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    Instead of stereotypical fat greedy characters, why we can't count characters who eats a lot, but can't get fat like her?
    Gender: Female
    Type: Greedy Sidekick
    Age: 7
    Species: "Human"
    Portrayed by: Elza Gonçalves
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Turma da Mônica

    Magali/Maggy is the one of the main characters of the Brazilian comic book series Monica and Friends (also known as Turma da Mônica in the Brazilian translations), created by Mauricio de Sousa.

    Why She Deserves More Watermelon

    1. She is one of the main and most memorable characters created by Mauricio de Sousa, along with Monica, Jimmy Five, Smudge, and Chuck Billy.
    2. Her friendship with Monica is very good and works well.
    3. Her characteristic with being a greedy girl always makes her for funny and hilarious stories, especially when she does something for food.
    4. One of the questionable thing is her swallowing a WHOLE watermelon, who is also comic.
    5. Most of her stories involve fairytale parodies, like Shrek.
    6. She always acts like a kind friend to Monica, despite thinking about food.
    7. She always defends Monica when she suffers from Jimmy Five's offensive nicknames.
    8. She is the character who TOOK A LOT OF TIME to get her comic book, happily, she got a solo comic book in 1989.
    9. Elza Goncalves does a great job voicing her. Laura Rauseo is also fantastic and the definition of perfect casting as her live-action counterpart.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She can get egotistical and think only about her love for food sometimes.
    2. Sometimes she can be unlikeable for acting like a jerk with her friends, especially in picnic stories.
    3. On some occasions she is shown to be a bad girlfriend for Toddy. He always thinks she thinks just in the bread that he and his Portuguese dad make.
    4. Her cousin Junior is a pretty bad cousin, for his actions, behavior and temperament out of control, and worse of all this is that Junior's father acts just like him.


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