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    Macy Misa
    A good character, and a loyal girlfriend to Nick.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Friendly, helpful superfan
    Age: 19-20
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Nicole Anderson
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Jonas'

    Macy Michelle Misa is one of the main characters of the Disney Channel series, Jonas. She is the number one fan of the Jonas Brothers and is best friends with Stella Malone. She also becomes the main love interest and boyfriend of Nick in the second season, Jonas LA. She's a pretty good and likable character in the show.

    Why She Rocks

    1. Macy is a very well likable character, being the self-proclaimed number one Jonas "super-fan", but also being a good friend to the group.
    2. She has some funny moments, like when she tried to sing, but failed very badly and knocked out Kevin, and whenever she has her clumsiness and she ends up accidentally hurting the brothers.
    3. She's a girl who tries to be the best at everything in school, proof is that she runs a Jonas fan website, showing she took web making classes.
    4. She's also hard working outside of school, as she works at Misa’s Pieces, her mother’s store.
    5. She likes all of the band for different things, which is a nice change of pace for a super-fan, as most super fans would pick a favorite of the group.
    6. The reasons she likes the band are hilarious, for example, she likes Nick because he smells like sugar-free cookies, and Kevin because he 'smells like Heaven'.
    7. She's able to run a Jonas fan website, and she is the president of the Jonas fan club, showing she's a serious super-fan.
    8. She has a good and very believable friendship with Stella, and they help each other out at times.
    9. She grows from being unable to speak to the brothers without fainting to getting used to their presence and the boys consider her one of their friends.
    10. In Season 2, she helps the band by becoming their publicist, as she still runs the band’s website, and makes video blogs. It also helps the fact that she's no longer a crazy fan when around them and is now their friend.
    11. She plays a lot of sports, showing that she's very athletic, as she's seen with sports equipment in different episodes.
    12. She reveals a very understandable reason of how she gets used to the Jonas brothers in "A Wasabi Story", as she has brothers and lived around them for years.
    13. She has a good friendship with the Jonas brothers, and she always helps them out in certain situations.
    14. She has a good relationship with Nick, and they have some cute moments.
    15. She was at her best in "Band of Brothers", as she help the band with their reunion concert by keeping the audience entertained until they all appeared on stage together, and she also does her last video blog about the band, and she also has cute moments with Nick, especially when she sits with him at the campfire when he and his brothers sing their final song.
    16. Nicole Anderson did a good job playing as her.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She maybe a too obsessed super-fan, as she collects some gross things from the band.
    2. She can be unlikable and annoying sometimes.
    3. She can be bland and boring sometimes.


    • She is the President of the Jonas Fan Club.
    • Nick Jonas was the person who decided his character and Macy should become a couple.
    • Nick and Macy are considered the secondary couple of the series.


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