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    Mindy and Buttons (Animaniacs)

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    Mindy and Buttons are one of the main characters in the animated Steven Spielberg series, Animaniacs.

    Mindy and Buttons (Animaniacs)
    Okay, I love you bah-bye! (Mindy)
    Gender: Female (Mindy)
    Male (Buttons)
    Type: Irresponsible Toddler with a Protective Canine
    Age: Unknown (Both)
    Species: Human (Mindy)
    Dog (Buttons)
    Portrayed by: Nancy Cartwright (Mindy)
    Frank Welker (Buttons)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Animaniacs (1993-1998)

    Why They Rock


    1. They share a charming yet engaging "parent-and-baby" type of relationship.
    2. They are inspired by Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman, as well as Marc Anthony & Pussyfoot.
    3. They made a comeback in the Animaniacs reboot on Hulu.
    4. They both have a few funny or even emotional scenes that make it great and heartwarming.


    1. Mindy's design is very cute.
    2. She has a few cute running gags like continuing to ask "Why" to the people she encounters or calling his Mom "Lady" and his Dad "Mr. Man".
    3. Mindy finally calls her Mom "Mom" instead of "Lady" at the end of Wakko's Wish.
    4. Nancy Cartwright is great at voicing her.
    5. Even when her parents scold Buttons for things he didn't do, Mindy still loves him.


    1. Much like Roger Rabbit, Despite the antics that ensue, he is very responsible and caring towards Mindy.
    2. His design is greatly drawn.
    3. He is an unlucky dog, however, his heroic motives and dedication put into protecting Mindy, make him very likable, sympathetic, and incredibly easy to root for.
    4. Frank Welker makes a great dog impression for Buttons.
    5. He finally got rewarded for keeping Mindy safe as seen in Wakko's Wish.

    Bad Qualities


    1. Despite what WTR#9 said, it can be annoying when she keeps calling people in a simple way, though it makes sense because she's a toddler.
    2. She often puts herself in danger, causing Buttons to get hurt trying to save her.


    1. Buttons can be considered a Butt-Monkey, due to often getting injured while saving Mindy.
    2. He gets scolded by Mindy's parents for things he didn't do or didn't mean to. In fact, he gets scolded at the end of every episode (except Night of the Living Buttons) and never gets rewarded. However, the gag was toned down in Wakko's Wish.


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