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    "If we can unite behind a purpose, we can overcome any obstacle! There is no truth more wonderful."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Priestess of Dawn
    Species: Branded (Heron)
    Portrayed by: Kuwatani Natsuko (Japanese)
    Lani Minella (English)
    Veronica Taylor (Heroes)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Fire Emblem

    Micaiah is the primary protagonist of the first part of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and one of the two overall main characters of the story. She is the de facto leader of the Dawn Brigade who met a young boy named Sothe who the two promised to look out for each other. However, due to the fact that Micaiah was Branded, the prospect of Sothe traveling with her and catching the backlash of the prejudice she would receive was unthinkable, and with that, she left him. They were reunited after the war, whereupon she promised never to leave him again.

    Why She's Micaiah

    1. Even though she has shown to be pretty bitter in some cases, she is a most caring and empathetic individual who cares deeply for the people of Daein and would even refuse to stand idly by while they suffer. In fact, she took care of the young boy in the form of Sothe.
    2. She always puts people and her country first as she is willing to sacrifice her wellbeing. She even has a skill called Sacrifice.
    3. Character development: Micaiah hated Ike for his military actions. As the story goes on, Sothe explained how he worked with Ike before and Micaiah met Ike himself thus understands why Sothe held Ike in such high regard. She then warmed up to him even when the two remained enemies. If you had to hang out with someone you hate, you better tolerate what is going on.
      • Speaking of Ike, it even got to the moment when she was seen as Yune's vessel to allow Yune to channel all of the power for Ike to deal the final blow to Ashera.
        • Another instance of character development: She's always been guided by her own visions. Yes, she didn't really enjoy it and thought about wishing to not have any of those visions yet she had to trust in them to keep her own life out of jeopardy.
    4. The reason as to why she is devoted to caring for others is reasonable. You see, her experiences in the Mad King's War changed her drastically.
    5. She's cute so there really isn't anything else to say about that.
    6. In the end, Sanaki wanted Micaiah to say in Begnion, but Micaiah declined as she sees Daein as her true home. She had confidence in Sanaki's ability to restore Begnion so they got to work to bring their countries closer than even with equal terms. Later, Micaiah became the 15th Queen of Daein at her subjects' entreaty, ushering a new era of peace and prosperity after Pelleas.
      • If you let Micaiah get an A support with Sothe, they will be married.
    7. At the beginning of the game, she got a few smarmy lines, but she stops that as the tone becomes serious so there is a time and place for everything.
    8. The scene where she meets her elder sister Sanaki is emotional because Micaiah thought Sanaki was dead when it was proven false.
    9. She has an exclusive weapon called Thani which is a tome that adds bonus against cavalry and armored units. It's pretty much like the magic equivalent of a rapier.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Not a lot of her past is explained despite learning a few things about her.
    2. In part 3 of her game, she became more willing to do dangerous plans that could kill many and even gotten to fight against Ike and his allies. She did acknowledge how far she went.
    3. Can be bitter at times
    4. She used to see Ike like crap until she eventually soothes up towards him.
    5. Pays little attention to her own needs or health.


    • Her name is a variant of Michael meaning "Who is like God?" In Jewish and Christian tradition, Michael the Archangel is the field commander of God's army. In Abrahamic tradition, there is also a prophet named Micah, also called Micaiah, after whom a book in the Old Testament is named. There was also a prophet late in "1 Kings" named Micaiah. Furthermore, in Chronicles, it is stated that the mother of the second king of Judah, Abijah, was Micaiah.
    • Micaiah has the highest Luck growth rate in Radiant Dawn, at 80%, and Resistance growth rate in Radiant Dawn, at 90%, and tied with Soren for highest magic growth rate in Radiant Dawn, at 80%.
    • Micaiah also has the distinction of being one of few playable characters who can obtain SS rank in more than one weapon: Light and Staff.
    • One of the few units who status screen portrait changes at some point of the series.
    • Micaiah is the first female Lord character to become the leader of her own kingdom. This will be followed up by Edelgard and (if the player made their avatar female) Corrin and Byleth.
    • One of the only magic-wielding FE protagonists alongside Celica, Robin, and Corrin.


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