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    Max Mayhem (Total Drama)

    Max Mayhem

    Max Pahkitew Island.jpeg

    Max Total DramaRama.png

    "Time to evil! (evil laughter)"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Funny villain in training
    Age: 16 (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
    4 (Total DramaRama; alternate universe)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Bruce Dow (TDPI)
    Tristan Mammitzsch (TDR)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Total Drama

    Maximillian "Max" Mayhem is a character from the Total Drama franchise. He was a teenage contestant in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, and is one of the tolerable characters in that season. He returns as an alternate universe child in the Total DramaRama episodes "Dissing Cousins", the credits of "Cartoon Realism", and "Snack to the Future", as the cousin of Owen.

    Why He's Evil (in a Good Way)

    1. He’s one of the Pahkitew Island contestants that were actually likable.
    2. He’s a boy that wants to be evil, which is funny since he’s the least bad out of all the antagonists in this season.
    3. He has some funny moments, like how his evil laughter failed a few times before he finally got it right, and how he pushes the buttons of the control room keypad and shocks himself until he short circuits it and unlocks the door.
    4. He is shown to have a soft side though, like the fact that he never tries to hurt anyone, has good manners and a soft spot for children, which is shown when taking care of his team’s baby.
    5. He also tends to take advise from Scarlett to have some evil moments, even if he claims they were his ideas, which helps his team out at times.
    6. While all of his respective teams’ members maybe annoyed by him sometimes, he has proven himself to be a good teammate at times.
    7. He’s one of the good members of his team:
      • In episode 1, he helped his team build their shelter during the challenge.
      • In episode 2, he got through the greasy part of the challenge with his team’s pig, while using the evil helmet Scarlett finished to have the pig throw grease at the other team to slow them down.
      • In episode 3, he took Scarlett’s suggestion and used a dart blower to blow darts and pop the other team’s balloons during the doom balloon challenge, which he did to Sky's balloons.
      • In episode 5, during the challenge, he took Scarlett’s suggestion and wrapped the wire around his dueling stick, held it by the rubber padding, and Scarlett got him an electric eel to make his dueling stick an electrified one, which he used to shock Ella, then he safely made it to the end, getting his team a dueling stick.
      • In episode 8, he kept the team’s baby safe, and even comforted it, and managed to win in the end with his team.
    8. He was one of the likable players to make it to the merge and stay a good character (unlike Dave and Sky who both got flanderized).
    9. He still stayed pretty strong after the merge:
      • In episode 9, he was the one to uncover the island’s control panel in the tree, and when he threw up on it, it broke it and caused the island to malfunction.
      • In episode 10, he and Scarlett found the control room first. When Scarlett turned on him and the others, he teamed up with the others to take her down.
    10. He returns as an alternate universe child in Total DramaRama, as the cousin of Owen, where he’s shown to be more evil successfully, but also respect Owen’s wishes to stop trying to hurt his friends after Owen saves him in "Dissing Cousins". Then, in the credits of "Cartoon Realism", he does a funny parody of Frankenstein, and his creation is a pizza pie, cooked via a laboratory table and lightning, which he dines on afterwards. Finally, in "Snack to the Future", he sends Owen a time machine as Owen requested, and he did try to warn Owen about the consequences of time travel, only for Owen to hear the doorbell and leave him hanging on the phone.
    11. His designs as a teenager and as a cute kid are both passable.
    12. Bruce Dow did a good job voicing his teenager self.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Depending on your view, Max could be considered unlikable because he can be annoying with his try to be evil traits, and can cause trouble for others, and for his alternate universe child self, he would have ended the lives of other kids had Owen not stepped in to save them, but at least in both shows he’s not as bad as some of the truly unlikable characters.
    2. He got unfairly eliminated in "Scarlett Fever", just for boasting about evil, which Chris had enough of, despite Max not doing anything wrong himself.
    3. When he returned in Total DramaRama, his voice actor was replaced with an actual child actor.
    4. While his design is passable, it's also kind of ugly.


    • Max is the shortest contestant of the third generation and possibly the shortest contestant overall.
    • He shares the same name as Owen’s uncle.
    • He is one of the contestants who knows how to play an instrument, in this case, the French horn mentioned in his audition tape.
    • Max is confirmed to be Terry McGurrin's favorite character.


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