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    Melody (The Little Mermaid)

    "You know what? Sometimes I even pretend... I have FINS!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Spirited and Tomboyish Heroine
    Age: 12
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tara Strong
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

    "Oh, Melody, sweetie, it doesn't matter if you have fins or feet. We love you for who you are on the inside, our very brave little girl."

    Ariel declaring her and Eric's unconditional love for Melody.

    Melody is the main protagonist of Disney's 2000 direct-to-video animated film The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea which is a sequel to the original 1989 film. She is the daughter of Ariel and Eric and the granddaughter of King Triton, ruler of Atlantica where Ariel was born as a mermaid. Melody dreams of being in the sea against the wishes of her mother, (who is trying to protect from Morgana, Ursula's sister at the time) and when her mother refuses to tell her the truth about Atlantica and her mermaid heritage, Melody leaves her home and visits Morgana where she transforms her into a mermaid.

    Why She Deserves to Live Under the Sea

    1. She is the first human-merperson hybrid in history since her mother Ariel was born as a mermaid and turned into a human to marry Eric on land.
    2. Despite the film's negative reviews and the rehashed plot, Melody is one of the film's highlights who is one of the likeable characters and has a cute character design.
    3. Although she may be insecure and socially awkward with her human peers, Melody is very polite and friendly to her friends outside the castle wall, like Scuttle and Sebastian, the latter of which tries to warn her about going into the ocean.
    4. She has great character development when she started off with her interest and passion for the sea without feeling like an outcast by her human peers in her kingdom. When she became a mermaid, Melody realises that all she wanted is to be accepted but understands that she must learn to be herself as Ariel tells her at the end of the film. Although she doesn't become a mermaid forever, Melody understands herself and loves both the land and the sea.
    5. Even though she was tricked by Morgana into stealing King Triton's trident and giving it to her, Melody isn't afraid to take Morgana on when all her friends, including Ariel and King Triton, are forced to magically bow down to Morgana by the power of the trident.
    6. Her voice actress Tara Strong did an amazing job voicing Melody and her singing is really beautiful, a trait inherited from her mother, as Melody sings "For a Moment".

    Bad Qualities

    1. Even though she has a cute character design and is a tomboyish character, she spends most of the film in her camisole and pantalettes which can be inappropriate for a kids' film.
    2. Like Ariel in the original film, Melody ends up being an unwitting pawn to Morgana where she is tricked into stealing King Triton's trident and giving it to Morgana. Also, she is prone to make rash and foolish decisions like when she lets her anger get the better of her because her mother lied to her about her mermaid heritage and gave the trident to Morgana instead of giving it to Ariel, which nearly led to Melody drowning after she transformed back into a human when she is imprisoned by Morgana. Melody realises this once Morgana reveals her evil plan to her after getting hold of the trident.


    • This is one of Tara Strong's favourite voice roles, as she was a big fan of the original 1989 film growing up.
    • Melody is the first Disney character to be the child of a Disney Princess.
    • Melody is the very first human-merperson hybrid in history, making her birth a significant historic moment in both human and Atlantican history.
    • Melody's bedroom is Ariel's guest room when she first took human form and stayed with Prince Eric, albeit recolored with brighter colors.
    • Although Melody inherited many of Ariel's personality and physical traits, her mixture of black hair, thick eyebrows, and blue eyes make her a perfect blend of both her parents.
      • Despite popular belief, Melody inherited more of her father's personality than her mother's. Unlike Ariel, Melody is not giddy, playful, bubbly, and sensitive. She is rather unfeminine, well-behaved, headstrong, and daring, just like Eric. As it's not uncommon for girls to take more after their fathers than their mothers, this isn't unexpected.
    • Melody means "song" in Greek.
      • Ariel most likely gave Melody that name to honor Atlantica's passion for music.
    • Since it was Morgana using Ursula's magic potion that turned Melody into a mermaid, it is unknown if salmon pink would be her natural mermaid tail color.
    • Though "The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea" received mostly negative reviews for its lazily-rehashed plot from the first film and its lower-quality animation in comparison to the original film, Melody was generally considered the highlight of the film and earned praise for her character growth, likability, and Tara Strong's performance.
    • In a rather amusing coincidence, Tara Strong would later voice Adella and Andrina, two of Ariel's sisters, in the prequel "The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning"
    • Although a princess by birth, Melody is considered an unofficial Disney Princess due to debuting in a sequel.
      • Despite this, she appeared in the Disney Princess Annual 2003, representing the star sign Virgo.
    • Melody is currently King Triton's only known grandchild.
    • Melody is the first in Triton's bloodline to be born on land.
    • Having taken over for her mother (from "The Little Mermaid") Melody is the third child of a predecessor's main character to take over as the protagonist in a sequel, with the first being Nicky Ferris (taking over from Sharon McKendrick in "The Parent Trap II") and the second being Kiara (taking over from Simba in "The Lion King II: Simba's Pride").
    • The first dress Melody is seen wearing is pink, the same color as her mother's first dress in the first film.
    • Melody's dream was the opposite of her mother's: Ariel was a mermaid who wanted to be a human, and Melody is a human who wanted to be a mermaid. Their motives were also different as Ariel wanted to become human because she was fascinated with human creativity and longing for more than what the ocean had to offer. Melody wished to become a mermaid hoping that it would make her a better person and satisfy her curiosity for the ocean's mysteries.
    • Melody finds the musical locket she had gotten when she was a baby, and her mother finds the music box of her late mother; they recognized the song.
    • Melody makes the same back pose when she is transformed into a mermaid, just as her mother did in the first movie.
    • Melody has a relationship with her mother similar to Ariel's relationship with her father, King Triton. Melody's relationship with her mother is initially strained due to Ariel forbidding her to enter the sea (unaware at the time that Ariel was trying to protect her from Morgana. This ignorance caused her to believe that her mother hated the ocean). Despite this, they have a mutual love and adoration of each other as mother and daughter.
    • Incidentally, Tara Strong, Melody's voice actress, later voiced the Ariel parody character Princess Clara from "Drawn Together".
    • Melody's hairstyle for most of the film appears to be almost identical to child Ariel from the flashback sequence of the TV series episode "The Evil Manta".
    • There are two different versions of the sequence where Melody transforms into a mermaid. In the original version, the drop of the snowflake-like magical potion landed on Melody's left foot and created a ripple on her foot. In the Special Edition, the potion drop landed on Melody's left foot once again; but this time, her left foot also turned purple and green.
      • The two different versions even showed Melody's left foot's different sizes while Morgana gave her the potion.
    • Melody's transformation into a mermaid is slightly opposite of her mother's transformation into a human. In the former, Ariel is surrounded in a bubble and is seen in silhouette as her tail becomes her legs; in the latter, Melody becomes encased in green swirling light before her tail pops out.
    • Both Halle Bailey and Jonah Hauer-King expressed their hopes to have Melody appear in live action, in a sequel to the 2023 live action remake.
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