai. He had faith that her Rewind Quirk can restore him without any rush.
        • There was even a scene where Mirio holds Eri up in the air to see Izuku dance. Eri smiled which led to Mirio cry with tears of joy. Since then, they have had good chemistry with each other as if it was a brother-sister type of figure.
    10. Understands a lot of hero protocols and can control his emotions skillfully to see the bigger picture. Chapter 129 is a good example of this.
    11. In the Paranormal Liberation War arc, he went back in action after his Quirk got restored.
    12. The reason why his hero name is called "Lemillion" is that he admits he can't always save everyone, but will still save as many people as possible.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Has an odd sense of humor, which can be annoying to some people.
    2. There are times that his clothes are inadvertently taken off while using his Quirk.


    • In his Volume `14 profile, it states that he likes ramen as his favorite food and his favorite thing is comedy.
    • Kohei Horikoshi considered Mirio an easy character to draw due to his features.
    • His hero name sounds like the name of the Japanese band Remioromen
    • Shares the same birthday with Izuku Midoriya and Rapt Tokage.
    • His Super Move, Phanton Menace, is renamed to Phantom Threat due to the former being a reference to Star Wars.
    • He has been compared to Tintin from The Adventures of Tintin and Lucas from Earthbound.


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