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    Lyn (Fire Emblem)
    If I was able to save one world, then surely I can save this one too
    Gender: Female
    Type: Lady of the Plains
    Age: 15-16 (Japanese version)
    18-19 (English version)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Lani Millena (Super Smash Bros. games)
    Wendee Lee (Fire Emblem Heroes and Warriors)
    Makiko Ohmoto
    Status: Varies (Though she did not appear in Binding Blade)
    Media of origin: Fire Emblem

    Note: Not to be confused with Lynn Loud Jr. or Lynn Loud Sr. from The Loud House despite their names spelled differently.

    Lyndis, also most commonly known as Lyn is one of the three main characters of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Born in the Sacaen Plains, Lyn was named after her maternal grandmother and happens to be the daughter of Hassar (chieftain of the Lorca tribe) and Madelyn (daughter of Lord Hausen of Caelin). She grew up happily wandering in the plains with her parents and spent time with her dad on how to learn the sword arts. A tragedy just happened as many of the Lorca tribe were killed by bandits with her parents being dead, this lead to Lyn being a survivor. Later on, she met Mark (the player character) lying on the ground outside her abode. Lyn took care of the tactician back to health and decided to follow the player in the interest of training her sword skills and avenging her tribe.

    Why She Rocks

    1. Regardless if she's from the plains, she may not know a lot about noble manners yet she finds it easy to be friendly and polite to those around her. Yes, she's not used to it due to being used to the plains since childhood, but she's willing to be a good friend.
    2. Her pride in her Sacae heritage is beyond important to her as she does not tolerate her heritage being insulted. This could be an illusion of how it's never okay to judge people by how they live or what heritage/descent.
    3. Being a Sacean, she NEVER lies. There's a justification for this as it's part of her culture. This can make common people trust people like her.
    4. She an independent woman who is determined to accomplish her goals thus performing all her might to do so. For instance, she wanted the player to train her after she had her first battle during the tutorial.
    5. Her backstory is sad yet impactful. Lyn's parents died as well as the entire tribe she comes from which makes her the last of her kind. There's more to it as she wanted to protect her people yet was rejected because her tribe is too old-fashioned resulting in the tribe not let her help since she's a woman (as if she was an outcast).
    6. As a result of the massacre of the Lorca tribe, she loathes a lot of bandits and pirates that she does not vision herself as part of them. Her hatred for them is the main motivation for her as she can be seen defeating bandits and avenging her people. Here's a catch however as she is not entirely intractable as she still would tolerate these guys depending on the situation even if she has a slow trustworthy attitude to them.
    7. She believes in inequality between the two genders. You can thank her experience with that. This is why you should never be sexist.
    8. Her characterization leads to many of the characters she meets trusting her and befriending her. It's that simple so no hesitation.
    9. She's pretty. So what else? Even a character like her is more than just being lovely.
      • It also helps that other main characters commented on her good looks. But she is also a tomboy and doesn't care much for it.
    10. While kind, she is not the typical kind person you think as she will fight back against anyone who harms her friends, even indirectly so the bad guys better watch out or else it's not going to end so well. This makes Lyn the brave and loyal person she is.
    11. The scene where she meets her grandfather for the first time is touching. Lyn would even go as far as wanting him to keep fighting to stay alive.
    12. She is the only character to wield an exclusive weapon her called the Mani Katti. The Mani Katti is a powerful sword that is effective against both armored and horse-mounted units. Another one she has is the Soul Katti which is a sister sword that is effective against Dragon and Wyvern units.
    13. She barely thinks ill of others and even in the circumstances she faces, she'll always remain optimistic.
    14. In the end, she would have a different ending that leaves a legacy to her, she would normally entrust Caelin's rule to Ostia and return to the plains where she belongs which makes her think fondly of the people of Caelin.
      • In other parts of the ending, she can even marry Eliwood, Hector, Rath, and Kent.
    15. When she was given voice acting in Fire Emblem Heroes, she got a voice that is more improved in comparison to the Smash Bros. games (she's an Assist Trophy) and it fits her well.
    16. When she wore her wedding dress in the Bridal Blessings event, she was pretty hilarious when she said stuff like "This outfit is so embarrassing. Are women usually OK with getting married in a getup like this", "Think this dress is going to keep me off the battlefield? Think again! I'm as fierce a fighter as I ever was— Yeah, I can see that you get it", "Ugh... This dress is so restrictive! Hey, don't look at me! I didn't pick it out", "I want my sword back", etc.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She does not know a lot about noble manners and customs.
    2. She can be quick to anger every time she gets underestimated simply because she's a woman. Even though it's never right to be sexist.
    3. While likable, her story is pretty long.
    4. Her voice in the Super Smash Bros. games feels pretty off as she's supposed to be 18-19 years old (15-16 in Japan).
    5. Noted by Serra, she has terrible fashion sense. Though Serra does have a strange fashion sense herself.
    6. Her official age is pretty inconsistent. Japan portrays her as 15-16 yet outside thereof she is seen as 18-19


    • Lyndis' nickname, "Lyn", is a Welsh baby boy's that means "Lake" or "Pool". Lyn also means "Lightning" in Danish and Norwegian, possibly meaning her swift swordsmanship. Her full name "Lyndis", is a combination of "Lyn" and the Old Norse suffix "Dis" which means "Lady" or "Woman" and was used to promote female deities of fertility, primary use as suffixes on male-only names, like "Frey" and "Thor", making "Freydis" and "Thordis". The romanization of her Japanese nickname "Lin" is Chinese for "Forest", "Fine Jade", and "Gem".
    • She gave us THE ENEMY meme.
    • While Lyn is 18 and 19 years in The Blazing Blade, in the Japanese version, she states that she is 15 and 16 respectively.


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