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    Master Chief John-117 is the main protagonist of the Halo video game franchise. He is voiced by Steve Downes.

    Why He Finishes This Fight

    1. Chief is considered to be the most iconic character shown in an Xbox game and is a fan favorite mascot alongside the likes of Mario, Sonic and Crash Bandicoot.
    2. Steve Downes did such an amazing job voicing Chief.
    3. He undergoes character development throughout the games.
      • He also shows that he is not always a soldier but deep down still a human with emotions which tells of a tragic story which he was captured when he was a child trained to fight the Insurrectionists with Cortana, despite in her unfortunate state of rampancy, is shown more as a moralizer to Master Chief with him caring much about her in hope to return her back to Earth to be repaired by Halsey.
        • One such example of being more human than machine is when he refused to surrender Cortana to Del Rio, who was known to be incompetent for his cowardice and wanted to protect his own power instead of trying to help Master Chief save humanity from the Didact, is rightfully justified with Lasky rightfully siding with Master Chief against Del Rio for his actions.
      • He is shown to be sympathetic especially with his moments with the Weapon and Esparza in Halo Infinite.
    4. His voice can be equipped for Firefight in Reach.
    5. He sometimes has a dry sense of humor.
    6. He has memorable quotes such as “I need a weapon” and “Finish this fight”.
    7. His suit of armor is very memorable.
    8. He has good chemistry with Cortana and the Arbiter.
    9. His face was fully seen in the Legendary ending of Halo 4.
    10. He had a good cameo appearance in the Legendary ending of Halo: Reach at the end of the level, The Pillar of Autumn.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He was underutilized in 5: Guardians with Locke being the main playable character in the campaign mode.
    2. He was flanderized from being a war hero who is the savior of humanity into a psychotic manchild who shows no care for humanity or Cortana in the Paramount Plus series which is highly out of character.
    3. He is rarely seen without his helmet.
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