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    Mac (entire series) and Bloo (season 1) (Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends)

    Mac and Bloo
    Mac: Hi. I’m Mac.
    Bloo: Rip-off artists!
    Gender: Male (Both)
    Type: Adventuring Playful Duo
    Age: 8 (Mac)
    5 (Bloo)
    Species: Human and Imaginary Friend
    Portrayed by: Sean Marquette
    Keith Ferguson
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

    Mac and Blooregard Q. Kazoo are the pair of playful main protagonists of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. The team consists of Mac, a young human boy, and his imaginary friend Bloo, who is a blue-like imaginary creature.

    Why They Rock


    1. They are a very great duo in the show, with both of them having an awesome, believable friendship, which is heartwarming.
    2. They are great friends to the residents of Fosters, like Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco, and are always there for their friends whenever they need them, showing they are very loyal friends.
    3. Even though they do get on each other nerves sometimes, they never let it get in the way of their friendship, and they help each other solve their problems.
    4. They are probably one of Cartoon Network’s most memorable duos, along with Finn and Jake, and Mordecai and Rigby.
    5. Their designs are simple and very cute.


    1. Mac is the great, fun, and creative 8-year-old boy, who is a very friendly and helpful kid, who always goes to great lengths for the sake of his loved ones.
    2. Even though Terrance gets the best of him sometimes, he never lets it impact him too much, and always stands up to him whenever he can.
    3. He always knows when Bloo gets himself into trouble or does something wrong, and he’s not afraid to talk sense into his friend to help him fix his mistakes.
    4. He is a smart kid, and always knows how to solve a problem, whether it’s doing school work, or fixing a problem that Bloo, and sometimes he or his other friends, cause.
    5. Unlike Bloo in later seasons, Mac learns from his mistakes and grows to be a better kid when moving forward in life.
    6. He likes to do things a normal kid would do, like pull pranks, but he makes sure they’re safe, and always focuses on doing the right thing.
    7. He’s there to comfort his friends through hard times, like being there for Wilt when he revealed his tragic backstory.
    8. He never abandons Bloo, and always tries to be there for him, whenever he can, and never forgets about him.
    9. Sean Marquette does a great job voicing him.

    Why Bloo Was Mac's Best Friend

    1. Bloo is a likable and gentle imaginary friend who is kind to everyone and is willing to protect his creator Mac.
    2. He shows empathy to many of his friends, especially Mac.
    3. He’s shown to be a very interesting imaginary friend, as he likes to pull pranks and do some silly stuff, as he’s a fun troublemaker.
    4. Even when he’s doing something wrong, it will often come off as hilarious.
    5. He often receives his comeuppance whenever he does something bad.
    6. He does learn from his mistakes sometimes, as well as apologize for his actions.
    7. Deep down he does care for his friends, especially Mac, his creator.
    8. Bloo has some clever tricks, such as tricking Terrance into thinking Bloo was on his side, only to then give Terrance his comeuppance.
    9. Keith Ferguson did a good job voicing him.

    Bad Qualities


    1. Bloo has been quickly flanderized after season 1.
    2. He has been a bit selfish in some episodes even before season 2.


    1. His crush on Frankie, while normal, is a bit creepy because of the huge age gap, since he is 8 and Frankie is 22, which is considered pedophilia since he's only a minor.
    2. He was a bit unlikable in “Bye Bye Nerdy” as he abandons Bloo in Fosters to spend time with Jamez Withazee, despite knowing what will happen to Bloo if he does not appear at Foster's every day.


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