Mipha (Japanese: ミファー, Hepburn: Mifā) is the major supporting character of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a cameo character in WarioWare: Gold, and a major supporting character in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. She is the eldest daughter of King Dorephan and sister of Sidon. She is born with the rare ability to heal others, which is called Mipha's Grace and she wields the Lightscale Trident which is the most powerful Zora-made spear. She is also the Zora Champion of Hyrule alongside the Goron Daruk, the Rito Revali, and the Gerudo Urbosa, all of whom were chosen to pilot the Divine Beasts, which in Mipha’s case it’s Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Depending on the game, she and the Champions either die in Breath of the Wild or survive thanks to Terrako in Age of Calamity.

"Mipha's Grace is ready."
Gender: Female
Type: Complex Love Interest
Age: Unknown
Species: Zora
Portrayed by: Amelia Gotham
Status: Deceased (Breath of the Wild)

Alive (Age of Calamity)

Media of origin: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

"But know this: that no matter how difficult this battle might get...If you-if anyone ever tries to do you harm... Then I will heal you. No matter when, or how bad the wound... I hope you know... that I will always protect you."


Why She is Graceful

  1. Mipha’s character design is beautiful and adorable to look at.
  2. Her voice actor, Amelia Gotham does a good job voicing her, most prevalent in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.
  3. Mipha's theme song is lovely and emotional and her battle themes in Age of Calamity are awesome.
  4. Mipha is considered to be the heart of the Champions of Hyrule, and she is the compassionate and the sweetest person that anyone would love to hang out with.
  5. As evident in her diary, her story and relationship with Link is very emotional since she had longed to confess her feelings to Link, but because of Calamity Ganon’s imminent return, she was conflicted over going through with it. Furthermore, there was some conflict with a few members, like her awareness that her mentor, Muzu’s distaste for Hylians and as a result, she never told him about her feelings for Link since she suspects that he would not approve of it and the feelings of pressure when she had to make a promise to her father to come home safely when it's over as Sidon needed his sister in his life.
  6. As mentioned above, as the Zoras are known for having the longest lifespans, Mipha’s death had a huge devastating impact on the Zora Tribe, especially with her father, Muzu, and especially Sidon being impacted the hardest. She once spoke through her trident to let the Zoras know that everything will be okay, and they need to put their grief away while keeping her memory alive.
    • Because of that, the Zoras have a statue of her placed on the Zora’s Domain main plaza to honor her.
  7. Mipha's Grace is very useful since, unlike the fairies which give five hearts, her healing power allows Link to regain all hearts with additional temporary hearts should Link’s life gauge be completely depleted.
  8. Her relationship with Sidon is also very heartwarming as in the Champions’ Ballad cutscene, she showed him the thrills of swimming up a waterfall, and tells him that if anything happened to her on the battlefield, she will leave the responsibility of protecting Zora’s Domain to him.
    • She was also responsible for Sidon’s persistent catchphrase, “Don’t give up, I believe in you!” and it shows when you first meet Sidon.
  9. Her sudden yelling at Link to not read her diary in one of the secret dialogues after completing the Champions’ Ballad, is very funny.
  10. In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Mipha steps up to being a truly awesome fighter and not only has she managed to save her brother from a Lynel, who are known for wielding Shock Arrows which are lethal to her kind no less, but she used Divine Beast Vah Ruta to save her father from being electrocuted by a Moblin!
  11. After being saved by the adult Sidon from being killed by Waterblight Ganon, Mipha has since had a special bond with him during the last half of the game, which is bittersweet when you think about the Sidon from Breath of the Wild growing up without a sister, and he is actually bonding with her.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. While Amelia’s portrayal of Mipha was good in Age of Calamity, it was however, lackluster in Breath of the Wild.


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