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    I will show you the power of Best Friends!
    MagolorKirby Star Allies
    Gender: Male
    Type: Crafty Egg, Interdimensional Traveler
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Unknown
    Portrayed by: Hirokazu Ando
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Kirby's Return to Dream Land (2011; first appearance)

    One last thing. There's something I want to ask you. Why did you decide to help me? I mean, I was a complete stranger to you at the time, right? What is it, Kirby? Why are you making that face? Is it really that silly of a question? Hm. I suppose if someone else was in trouble, I'd help them out too... I mean, if YOU were in trouble somehow, I'd be the first one to come help you out! Can you guess why? It's because we're friends! Let's keep on being great friends to each other, Kirby...OK?
    MagolorKirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

    Magolor is a major recurring character in the Kirby franchise, making his first appearance in Kirby's Return to Dream Land for the Wii. He is a crafty egg mage and an interdimensional traveler who once tricked Kirby and friends into helping him obtain the Master Crown, Halcandra's legendary treasure, crafted by the "ancients" and holding "limitless power." After being defeated by Kirby and friends, Magolor would eventually return to Dream Land after his own adventures, becoming a true friend to Kirby after atoning for his misdeeds.

    He is also the proud owner of the Lor Starcutter, an extremely high-tech Halcandran spaceship that was also crafted by the "ancients," and is capable of crossing dimensions.


    The Supreme Ruler's Coronation

    As a token of my gratitude, I'll let you in on a little secret about this ship. The Lor is a legendary Halcandran vessel crafted by the ancients. It's said that an incredible power was used to construct it. This same power gave rise to clockwork stars that soar the cosmos... mysterious items that can bring dreams to life... and countless other legendary creations. I excavated this ship from the volcano where Landia dwells and repaired it. But there's another ancient artifact there, one that lets you rule the universe! And I have a feeling Landia isn't willing to part with it quite so easily. So hurry up and defeat that dragon for me, Kirby!
    MagolorKirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

    One last thing. I may have told you a teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy lie. Sorry about that. Aw, don't give me that look. I guess it may have been several lies...but who's counting, right? Anyway, the truth is...I'm not really from Halcandra. Have you seen the place? It's a dusty mess! But I did spend a lot of time traveling to different spots around here, and I eventually discovered the Lor Starcutter by the volcano. So, the part about me being all alone on Halcandra for a very, very long time? That part's true. But I wanted you to come here too! That's why I lied. This planet is just too, too amazing... It's a veritable paradise of mysterious magic and unknown technology! Or so they say. Anyway, I want to make things right, and there's no better way to do that...than to tell you about my lifelong dream! Truth be told, I want to hear the screams of every living being in the universe... Screams of JOY, that is, as they visit my very own amusement park! It'd have all kinds of surprises! But I'd have to work suuuper hard to become the manager of an amusement park like that. Hmmm. Maybe I'd start small. Open my own shop first. I could sell lots of different items... Ooo! If I do open my own shop, you'll have to come visit it, Kirby! I'll hook you up with the best deals. My prices will be so fair they're practically a steal! No foolin'! I guess what I'm saying is...no matter where you go and no matter where we may meet... Let's always stay the best of friends, Kirby!
    MagolorKirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

    It was in a dusty tome that Magolor first learned about that legendary item. It all sounded like a fairy tale, until he found the Lor and began scheming.
    Magolor EX's pause screen description • Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

    Not much is known about Magolor's past other than the fact that he hails from Another Dimension, but what matters is that he had always had a lifelong dream of creating the greatest amusement park in the universe. To realize this dream, he traveled to far off worlds in order to study and research ancient technology and ways to have fun. One fateful day, Magolor happened upon a dusty tome that told of of the mythical Master Crown, an ancient artifact that would bestow limitless power to those who wear it, but is guarded by Landia, a four-headed dragon that dwells in a volcano. Magolor spent a lot of time alone on Halcandra for his research, and eventually discovered the Lor Starcutter in Dangerous Dinner, near Landia's volcano. Not only did he learn that the ship was capable of interdimensional travel, but he also learned that is was capable of fighting. Magolor himself was also no stranger to combat, as he is a practitioner of powerful magic. Confident in his and the Lor's abilities and tempted by the idea of limitless power, Magolor attempted to defeat Landia and claim the Master Crown for himself, but he failed, forcing him to flee. He had heard many tales of Kirby, the happy-go-lucky hero of Planet Popstar with a bottomless stomach who will help anyone in need, which sounded like the perfect target, so with the last of the Lor's strength, Magolor travels to Planet Popstar, making a crash landing. It is then where he meets Kirby, Bandana Waddle Dee, King Dedede, and Meta Knight, who he fools into helping him repair the Lor Starcutter by retrieving it's missing parts and energy spheres, promising them that afterwards, he'll give them a tour of "his home" Halcandra in return. When he does, Landia shoots down the Lor once again, doing their job as the Master Crown's guardian, but making them appear to be the villain to Kirby and friends. After Team Kirby makes their way to the volcano and successfully defeat Landia, Magolor takes the opportunity to betray Kirby and finally take the Master Crown for himself and gain ultimate power, consumed by the ambition of world domination.

    Bravo, Kirby. You've truly earned your reputation as a hero. Your help defeating Landia was invaluable. Ah... At long last, it's mine! The source of limitless power... The Master Crown! Obtaining this crown has been my ultimate goal all along! What's with all the weird looks? Fine. Let me explain everything. I fought Landia by myself and lost. So I fled to Planet Popstar. That's when the thought struck me... I could have you defeat Landia for me! A stroke of genius, I know. You even helped me repair my Starcutter. I really did appreciate that, by the way. Anyway... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The time has come for your planet... No! The time has come for the ENTIRE UNIVERSE to bow down to me. And for being such a big help in all of this, your planet gets to go first! Prepare to bow, Popstar! Welcome your new overlord!
    MagolorKirby's Return to Dream Land

    At first, Magolor reveled in his newfound power, finally achieving the status of a big bad boss. Unfortunately for him, he was unaware of the true nature of the Master Crown, that it is actually sentient and amplifying the darkness in the wearer's heart, possessing them and imprisoning them in the hatred and obsessions of prior rulers as their body is warped beyond recognition and used as a puppet. After being worn down during his battle with Team Kirby, he succumbs to the crown's influence, and begins to regret his betrayal. His cries for help can be heard in the background of the final battle and in Magolor Soul's defeat.

    What remains of Magolor is a sad shell. He's possessed by the limitless power of the Master Crown, imprisoned by the hatred and obsessions of prior rulers. Now...defeat it and free Magolor's soul!
    Magolor Soul's Extra Mode pause screen description • Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

    The one-eyed wreath grants power but swallows the soul... It devours, stealing any sense of self... Truly, this crown rules all. Free him from this nightmare! Take his hand and save a new friend!
    Magolor Soul's The True Arena pause screen description (Phase 1) • Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

    Kirby... Ugh! I hate having to rely on you, and your vacant stare when I revealed my grand plan was truly insulting. Well, let's see if you can break this thing on my head. If you can, then someday...hee hee heee...I may get to toy with you again!
    Magolor Soul's The True Arena pause screen description (Phase 2) • Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

    Atone for One's Misdeeds!

    After Team Kirby defeats the Master Crown-controlled Magolor, the crown shatters, and the unconscious Magolor is sent deep within Another Dimension. When he wakes up, he finds himself extremely weakened, having lost most of his strength and magical powers. Not all hope is lost for him though, as he discovers that he can regain his lost powers by collecting fruit fragments. Eventually, Magolor manages to gather all of the fruit fragments, but he is suddenly attacked by the Crowned Doomer, the Grand Doomer powered by shards of the Master Crown which followed Magolor into this dimension. Magolor defeats the Crowned Doomer with his regained abilities, but the Master Crown's shards take possession of the red fruit made from all the fruit fragments Magolor has gathered, becoming the tree crown without a ruler. After an intense final battle, Magolor manages to overcome the Master Crown and seemingly destroy it once and for all, leaving it purified as a harmless sapling, fully atoning for his misdeeds.

    To free the tree and bring an end to the destruction... To take responsibility for his wicked ways... With all of his magic infused into the sword, he must strike! Magolor must atone for his misdeeds!
    Master Crown's pause screen description (Phase 2) • Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

    After all of this, Magolor is finally rewarded with freedom, as he escapes Another Dimension and enters the Dream Kingdom, a world parallel to the one he was in previously. Magolor plants the sapling in this new world, allowing it to eventually grow into a Gem Apple Tree, and begins a new life in this world as a humble shopkeeper, providing weapons, armor, potions, and other items to none other than this world's very own Kirby (or Kirbies). Eventually, Magolor returns to the main Kirby's world, and as a grand apology gesture, builds Merry Magoland on Popstar, a grand amusement park for him and his friends to play in as much as they like, simultaneously making amends with the friends he betrayed and finally realizing his lifelong dream after having lost sight of it in his pursuit of the Master Crown. Although he may have made his first impression as a traitorous schemer, Magolor has successfully redeemed himself and earned his happy ending.

    You've spent a lot of time here at this theme park. It's been great to hear the sounds of you and your friends screaming and shouting...with joy! Magoland is bursting with energy in every corner. This is everything I've ever dreamed of! Really! You might not believe this, but...I've had this dream for a long, long time. My dream has been to create the greatest theme park in the universe. And now it's finally real! I know some of the attractions here are a little extreme with all the hazards and... explosions... But I really can't tell you how happy it's made me to spend time with you again and watch you visit this park over and over, having more and more fun! Getting here wasn't easy. I made this park-manager thing look like a walk in the, uh, park...but putting this whole place together was hard work! I traveled to far-off worlds, researching and analyzing different ways to play and have fun that have existed in the past... Then I put my own spin on them and turned them into the merry, magical park that you see here. I'm really proud of Magoland, so I want to give you a GREAT BIG THANK-YOU for enjoying my park to the fullest! You're still such a cool dude. If you ever feel like having fun and being merry, know that you're always welcome here. Just be sure to bring your friends! Got that, Kirby?
    Manager MagolorKirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

    Why He's Our New Overlord Such a Cool Dude

    1. It goes without saying, but as a Kirby character, he has a really cute design! And the designs for the several forms he takes as a boss are awesome, but that also kinda goes without saying when it comes to Kirby final bosses.
    2. As iconic as a fan favorite character like Marx is, there really isn't much to him outside of his appearance in Milky Way Wishes, which is a short and small game that only makes a part of a larger one (Kirby Super Star and it's remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra) Magolor takes many of the things that makes Marx so memorable, and fleshes it out. For example, in Milky Way Wishes, prior to his villainous reveal, Marx only shows up to give Kirby the goal of gathering the stars to summon Nova, and doesn't appear again until the game's climax, while in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Magolor remains present, and can be talked to, through the entire game in the Lor Starcutter, which serves as the hub of the Story and Extra Modes. The remake, Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, takes things further with the addition of Helper Magolor, a feature that, when enabled, will have Magolor aid Kirby and his friends during their adventure, and Merry Magoland, which, although chronologically seems to canonically take place after the main story, is accessible from the second stage of the first level. New players experiencing the remake for the first time will grow to see Magolor as an ally and friend, which will make his betrayal, and redemption, more impactful.
    3. Speaking of which, his redemption is another aspect that has made Magolor such a fan favorite. Sure, Kirby befriending his antagonists is nothing new, especially when King Dedede, who is now his friendly rival who shares a brother-like bond with him, was his first foe, but Magolor is unique in how he atoned for his sins by overcoming what corrupted him in the first place in his own Epilogue. Another interesting thing in that mode is that as you slowly restore Magolor's power, and even surpass his original limits if you choose to commit to it, you can read Magolor's thoughts for further insight of his character. While he does contemplate becoming a big bad boss again, you can also tell that part of him regrets turning on his friends and misses their company.

      So much power! I'm finally flying high again! Now I can soar through endless skies with...my friends...
      Magolor when his Levitation is fully restored • Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

    4. Another reason why he's such a lovable character to many is because of his charming personality. He's got a ton of great dialogue and remains a bit mischievous even after his redemption. One might say that he does a little trolling.
    5. He makes for a really good and memorable boss, especially in the remake's True Arena if you're looking for a challenge, and it's really fun to play as him in Kirby Star Allies and Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler, where he retains many of the same moves he uses as a boss.

    Notable Fan Works

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