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    ミライトワとソメイティ (Miraitowa and Someity)
    Behold, one of the most popular Olympics/Paralympic mascots ever created! It's true that they are so mighty and put eternal hope into the hearts of people even to this day.
    Gender: Genderless (despite their masculine and feminine appearences)
    Type: Unforgettable and still relevant kawaii mascots with superpowers
    Age: ???
    Species: ???
    Portrayed by: ???
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Olympics and Paralympics (made for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics by Ryo Taniguchi in 2017)

    Miraitowa (Japanese: ミライトワ Romaji: miraitowa) and Someity (Japanese: ソメイティ Romaji: someiti) are the official mascots for the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo, Japan. Miraitowa is the Olympic mascot, while Someity is the Paralympic mascot. They are collectively known as Mirasome (Japanese: ミラソメ Romaji: mirasome). Both mascots have various superpowers such as moving at superhuman speeds. They were pitted against two other candidate pairs where Japanese children had to decide who will be the mascot of the 2020 Games. Despite their Olympics being over, they are still extremely popular and have returned in official media numerous times because of how popular they are and due to the legacy of the 2020 Games.

    Why They Are Olympic Champions

    1. They have extremely good, fitting and adorable anime/manga-styled designs (despite looking like Pokémon). Said designs also incorporate the traditional Japanese checkered patterns of the Tokyo 2020 logos, which is an extremely nice detail and nod to the symbols. The designs also combine both innovative and traditional motifs in a great way. This is an awesome way to represent the futuristic but also traditional nature of Tokyo, the host city of their games.
      • Someity's pink design is inspired by cherry blossoms complete with cherry blossom petal shaped sensors, structures and markings that are all on its head. Cherry blossoms a cultural icon of Japan and so this is quite fitting.
    2. Miraitowa and Someity also have supernatural powers. Yes, we are not joking. Miraitowa can teleport anywhere it wants instantly, run at incredibly fast speeds and jump extremely far distances. Someity on the other hand can use its cherry blossom antennae to telepathically communicate with others, move objects via telekinesis, fly at very fast speeds using its checkered cape and even talk to stones and wind.
      • And to top that all off, Miraitowa and Someity actually live in the Digital World. Through the internet, the duo can travel from their to the real world and vice versa whenever they want. This power also doubles as a way to add to their futuristic motifs.
    3. Even their names of all things are great as they further reinforce how good they are! Miraitowa comes from the Japanese words for "future" and "eternity" (which are "未来" (mirai) and "永久" (towa) respectively). The name was specifically chosen to promote a good future that'll last forever. Meanwhile, Someity's name combines the cherry blossom species "染井吉野 / ソメイヨシノ" (someiyoshino) and the English phrase "So mighty". The part of Someity's name that shows how good it is is the "So mighty" part.
    4. While instances when they speak are rare, its extremely cute. Miraitowa and Someity sound like little children and their voices fit them so well. Take a listen.
    5. Toyota partnered up with Tokyo 2020 to make robots out of them. These robots can move, emote using their eyes (which are screens), and recognize facial expressions thanks to built-in cameras. It's as kawaii as it sounds. This was a nice addition as Japan is famous for its robots.
    6. Like the other Olympics mascots, Miraitowa and Someity got lots of merchandise. Examples include plushies, keychains, paper figures and even towels!
    7. The promotional animations released about them are amazing.
      • Their live-action CGI debut trailer (from 2018) manages to explain their characteristics and powers through show not tell. It also has them playing with Japanese children, which is heartwarming. Don't forget that it's also their name reveal trailer. Yes, they did all of that with one of the reasons being to reveal their names.
      • The Are You Ready? animations released in 2019 has them playing in the various sports at the event. Both videos have gorgeous 2D animation. The shines in Miraitowa and Someity's eyes glowing contributes to this.
      • The Paprika Dance 3D animation has them dancing to the Paprika cheer song by Foorin.
    8. They participate in lots of events before and even after the 2020 Games (mostly in Japan).
      • In 2020, before the Olympics was delayed by COVID-19, they visited various countries. This means that Mirasome fans who weren't from Japan had a chance to see them if they lived in one of the countries.
    9. Miraitowa and Someity have fleshed out and fitting personalities and extremely cute behaviors and antics.
      • Miraitowa is cheerful, athletic, and has a strong sense of justice.
      • Someity is cool, calm, quiet, loves nature but can become very powerful when it is needed.
      • Despite their contrasting personalities, Miraitowa and Someity have an adorable friendship and respect each other strongly.
      • They are also extremely friendly to humans, making it easy to befriend them as they happily interact with people they don't know.
    10. They've made appearances in video games (most notably Miraitowa).
      • Miraitowa is a playable character in the Tokyo 2020 Official Game.
      • Miraitowa often appears in the background of various levels in Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. It also appears in some in-game trivia where the game tells you that its name means "Eternal Future" in Japanese and the message that the name conveys.
      • While not a game that the general public can play, both mascots appeared in a game that was played at the 1st Anniversary of the Tokyo Olympics. The game was in a pixelated style complete with 8-bit music, which fits the characters's futuristic and digital motif. Miraitowa and Someity had to jump over various obstacles in the game.
    11. As terrible as the COVID-19 pandemic postponing their games to 2021 was, it gave people an extra year to learn about them at the best time and officially buy merchandise.
    12. Even after the 2020 Olympics, despite the fact it is now Paris 2024 season and despite the fact there's already new Summer Mascots (Phryges), Miraitowa and Someity are so popular that they still live on to this day as cultural icons of Japan. In fact, they are now much more popular than Soohorang and Bandabi (2018 mascots). Keep in mind they used to struggle against them in terms of popularity.
      • Fans on social media are still posting about them daily and fanart is still being made. There's hashtags and even entire social media accounts dedicated to keeping them forever.
      • They've even appeared in official media multiple times after the event. Examples include the various Tokyo 2020 1st Anniversary events (in 2022), the Olympics mascots event at the Japanese Olympic museum (in 2022), the second Tokyo Forward Legacy Exhibition (in 2023 and 2024 [the latter of which is the year of the Paris Olympics, which at this point you'd expect them fully focus on to promoting it instead of hosting this event, which shows that the JOC still cares about Mirasome and the Tokyo 2020 Legacy despite Paris 2024 being very close at the time they hosted the event]), and an event in January 2024.
      • In early 2022, Ryo Taniguchi (their designer), drew a fusion of Miraitowa and Someity called "Miraity" (Japanese: ミライティ Romaji: Miraiti). While there is almost no official information on it, it probably has all of the powers Miraitowa and Someity have (e.g. flight, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, running at extremely fast speeds, jumping really high).
      • They're likely not going to go away (despite what an article said) because of their popularity and legacy of Tokyo 2020.
    13. Miraitowa and Someity's characteristics make them extremely memorable and not only appeal to sports fans, but appeal to anybody who likes the tropes they follow.
    14. Like with some other mascots, they have official social media accounts. In this case, it's Instagram.
    15. Overall, Miraitowa and Someity are often considered one of the best Olympics mascots ever made due to their personalities, designs, powers and other characteristics. Their sheer popularity and returns after the games makes it sort of never too late for anyone to learn about them or jump on the Mirasome train. As a result, they totally deserve to get any form of official attention after the games.

    The Only Bad Qualities That Aren't Olympic Champions

    1. Unlike the games they were made for, they are unfortunately extremely obscure outside of Japan. The only way for somebody who doesn't live in Japan to easily learn about them is to either have prior knowledge of Olympics (to a lesser extent sports, Japanese or any) mascots, have prior knowledge of the Olympics, follow a sports/Olympics site. If they don't have these characteristics, then it's usually done through extreme luck.
      • This is a massive issue to people overseas who aren't sports fans who would love these characters. These people either learn about them through extreme luck or don't learn about them at all! Luckily, Mirasome's popularity makes it sort of never too late to learn about them. But it's still bad since before/during Tokyo 2020 was peak timing for obvious reasons.
      • As you can guess, this didn't work well when they toured various countries as most people who would like them would not know about them and thus be unable to see them.
      • This obscurity overseas becomes worse when you realize that people who know of the characters can make bootlegs of them and not get called out for it.
        • It can also result in inadvertent bootlegs of them. Sakuroma from Retrospecter for example, is a moth who looks a lot like Someity and surprisingly shares lots of characteristics with it (yes, outside of appearance). Retrospecter and his audience are English speakers (specifically from the United States, while most his viewers are likely from English speaking countries [none of which are Japanese]). Due to Someity's obscurity, Retrospecter may have accidentally ripped off Someity and his fans don't point him out due to them not knowing about it.
          • Don't forget that Sakuroma also has plushies. It is illegal to make money off of copyrighted things without the owner's consent. If Sakuroma has enough similarities to be considered a knockoff of Someity, Retrospecter might also be accidentally committing a crime!
    2. The coronavirus unfortunately reduced their public activities in 2020 to 2021 (the latter being the year the games were held). Thankfully, that was resolved when they appeared in events after the Games, but it's still bad because they are the Tokyo 2020 Mascots.
      • They were also in 1 year to go events in 2019. These events (while not bad) did not age well due to the COVID pandemic delaying the Olympics by a year, making these events technically 2 years to go.
    3. Missed Oppurtunity: Miraitowa could've played a role in the story mode for the Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Game. For example, it can enter cyberspace so it could've appeared in the Tokyo '64. This can partially be justified because this is all about the Tokyo 1964 Olympics and Miraitowa and Someity didn't exist back then. But Mario and Sonic characters did not exist in 1964 too so its not that good of an argument.
    4. While not a Miraitowa and Someity flaw, Miraity (the fusion introduced in 2022) has no official information apart from its name, appearance and gender. It likely isn't going to get any official information as the IOC told Ryo Taniguchi to stop drawing it.


    • Despite Miraitowa looking, behaving and sounding masculine and Someity being that but feminine, they are both genderless. This explains why they are given "it/its" pronouns.
      • Their appearences unsurprisingly make people often misgender Miraitowa as a male and Someity as a female.
    • Miraitowa and Someity resemble Robotboy and Robotgirl respectively from Robotboy (which was made before Mirasome).
      • What's more strange is that there's Miraitowa and Someity robots and Robotboy and Robotgirl are robots.
      • There is also a character in the Bullet Train movie that looks like Someity.
      • A Chinese company made knockoffs of Miraitowa and Someity in late 2018 and Ryo Taniguchi is aware of their existence.
      • Like mentioned earlier, Retrospecter's Lust character Sakuroma unintentionally looks like Someity.
      • And of course, the Mirasome duo look like Pokémon. Their eyes resemble that of Pokémon such as Eevee and Jirachi. Not to mention that some Mythical Pokémon that are cute but are also extremely powerful. Miraitowa and Someity fit into this trope a lot.
        • Thanks to its bipedal stance, white body with dark blue markings and "ears", Miraitowa vaguely resembles the female variant of Meowstic (a cat Pokemon).
    • When Miraitowa and Someity became mascots in 2018, they did not have names. They later got their names on July 22nd 2018.
    • This article suggests that Miraitowa and Someity could be put out of service when the Paris 2024 Games arrive due to them having the new Summer mascots. However, this is probably not true for multiple reasons.
      • Olympics mascots have been known to occasionally return even after their events and being succeeded. For example, Hodori (the 1988 Seoul Olympics mascot) returned at both the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics and the 2024 Gangwon Youth Olympics (the latter event had him return along with the 2018 mascot Soohorang, the latter being succeeded by the Beijing 2022 mascots). Keep in mind that Hodori has obviously been succeeded countless times by other Summer mascots.
      • Miraitowa and Someity and the Phryges are mascots for different countries/cities in different continents.
      • Japan and France rarely host the Olympics so they're not getting new mascots in a while. If you take the cities into consideration instead, we're likely going to have to wait even longer to get new Tokyo and Paris mascots.
      • Miraitowa and Someity can be used to maintain the legacy of Tokyo 2020.
      • Miraitowa and Someity are the only Japanese Summer mascots for the Olympics/Paralympics and we are not going to get other Japanese Summer mascots in a long time.
      • It is likely that what the article means by "Nothing has been decided" is that they haven't decided anything after the Paris Olympics yet, not Miraitowa and Someity being abandoned after the Paris Games. This is further backed up by when they say "at the moment". Even if they do ditch Mirasome after the Paris Games, they'll probably still come back anyways because the fans will complain and the Olympics will give them what they want.
    • Miraitowa and Someity are the only Japanese Summer Olympics and Paralympics mascots so far. This does not include the rejected Tokyo 2020 mascots as they are not official mascots due to their rejection.
    • Miraitowa and Someity are also the only Olympics/Paralympics mascots for Tokyo so far.
    • Miraitowa and Someity are the second batch of Japanese Olympics mascots and Paralympics mascots. The first batch were for the Nagano 1998 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The Olympics mascots were the Snowlets (4 owls who are called Sukki, Nokki, Lekki and Tsukki), while the Paralympics mascot was Parabbit (a rabbit). This does not include Snowple (a weasel who is the rejected 1998 Olympics mascot).
    • Miraitowa's name resembles that of the Pokemon Miraidon. Now this wouldn't be mentioned if it wasn't for their Japanese names. "ミライトワ" (Miraitowa) is spelt almost the same as "ミライドン" (Miraidon) complete with both using the Katakana alphabet. The first 3 katakana are the same. The 4th katakana in Miraidon's name is the same as Miraitowa's but with dakuten on it to change its sound. The only katakana that is fully different is the 5th katakana. This is most likely a coincidence.
      • Also, both Miraitowa and Miraidon have future themes in their designs, associated with robots and are fast.


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