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    Mama Luigi (SuperMarioLogan)

    Not to be confused with an episode that has the exact same name from a 90s episode from the Super Mario World TV series.

    Mama Luigi
    Gender: Male
    Type: Dimwitted clone of Luigi
    Age: Unknown
    Portrayed by: Zeke Snuffin
    Chris Netherton (Season 2 finale)
    Lovell Stanton (alternate self)
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: SuperMarioLogan

    Mama Luigi is a major recurring antagonist as well as an anti-hero in the SuperMarioLogan series. He was the clone of Luigi and he was the main protagonist of the series before his death in the Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures spin-off mainly because he was the one who defected and took down Bowser and started the whole adventure. He is the main antagonist of Toad's Mistake (2009), the first video in the Toad's Mistake series, and its 2017 remake.

    Why He Is (A) Great Wonder

    1. In the same league as Stimpy from Ren and Stimpy and Ed from Ed, Edd, n Eddy: He is very dumb, but he presents his idiocy hilariously (well, most of the time anyway).
    2. Although they/he has shown to be very unintelligent, despite this, they/he is very nice and has very few enemies.
    3. He is very loyal to his friends, like Mario and he is always there for him.
    4. While he is an absolute ditz and is often regarded as a retard, Mama Luigi has yet shown to be rather charismatic in an incredibly wacky way, coupled with his fair share of jokes and insane eccentricities that makes him out to be a quirky type of character with his own levels of unpredictability.
    5. For all his dimwittedness, Mama Luigi has shown he can fight (e.g. Bowser and Toad), even without his magic marker. He can drag a fight out for hours. Also, he'll pretty much destroy anyone who touches his nickel.
      • For the fact that he gets extremely mad and violent at anyone for touching "his" nickel is both, incredibly bizarre and really funny.
    6. The way he laughs and screams is very funny.
    7. He has many hilarious moments. Like in the episode SML Short: Luigi's Secret when they/he tried hiding a CD away from Mario in a very comical way, and when they/he stupidly tried placing himself inside a photocopier so they/he can take pictures of himself that ended up looking ridiculous in the episode Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures episode 5. All just for fun more often than not.
      • “I'm going to do the super-duper... duper deluxe, body slam!
      • “What, did you say?! Do you know what this marker, can do?
    8. Zeke Snuffin and Chris Netherton did a great job at voicing him/them.
    9. His one-time appearance in 2017 was flat-out awesome to watch, as well as enjoyable and entertaining.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Much like Pinky from Pinky & The Brain and Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants, and Hugh Neutron from Jimmy Neutron: he can be prone to potty humor by being disgusting for a joke.
      • He can be dumb in the wrong way sometimes.
    2. For how funny his breakdown was when Toad touched his/their nickel in Toad's Mistake, at the same time, it could also be seen as somewhat petty.
    3. He was killed off twice in both episodes Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures. Season 2 Episode 1 and the episode Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 2 Episode 11 "Season Finale".
    4. Despite being one of the most beloved SML characters who appeared in the 2017 remake of Toad's Mistake for the first time in several years, he was negatively received by most newer SML/Jeffy fanboys, who demanded more features of Jeffy which forced Logan to quickly upload a new Jeffy video to calm down the backlash.


    • The SuperMarioLogan Movie! is set to be his final appearance, and Zeke's final time portraying him.
      • However, as of 2021, the film status remains unknown.
    • Though most characters have died at least once, they are revived in the next video; Mama Luigi is one of the first few characters (and the only major character) to die and stay dead.
    • The death of Mama Luigi upset many fans, as many loved the character for his silly humor. Some fans went as far as to unsubscribe from Logan, causing Logan to leave YouTube for a while. In the season two finale, he was voiced by Chris Netherton, and in the first two episodes of season three, he was voiced by Lovell Stanton.
      • Mama Luigi died in The Loss of a Retard, due to his voice actor, Zeke, having to move away with his brother Luke to Colorado. He was briefly revived in The Final Battle, but then died again with Bowser. After his death in the premiere of the second season of Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, he was resurrected as a zombie and he died again after Mario shot him. Mama Luigi later appeared in two episodes of the third and final season of MLSDA as an alternate version of himself (he's depicted as smarter, serious, and more consistent than his original self) who helped Mario get into his own dimension with a time/dimension porter device. He reappears as a ghost in the Luigi's Mansion series.
      • He got arrested in the episode Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Episode 10.
    • A lot like Brooklyn T. Guy, Mama Luigi is one of the few characters who has done a Let's Play, in Mama Luigi's case it is QWOP. Where he is the only character to play a video game on a channel not owned by Logan Thirtyacre.
    • Mama Luigi is named after the series finale of Super Mario World, a cartoon produced by DiC Entertainment, which was a popular internet meme during the late-2000s, featured in many YouTube Poops.
    • Mama Luigi is apparently allergic to birds. This is stated in episode 6 of Season 1 of Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures.
    • According to SuperMarioLogan Reviews Rock Band and Guitar Hero, despite having everything that makes him biologically male, Mama Luigi is apparently gender-confused.
      • Despite having the name "mama" which means "mother", Mama Luigi's gender is male.



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