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    "I am the deadliest snake on the planet. One drop of my venom can kill a hundred men, but I'm not a monster."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Deadliest Animal with Pure Heart
    Age: Unknown (presumably young adult)
    Species: Inland Taipan
    Portrayed by: Isla Fisher
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Back to the Outback

    Maddie is main protagonist of Netflix animated movie Back to the Outback. She is a big-hearted Inland Taipan snake who lived in the Sydney zoo where she was always presented as a vile creature to humans until she got tired of being treated like a monster, and then ran away with her other friends who were discriminated against, to the Outback in an attempt to reunite with their families.

    She was voiced by Isla Fisher

    Why She Isn't Dangerous, But Cute

    1. First and foremost, her story is very engaging and moving for viewers.
    2. She is very kind, sweet, gentle and emotional character.
    3. Her design (along with others) is very beautiful enough to appeal to children.
    4. Her actress Isla Fisher did an amazing job voicing her (and it won't matter that she's Australian).
    5. She did a lot of things that make us love her more and more like saving her friends multiple times, saving Chaz's son Chazzie from almost death and, depending on your view, freeing two cane toads Doug and Doreen who were a couple (she thinks that this is right due to sense of morality and didn't care who they are).
    6. Speaking of her kindness, she is very good friend to everyone and even Pretty Boy if he wasn't before.
    7. She had such moments in which we definitely would not want to be in her place. Notable examples: she was abused by humans by calling her "monster" when she isn't, she lost Jackie because of the same reason, almost lost her friends in the end, etc. What's even more heartbreaking is that she was crying in this movie, what we would never wish her but want to be closer to her.

    The Only Dangerous Quality

    1. Despite her story is heartwarming, it has some moments from #GQ7 which are very mean-spirited to her.
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