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    Manny the Mammoth (pre-Continental Drift; Adventures of Buck Wild)

    Manny the Mammoth
    "Isn't there anyone else you can annoy? Friends, family, poisonous reptiles?"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Pessimist Turned Optimist
    Species: Mammoth
    Portrayed by: Ray Romano (Ice Age-Collision Corse)
    Sean Kenin Elias Reyes (The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ice Age

    Manfred, or Manny, is a woolly mammoth and the major character of the Ice Age films, he is the leader of his own herd that consists of his family and friends, he is voiced by Ray Romano.

    Why He's the Biggest Thing on Earth

    1. He knows and means well.
    2. He is a very relatable character as well.
    3. After the first film, he became much more caring to his friends and family.
    4. He treats Sid and Diego like they are part of his family despite the fact they are different species. The trio's chemistry is also awesome and believable.
    5. He is also very honest when expressing his feelings.
    6. He helps reform Diego and Ellie's friendship with him after saving their lives.
    7. Some of his lines that he spurts out can be clever and witty.
    8. In the middle of the first film, we find out why Manny was grouchy in the first place since his old family was killed by humans.
    9. On the first film, he states that he doesn’t like it when animals kill for pleasure when saving Sid's life from Carl and Frank by defeating them.
    10. He has never shown that many signs of cowardliness and can handle situations very well like how he returns the baby back to the humans near the end of the first film.
    11. Even after the humans killed his family, he was still able to forgive them enough to return Roshan to them.
    12. Unlike Sid, he recovered from his flanderization in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, even if the movie wasn't that great.
    13. Ray Romano does a great job voicing him.
      1. Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes, his new voice actor in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, is also great and sounds pretty similar to Ray.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He can be short tempered and kind of careless a few times, especially during the first film, even though it is understandable after all he had to go through after seeing his wife and child getting killed by human hunters in front of him.
    2. Unfortunately, like with Sid, Diego, Scrat, Crash and Eddie, on the fourth and fifth films he became way too overprotective and more clueless than he once was. But can still likable to many fans for the most part.
    3. Even if he, along with Ellie and Diego, is still likable in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, he is also considered pointless since he, along with Ellie, Diego, and even Sid (who is out of character), are in that film to give Crash and Eddie a reason to go to the Lost World.


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