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    NOTE: This page is dedicated to the late Jerry Orbach (1935-2004).


    “She is the one. The girl we have been waiting. She has come to break the spell!”
    Gender: Male
    Type: Cursed Bond Creator
    Species: Candelabra (Cursed)
    Human (Normal)
    Portrayed by: Jerry Orbach (1991-2005)
    Jeff Bennett (2005-present)
    Ewan McGregor (2017)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Beauty and the Beast

    Lumiere is a supporting character in the 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast. He is the Beast's maitre d' who became a candelabra during the Enchantress' curse.

    Why He Deserves to Be Our Guest

    1. He is a welcoming and friendly servant of the Beast's castle.
    2. He is a fantastic boyfriend to Plumette, despite the limited screen time.
    3. He is known for his iconic song "Be Our Guest".
    4. Jerry Orbach and Martin Short both succeeded in making Lumiere a smart and helpful Frenchman he is..
      • Ewan McGregor and Jeff Bennett, despite not being as a great as Orbach, were good successors to Orbach.
    5. He helps Cogsworth defend the Beast's castle from the rioters, proving that Lumiere is not afraid to confront threats.
    6. He and Cogsworth are one of the prime examples of a duo that serve as comic reliefs.
    7. Despite wearing only a vest and the weird looking Elizabethan pants (see below in SBQ#1), his human form is great and captured after his candelabra form.
      • There is a concept art of his human form wearing a gold Rococo suit that would have easily complimented his aristocratic status as a castle maitre d', NOT as a troubadour, if one of the animators decided to stick to using the Rococo suit from the concept art for Lumiere (while still retaining his copper hair) for the final cut.
      • Speaking of which, the broadway show, live action remake and Live on Stage has him wearing a rococo suit.
    8. He makes the perfect comic relief of the Beauty and the Beast franchise.
    9. He has a great singing voice from both Jerry Orbach and Ewan McGregor.
    10. He can be found in House of Mouse and Chip n' Dale: Rescuer Rangers film.
    11. After being flanderized in Belle’s Magical World, he was able to fully recover from his flanderization in the 2017 live action remake and remains as one of the likable characters, which can't be said for either Belle or the Beast.
    12. In the 2017 remake, speaking of which, his relationship with Plumette is pretty good as he's clearly devoted to Plumette, rather than just flirting with each other.

    “Sacra Bleu" Qualities

    1. Despite freedom standards, he does not wear an 18th-century suit (including the gold jacket) and he instead wore only a vest and the weird-looking Elizabethan tunkhose, which does not compliment his status as a servant in the castle. Thankfully, as stated above, the 2017 live-action remake, Broadway, and Live on Stage did correct this mistake.
    2. Unfortunately, he was temporarily flanderized in Belle's Magical World, where he acted very perverted towards women and would be like that until the 2017 live-action remake undid his flanderization, as stated above.


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