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    Masha and the Bear are the titular characters of Masha and the Bear. Masha is a restless little girl who almost never sits still, due to her endless energy, and who never feels down and fears almost nothing. Also, she is quite friendly.

    Bear is a retired circus bear who is Masha's best friend, as well as a father figure to her. he is also very skilled in some activities such as juggling and magic. Although he doesn't like it when Masha messes his house.

    Masha, in the original version is voiced by Alina Kukushkina (1-52 ep.) and Barbara Sarantseva (after 53 ep.). In English, Masha is voiced by Elsie Fisher, Angelica Keamy, Rebecca Bloom, Adriana E. Figueredo and Kaitlyn McCormick. Bear in the original version is voiced by Boris Kutnevich. In English, he's voiced by Marty Clooney.

    Masha and the Bear
    Masha and the Bear.png
    Completely different characters, but who make a great duo together.
    Gender: Male (Bear)

    Female (Masha)

    Type: Child sometimes messy but with a heart of gold (Masha)

    Friendly and relatable bear who is Masha's best friend (Bear)

    Age: Masha = 4

    Bear = Unknow

    Species: Human (Masha)

    Bear (Bear)

    Portrayed by: Ru: Alina Kukushkina (1-52 ep.) and

    Barbara Sarantseva (after 53 ep.) En: Elsie Fisher, Angelica Keamy Rebecca Bloom Adriana E. Figueredo Kaitlyn McCormick

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Masha and the Bear
    First appearance: How They Meet

    Why They Do Get Older Every Year


    1. They are iconic and well-known characters, and some of the most iconic characters in children's media.
    2. They both make a great team together on the same level as Ren and Stimpy. While Bear is usually calm, responsible, organized, relatable, and likeable, Masha is misbehaved at times, but friendly, sassy, ​​energetic, funny, and likeable.
    3. They represent an excellent friendship, while Masha can annoy Bear at times and vice versa, the two are best friends and care a lot about each other.
    4. Like Tom and Jerry, you don't have to listen a lot to understand what they mean, because although Bear can't speak and Masha rarely speaks, all they want to say is is shown through their expressive personalities.


    1. Although she causes a lot of damage, she is never cruel to anyone.
    2. Despite her messy and mischievous personality , she cares about Bear and the other animals in the forest, which is shown frequently.
    3. She is very intelligent, to the point where she can construct a van and say many words, even though she is only 3 years old.
      • There are also moments just as impressive as this, like when she can drag Bear up and down with just one hand!
    4. She can even annoy Bear, but the way it happens is very funny and interesting.
    5. Her design is very cute and creative.
    6. Despite what QTGYEY #5 says, her voice is good, even though it sounds really old.


    1. He's the most sympathetic between the two. This happens due to him being friendly, affectionate, likeable, good-hearted, honest, skillful, responsible and relatable.
    2. The way he gets mad at Masha is hilarious.
      • For example, in the episode "Two Much", he confuses Masha with Masha's cousin Dasha because they look so similar. Since Dasha doesn't know Bear, she thinks that Bear will do her some harm and throws books at Bear. When the real Masha appears, Bear roars right in front of Masha, who laughs a lot.
    3. He is very skilled, as he can do juggling, uncycling and even magic without difficulty.
    4. He can also be treated likeable at times due to Masha treating him like a Megward the Wizard.
    5. The roars he makes are funny and great

    Qualities that get younger every year

    In Overall

    1. Their personalities are not original."Messy kid responsible adult" has become such a common cliché that you see it almost every minute.
    2. Depending on your point of view, they can provide some slightly disturbing scenes.


    1. Although she is pleasant most of the time, she can come across as a very immature annoying brat at times. Special mention for the beginning of the episode "Monkey Business"
    2. She is not even aware that animals are afraid of her.
    3. Nothing is explained about her, how and why she lives alone in a house, who her parents are, why her cousin visits her from time to time, what happened to make her live alone, how she knows exactly the address of Bear's house etc. which can be even disturbing.
    4. She is rarely if ever punished for torturing Bear, making her a Karma Houdini.
    5. In the original Russian version, she is only three years old, but in the dubbed version, she usually sounds and talks like a ten-year-old.


    1. He is a complete Butt-Monkey as Masha messes up his house, is always annoying Bear and talking to Bear out of turn.
    2. Although he is quite relatable, he can seem a bit unlikable sometimes.



    • Her favorite sport is hockey (not surprising considering the fact that hockey is Russia's national sport). She is considered the best among all the characters in the series regarding this sport.
    • She has a huge appetite (for example in Jam Day, it is shown that she ate by herself 6 whole baskets full of raspberries, which Bear would use to make jam).


    • The Bear appears in almost all episodes. The only exception is episode Do Not Part With Your Toy! (where there are no other characters at all except Masha and her toys).
    • In the episode Victory Cry his front Yard it can be conbirted in a tennis court.
    • According to Wikipedia, The Bear is of the Kamchatka brown bear species, which implies that The Bear originates from the Kamchatka Peninsula, a peninsula located in the Russia Far East.


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