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    Mario (The Super Mario Bros. Movie)

    WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

    This article contains spoilers relating to this character and their source material.

    Mario (The Super Mario Bros. Movie)
    Mario Artwork TSMBM.png
    "Nothing can hurt us when we're together!" - Mario to Luigi
    Gender: Male
    Type: Brave Rescuer
    Age: 23
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Chris Pratt
    Charles Martinet (in one scene via archive recording)
    Mamoru Miyano (JP)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Super Mario

    Mario (Japanese: マリオ), full name Mario Mario or Super Mario, also known as Jumpman in the 1981 arcade game, Donkey Kong, is the titular main protagonist of the longest-running video games series with the same name, and the mascot for Nintendo.

    He's the main hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, who is always bright and cheerful and instantly recognizable with his blue overalls, red cap, and trademark moustache. He's a trusted friend of Princess Peach, and he and his brother Luigi are known across the land for their acts of bravery. In this movie, he is a hard-working and confident plumber who lives in Brooklyn where he runs Super Mario Bros. Plumbing after quitting Foreman Spike, but while trying to fix a water main in the Brooklyn sewers, they are sucked in a mysterious green pipe and separated, and he must save Luigi and defeat Bowser.

    Mario excels at sports including tennis, golf, baseball, soccer, and even kart racing. He's good at all of them for most. He's a plumber by profession but is really a jack of all trades. He uses his masterful jumping ability and a variety of power-ups to take on his archrival, Bowser.

    Why He's the Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom

    1. He gets massive character development. He starts off as an Italian-Brooklynite plumber before getting sucked into a pipe while becoming the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and doing Peach's training course stopping Bowser before taking over the world.
    2. His relationship with Luigi is very faithful to the games, making some scenes like him stepping up Baby Luigi when he was bullied at preschool and stopping the bully emotional which will most likely make you cry.
    3. Similar to his Nintendo counterpart, he is very friendly and kind, such as the scene where he has Luigi hold his hand and him giving a coin to a Purple Toad.
    4. The scenes of him separating and the scene where Baby Mario defends Baby Luigi from a bully are emotional and will likely make you cry.
    5. Chris Pratt does a surprisingly great job voicing Mario with him using a Brooklyn accent that is on par with the cartoons. Thanks to his moments, Chris Pratt delivers an very entertaining performance. Even Charles Martinet reprises his role as Mario in one scene via archive recording where he says "Wahoo!" in the training course scene and still does a great and iconic job voicing Mario.
    6. He's personality is a massive improvement over his infamous 1993 film counterpart of him.
    7. He has a bunch of hilarious/memorable lines such as:
        • "It's-a me, a-Mario!"
        • "Are you tired of-a paying too much for plumbing?"
        • "Mamma mia!"
        • "That's-a why the Super Mario Brothers are here!"
        • "To-a save Brooklyn!"
        • "Forget-a the expensive plumbing companies where you're-a just a face. For the Super Mario Brothers, you're-a family!"
        • "Wow!"
        • "You were great!"
        • "I am so glad we spent our life savings on that commercial!"
        • "What about the accent? Is it... is it too much?"
        • "Okay, I'm gonna trust you!"
        • "Hey, Spike."
        • "Say that again about my brother, and you are going to regret it."
        • "Mamma mia!"
        • "Woah!!"
        • "What is this place?"
        • "Looks like nobody's been down here for years."
        • "Luigi?"
        • "Luigi, are you in there?"
        • "Luigi!"
        • "What?"
        • "Woah!"
        • "Wow!"
        • "LUIGI!!"
        • "MARIO!!"
        • "Gimme your hand!"
        • "It's all gonna be okay!"
        • "I'm telling you, nothing can hurt us as long as we're together!"
        • "LUIGI!!"
        • "What is this place?"
        • "Woah!"
        • "This place is amazing."
        • "Mushroom Kingdom, here we come!"
        • "Hey!"
        • "Wahoo!"
        • "We're not leavin'... without YOUR ARMY!"
        • "Alright..."
        • "Alright... Let's-a go."
        • "It's-a me!"
        • "Wahoo!"
        • "Wahoo!"
        • "You wanna do this?"
        • "Wahoo!
        • "Mamma mia!"
        • "Brooklyn?"
        • "Mamma mia!"
        • "That's why the Super Mario Brothers are here!"
        • "To save Brooklyn--"
        • "Save Brooklyn--
        • "Brooklyn--"
        • "Save Brooklyn--"
        • "Lets-a-go!"
        • "Wahoo!"
    8. His design is great, as he has realistic proportions such as a slightly smaller nose, his overalls are more detailed such as a pocket on his overalls, a visible neck, and more. Despite these changes, his design is still extremely faithful to the games.
    9. The concept of a Mario and Luigi origin story is great and is executed extremely well.
    10. He provides a bunch of funny moments thanks to the film’s writing such as:
      • Him and Luigi unclogging a bathroom sink while an angry dog named Francis (not the one from Super Paper Mario showing his anger at them with the sink clogging and flooding (no pun intended) the bathroom.
      • His uncle Uncle Tony laughing at the Mario brothers, along with Uncle Arthur and Mario's grandpa laugh, with him joking around about them getting the worst Oscars and his wife smacking him on the head.
      • Uncle Tony saying to Mario about him not quitting his former boss Spike job but he did where he laughs.
      • His dislike of Mushrooms.
      • Him telling Luigi that it is their chance and destiny is calling and Luigi saying "Destiny Del Macchio from high school?".
      • Mario about to touch a blue Mushroom (that looks like a Mini Mushroom) and Toad saying "DO NOT TOUCH THAT MUSHROOM, YOU WILL DIE!" and Mario getting scared and calling Toad a "mushroom man".
      • Him seeing a Clear Pipe for the first time and getting hit by it when he sucked into it on the face.
      • Him getting stuck in a pipe maze.
      • Him going out of Warp Pipe with his hat falling out and falling on the ground.
      • Toad also puts his Frying pan in his hand and looks like he is about to hit two of the Toad Soldiers, but cooks Tomatoes and Apples for them while Mario sneaks into Peach's Castle.
      • His dislike of mushrooms. (C'mon, twice?)
      • Him not wanting to eat the Super Mushroom (Rule of Three) and Princess Peach tries to get him to eat it but forces him to eat it where Mario puffs up like a balloon (Balloon Mario) and turns into Super Mario.
      • Him failing his training in a that can be on par with hard and difficult Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, and Super Mario Maker 2 levels.
      • Himgoing into a Warp Pipe with him falling out and his hat going off of him and sucked into the pipe.
      • Mario getting a Cheep Cheep stuck on his face and (not in the final film) Princess Peach getting it off and Toad getting it on him.
      • Him trying to fight Donkey Kong only for the latter to beat up him, Mario turning into Mini Mushroom after eating a Mini Mushroom, DK holding Mario, DK doing the Seth Rogen laugh, Mario turning into Cat Mario, him sitting down and making a face and (with him getting annoyed), and DK laughing at him and Cat Mario scratching DK.
      • Mario says he will buy Princess Peach a turtle in Brooklyn while they are on Rainbow Road.
      • Him calling DK a barrel-throwing monkey.
      • Luigi also questions Mario's Tanooki Mario suit while thinking he looks like a bear.
      • A Piranha Plant also gets Invincible Mario and Invincible Luigi in its mouth, Mama Mario and Papa Mario looking, and them getting out of its mouth because they are invincible.
      • Bowser tries to breathe fire on the Mario brothers when they are invincible but it doesn't work and he realizes that because they are invincible.
      • Him joking to Princess Peach he will buy Princess Peach a turtle in Brooklyn, twice.
    11. He is shown to care for Luigi where it is extremely faithful to the games and the rest of his family, such as the scene where he is separated from Luigi in the Warp Zone, the flashback of Baby Mario defending Baby Luigi from a bully, and Mario and DK falling off Rainbow Road into the water.
    12. He and his brother Luigi decide to stay in the Mushroom Kingdom and take a pipe to Brooklyn.
    13. He runs an amazing plumbing business named Super Mario Bros. Plumbing after quitting Foreman Spike to succeed their dream, alongside with an iconic plumbing commercial.
    14. He, alongside with Luigi had a really badass moment in defeating Bowser and his minions after collecting the Super Star.

    "MAMA MIA!" Qualities

    1. His dislike of mushrooms, while funny and ironic as Mushrooms are the power-ups he uses the most in the games, can be confusing.
    2. Charles Martinet does not return to voice Mario and Luigi, which is disappointing, but understandable as he voiced their father.
      • There could have been a "Mario Mario" joke of him and Luigi.
      • When he and Luigi are in the sewers, there could have been Shellcreepers, Sidesteppers, Fighter Flies, Slipices, Icicles, and Fireballs and a POW Block with Mario and Luigi defeating them.
      • Shockingly enough, he does not use a Fire Flower when him, Princess Peach, and Toad are in the Fire Flower Garden to turn into Fire Mario. Concept art for Fire Mario is shown, which were sadly cut.
      • Once he defeats Donkey Kong, an announcer could have yelled "Game!".
      • He could have said "So long, kinga Bowser!" or "So long, gay Bowser!" while he and Invincible Luigi are throwing Bowser in Brooklyn in the sky. Sound awfully familar?
      • He could have said "Thank you so much for watching my movie." in the end of the movie after the end credits roll.
    3. Due to the film's pacing being way too fast, his character development about being a hero comes off as somewhat underdeveloped.
    4. Until to the film's release, his performance by Chris Pratt, was deemed a bit underwhelming.


    • Mario's invincibility colors is based on his Smash Ball glow-up from the Super Smash Bros. franchise.
    • He can be compared to Emmet Brickowski/Rex Dangervest from The Lego Movie and its sequel, as both are originally ordinary people who have regular lives, but have to save the world, and are both voiced by Chris Pratt. Coincidentally, both movies have the villain first appearing before the heroes (Lord Business appears before Emmet Brickowski and Bowser appears before Mario, respectively).


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