Metal Bat (One Punch Man)

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Metal Bat
"Screw making sense. It's fightin' spirit."
Gender: Male
Type: Bat-Wielding Fighter
Age: 17
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Wataru Hatano (Japanese)
Sam Riegel (English)
Eduardo Ramírez (Latin American Spanish)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: One Punch Man

Bad (better known as Metal Bat) is a supporting character of the anime, manga, and webcomic series One Punch-Man. He is a Rank 15 hero of the Hero Association in the S-Class, and the big brother of Zenko.

Why He Has The Fightin' Spirit

  1. He is the loudest, most hot-blooded, and most self-confident member of the S-Class. His first line in the series is him shouting in the S-Class Heroes meeting, and saying about how no matter the level or situation, he can and will take down a Demon or Dragon threat that encounters them.
  2. He never gives up fighting and is willing to fight anything and anyone in the name of good, even if it's Demons or Dragons.
  3. Despite having a design that makes him good-looking, he is also somewhat expressive in the sense of being "serious-minded", similar to Batman from DC Comics. Where his looks of anger, while having a continual serious look on his face, make him look good when he also displays certain emotions like surprise, happiness, sadness, or even anger without needing to be drawn too cartoonishly or over the top. This one is a good humorous example.
  4. He is not afraid to say what he thinks and loves to fight anyone that offends him. However, despite his brash attitude, he is a genuinely good person deep down.
    • He cares deeply for his sister Zenko, whom he has an endearing and charming bond with, and he remains entirely protective and affectionate of her. He is first seen showing anger when he misses his sister's recital, and because of the fact he is often babying his sister, this shows his kind-hearted and thoughtful side (it's not helping he also cares deeply for his pet cat Tama).
    • Despite often frowning a lot and having angry death glares, he is also seen smiling when he's around his sister and his pet cat.
    • Even though he is blunt, reckless, a jerk, and has the brutish characteristics of an arrogant high school delinquent, he is (surprisingly) considerate of other people by showing actions that make him well-meaning. For example, when he's stuck babysitting Narinki and his son because of their ties to the Hero Association, he follows the rules of the restaurant and eats any food he can before it hits the floor when Senior Centipede shows up.
    • He holds no grudges towards anyone. This is proven when the two C-Class heroes meet Bad again, they apologize for failing the task of rescuing Waganma from Elder Centipede, falling to their knees. Instead of being a complete asshole about it, he says it's no big deal, and his saying that only encouraged them to do better.
  5. He may be a battle-loving delinquent, but he does not like the idea of beating up someone defenseless and injured, even if it's a murderous villain like Garou, this shows his merciful and sympathetic side.
  6. He's a compelling protagonist as he is the only student in class who can take on any foe with just his metallic bat (already standing out from other superheroes in the show), and the more pain he receives is how he gets stronger in terms of power and combat, by staying in one long prolonged fight and his anger that grows with a sense a thrill from a fight, is also what makes him incredibly powerful as well (which manages to make Garou fascinated at how insane it is).
  7. Not only can he just defeat people with just his bat, but he can also plan things out and use his intelligence in combat, which makes him quite clever and a formidable opponent.
  8. Even though he was a juvenile delinquent in C-Class who was always ridiculously arrogant about his fighting skills, such as getting into fights with other heroes, his strong-willed nature and dedication are what got him to S-Class and excel as a hero with tons of determination that helped him and other heroes take on any threat alike.
    • This is intentional, hence his name, Metal Bat.
    • He just wants to have a good fight without needing to kill people, which he only does to villains.
  9. Despite being fully capable of quickly taking down powerful monsters with nothing more than a metal baseball bat throughout the series. He too starts wearing their super-powered armor and mentions how even light swings, seem to generate shockwaves against the air.
  10. In similar veins to Mr. Satan from Dragon Ball, he is remarkable for being skilled and capable while being a normal human and without needing to be a superhero with superpowers, and better yet, he still manages to pull off the impossible before wearing the power-charged armor later on. It's seen that when he fought any enemy with a single ordinary metal baseball bat, it would've ended up bent out of shape afterward, the fact that it didn't just hint that his own bat (which was a gift given to him from the Hero Association once he reached S-Rank) was meant to be unbreakable.
    • When his Zenko stops him from trying to fight a greater force than himself, only by hitting him from the neck, he falls unconscious since his anger is gone, he's back to being "mostly" human and it proves that it's only his bat that makes him powerful. This proves that Bad is not a superhero, but his own bat makes him unleash some superpowers from it.
    • When it comes to taking on Dragon-level threats, he will always do his best to take them down if they're standing in his way. For example, both Garou and Elder Centipede are considered Dragon-level, and he almost took Garou out. Of course, this would take a lot of damage to get him to this level of power, but if the fight allowed this to happen, he would take out a Dragon-level villain with a single swing of his bat.
  11. His voice actors did an awesome job in voicing him.

"Bad" Qualities

  1. He isn't book smart at all and doesn't seem to be particularly smart, especially in terms of academics (and he also lacks an upfront nature), however, his bravado and resilience do make up for it.
    • He can be pretty impulsive, such as the times when he smashes Melzargard's Dragon-level threat and Melzargard's marbles, both times without thinking.
  2. He can be too willing to get into fights with other heroes if they rub him the wrong way.
    • He tried to pick a fight with Tatsumak (despite her rank and after she insulted him). Luckily for him, Flash defused the situation.
  3. He often solves all his problems by smashing things with his metal bat, which can make him a raging hothead at times.
  4. Despite being incredibly strong with the bat, he lacks the skill needed in martial arts. Justified as other than his ridiculous strength and endurance, his fighting style is simply "smash the opponent with a metal bat." However, this allowed him to instantly go from C-Class to S-Class.




  • His hero name "Metal Bat", is a direct reference to the classic Japanese superhero Golden Bat.
  • His real name "Bad", can both refer to his attitude and his hero name due to how similar it sounds to the word Bat.
  • He's also a parody of certain Shōnen heroes such as Yusuke Urameshi and Ichigo Kurosaki, who are Japanese Delinquents with the face of a thug and matching a jerkish personality while still being unexpectedly heroic overall.
  • Since his appearance in season 2 of One Punch Man, he is now one of the fan favorites in terms of S-Class Heroes.
  • Comic creator "One" and the redraw artist Yusuke Murata, have confirmed that if Zenko didn't show up, Metal Bat would have finished off Garou with that swing.


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