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    Minnie Mouse
    "Oh, my! That's nice!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Mickey's Cute Girlfriend
    Species: Mouse
    Portrayed by: Walt Disney (1928–1929)
    Marjorie Ralston (1929)
    Thelma Boardman (1941–1942)
    Ruth Clifford (1947–1952)
    Janet Waldo (1974)
    Russi Taylor (1986–2019)
    Kaitlyn Robrock (2020–present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Mickey Mouse

    Minnie Mouse is a character created by The Walt Disney Company, who serves as Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend, known for her sweet disposition, cartoonishly large head bows, and polka-dotted dresses. Inspired by flapper girls of the 1920s, Minnie first appeared in the short Steamboat Willie, released on November 18, 1928, Minnie is traditionally depicted as a starving musician, singer, and songwriter. Her classy, yet no-nonsense demeanor serves as a foil to the troublemaking Mickey.

    Why She Is a Beautiful Girlfriend to Mickey Mouse

    1. Minnie Mouse is one of the most memorable Disney ladies ever made.
      • Not only that, But she was one of the most memorable female character's in animation history during in the 1920s.
    2. Her relationship with Mickey Mouse is cute and heartwarming, in fact it was one of the first love relationship in cartoons.
    3. Like other animated female characters, she is the sweet, classy, cheerful, and feminine in almost every Mickey Mouse cartoon showing that she is a great supporter for his boyfriend.
    4. She is widely recognized for her large collection of big bows of different colors that sit atop her head.
    5. Her design is cute and pretty in the same time.
    6. Although she maybe a damsel, she can even do her own thing's like fighting Pete, saving Mickey from dangerous situations, and even can save herself.
    7. She can sometime be a competition with Princess Peach like Mickey and Mario.
    8. Her voice is cute, memorable, unique.
      1. Marjorie Ralston, Marcellite Garner, Thelma Boardman, Ruth Clifford, Janet Waldo, and especially Russi Taylor and Kaitlyn Robrock do a great job voicing her.
    9. Her song from the final cartoon episode, "Carried Away", is very heartwarming and could be the last voice appearance before her voice actress death.
      • Although she and Mickey went through crazy situations, she only focus on her song instead of screaming for help.
    10. Not only she sweet and helpful, but she can believe in Sora form Kingdom Hearts to take his risk.
    11. In "Mickey's Birthday", she wants to make the greatest party for Mickey by making a good cake and song.
    12. She is shown to be level-headed and rational, particularly in House of Mouse where she serves as the "voice of reason" among her friends, especially for Mickey, as she keeps him calm whenever he panics in hectic situations.

    Bad Qualities

    1. While she can be nice, she can sometimes be a bully in her older cartoons in 1930s because in one short, Minnie was shown to be unlikeable in breaking up with Mickey and dancing with Pete, which made poor Mickey cry.
    2. Similar to Princess Peach from the Mario franchise, she gets kidnapped in almost every cartoon by Pete and anybody else without fighting back.
    3. Sometimes in other shorts with Pluto, she tortures him by forcing him to wear a sweater, putting purple paint on his body, and making him fatter although it is an accident.
    4. Walt Disney's voice acting of her in 1928-1929 is a pretty cheesy since it's a male voicing a female.


    • When Wheel of Fortune hostess Vanna White hosted while host Pat Sajak was recovering from emergency surgery, Mickey and Minnie helped out.
    • The comic strip story The Gleam by Merrill de Maris and Floyd Gottfredson first gave her full name as Minerva Mouse. "Minerva" has since been a recurring alias for her. In the French translations, Minerva is actually her middle name, making her full name Minnie Minerva Mouse; in that case, Minnie is one of the two Disney icons to have officially a middle name (the other being Donald Duck, whose full name has been revealed to be Donald Fauntleroy Duck).


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