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"My generation has to hold the zombie banner a little higher!"
Gender: Female
Type: Friendly Monster
Species: Zombie
Status: Undead
Media of origin: Casper's Scare School

Mantha is a character first introduced in Casper's Scare School. She is a real zombie girl, and a student who attends at Scare School and one of Casper's closest friends. She is the deuteragonist of the Casper's Scare School film and the television series with the same name.

Why She Rocks

  1. She is smart and loyal to her friends, and always helps them when they need it.
  2. She is always trying to be a scary student at school and at the same time a kind person.
  3. Despite the difficulties she has in scaring humans as a simple zombie (which is considered a useless species in the cartoon), she is always confident that she will achieve something and never gives up so easily.
  4. Despite being a zombie, she can speak, think and act normally, in fact she only acts like a real zombie when scaring humans.
  5. Like Casper, she also gets along well with humans, especially with Jimmy, Casper's human friend.
  6. She is better developed in the series than in the movie, as are most of the other characters.
  7. Her design, despite being a little weird, is still decent.

The only Bad Quality

  1. As said before, her design is a little weird and might look ugly to some people.


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