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    Marty the Zebra
    "Just imagine going back to nature, back to your roots!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Cheerful and Caring Dreamer
    Age: 10 (in zebra years)
    Species: Zebra
    Portrayed by: Chris Rock (Madagascar 1 to 3)
    Phil LaMarr (Madagascar 1-3 video game, Madagascar Kartz, DreamWorks Super Star Kartz)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Madagascar

    Marty is the deuteragonist of the 2005 full-length animated DreamWorks film, Madagascar, and the two sequels that followed it. He is the best friend of Alex, and a close friend of Gloria and Melman.

    Why He Crackalackin' Rocks

    1. Much like Donkey (another beloved DreamWorks comedic sidekick character), he's shown to be a real riot and manages to steal the show from time to time.
    2. He's shown to be very friendly and well-meaning, especially towards his friends.
    3. His spit tactic is one of the most memorable things about him.
    4. Chris Rock and Phil LaMarr did amazing jobs at voicing this character.
    5. He's got many memorable lines of dialogue, such as his occasional catchphrase "Crackalackin'" and the infamous "Oh, Sugar Honey Ice Tea!".
    6. In the movies, he's shown to be able to survive and live in the wild outside of civilization.
    7. His song, Pock-a-dot Afro, from Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is very short but unforgettable and catchy.
    8. He's willing to try new things and convinces his friends to do the same.
    9. Despite being afraid of Alex's wild manners in the first movie, he is quick to try and convince him to join the gang to return to New York once the ship gets to Madagascar, because that's how forgiving he is.
    10. His design perfectly captures the movies' cartoony tone and still look accurate to a realistic zebra even if he stands on two legs. He's as expressive as Alex too.
    11. He's shown to be a good driver during the Monaco van chase.

    Only Qualities That He Should Go Back to the Roots

    1. He and Alex are sometimes prone to butting heads, although that's common with best friends.
    2. While not necessarily his fault, he lacks some hindsight, as he certainly didn't take into account what would happen if he got lost in the wild.


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