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    Megatron (G1)
    "All hail Megatron!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Decepticon Leader
    Age: Immortal
    Species: Cybertronian
    Portrayed by: Frank Welker
    Leonard Nimoy (Galvatron; Movie)
    Status: Alive (revived)
    Media of origin: Transformers

    Megatron is the overall main antagonist (and occasional anti-villain) of the Transformers franchise.

    Why He's An Instrument Of Destruction

    1. He's a great antagonist and an awesome leader, pretty much setting the standard for all versions of Megatron to come.
      • Later versions of Megatron would flesh out the character more and give him more depth, with some versions have redemption arcs.
    2. He is a very hammy and memorable villain.
      • Megatron may be a Saturday morning villain, but he has enough charisma and awesomeness to make him entertaining and iconic as an antagonist.
    3. His relationship with Starscream is absolutely hilarious, and spawned some great lines, such as:
      • "You are either lying, or you're stupid!"
      • "She's hot enough to replace you wherever I choose!"
    4. His toys are great.
      • His original G1 toy doesn't have the best robot mode but the gun mode is outstanding, the engineering is interesting, and the overall set is very interactive, just like the G1 Optimus Prime figure. Takara would even improve the set by giving better-looking stickers and one variant would even include the Energon mace he used in one episode.
        • Megatron is definitely a better figure than Ironhide and Ratchet, even without comparing the cartoon designs to them.
        • The Japanese releases of the toy included pellets that could be inserted in a chamber located on top of the gun mode and then they could be fired out when you pull the trigger.
      • The MP-5 Megatron, despite being a fragile figure that's hard to transform, is still a good display piece with a lot of effort, including a lot of great accessories.
      • The MP-36 Megatron is definitely an improvement over the MP-5 and has the most accurate looking G1 Megatron robot mode, and it comes with even more accessories. It does its own handful of problems, such as the paint scuffing and the fact that some parts don't move smoothly or work too well, but the overall figure is a love letter to fans of G1 Megatron.
    5. His design is simplistic but cool. It literally is a classic robot design that is very streamlined and has some cool details such as in the abdomen area. His fusion cannon on his arm is also a classic concept.
    6. He can be pretty hilarious, even without Starscream.
    7. Despite being a very comedic villain, Megatron can be a serious threat, as shown in the 1986 movie, where he kills Ironhide, tricks Prime so he could shoot him, and as Galvatron, disintegrating Starscream during his coronation.
      • "Such heroic nonsense."
      • "Coronation, Starscream? This is bad comedy."
      • "Here's a hint!"
    8. Speaking of which, Megatron is also awesome as Galvatron and he is more powerful than before, with a striking, alien-like design.
      • The scene in the 1986 movie where he gets reformatted by Unicron is visually cool.
    9. He makes a guest appearance in Beast Wars as his message inspired Beast Megatron to form his band of Predacons to try to stop the Autobots from succeeding and with his Spark combined with Beast Megatron to become a Transmetal 2.
    10. Like Optimus, he has some great incarnations of himself such as the ones from Transformers Prime and Transformers: Animated.
    11. His comic counterparts are great in their own way.
      • In the crossover comics with G.I.Joe, Megatron was upgraded with technology by Cobra (with a deal of letting them have the technology in the ark) and was eventually made into G2 Megatron, who turns into a military tank, has a powerful railgun on his shoulder, has the ability to shoot energy beams from his hands, and has enhanced abilities.
    12. Frank Welker and Leonard Nimoy do a great job voicing him.

    Bad Qualities That Don't Fit an Instrument of Destruction

    1. Like a lot of the Transformers characters, he was not handled well in the Bayverse, though thankfully, it's not as much as most of the Decepticons (including Starscream to a lesser extent), along with Autobots like Skids, Bumblebee, and especially Optimus Prime.
      • While he was given a proper spotlight in Transformers (2007), he was sadly given a badass decay, particularly in movies 2 and 3 (though his personality remained the same). In movies 4 to 5, while he became more powerful, lacked the personality he had in the first 3 films. Plus, he was still not given a proper spotlight. He's not a bad character in the films overall, but he wasn't given a proper treatment in the sequels.
    2. His mistreatment of Starscream can be a little too mean-spirited at times
      • Granted, it is justified, as Starscream is always trying to overthrow Megatron as Decepticon Leader.
    3. Due to Megatron turning into a Walther P38 pistol, his original toy became controversial as it can be mistaken for a real gun because it looks very similar. As a result, Megatron is rarely (or not ever) given a gun mode in future toys.
      • American releases of the original G1 Megatron toy removed the pellets for safety reasons, and there are even versions where the barrel would be colored orange to lower the chances of the toy being mistaken for a real gun.
      • Classics Megatron (which is a reimagining of G1 Megatron) does turn into a gun, but it was more of a blaster kind of gun rather than a real gun; this is to make sure Megatron doesn't come off as looking like an actual weapon.


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