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    Lukas (Minecraft: Story Mode)

    Lukas (Minecraft: Story Mode)
    "Hey, uh... I didn't say any of that stuff to be mean. We've been through a lot of adventures and... I just want you to be happy. It's what that little pig wanted for all of us."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Rival to Close Companion
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Scott Porter
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Minecraft: Story Mode
    Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2

    Lukas is the tritagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode. He is the former leader of The Ocelots, the rivals of Jesse's Gang. Later, he teams up with Jesse to stop Ivor and the Wither Storm. During the time of being with Jesse and their friends, he becomes a loyal and close companion to them.

    Why He's Great!

    1. He is a very kind and understanding person and is concerned for the well-being of others rather than his own, such as caring for Petra/Gabriel's wither sickness and encouraging Jesse to not over-work themselves.
    2. He has great leadership qualities, like in "The Order of the Stone" when he began to plan the group's next course of action to find the Temple of the Order, and will lead everyone through the end if Jesse allows him to. Alongside recruiting a new gang of ocelots when Romeo poses as Jesse and overtakes Beacon Town.
    3. He is incredibly selfless as in Episode 4, if Jesse is kind to him and allows him to leave the camp, Lukas will go out to find the rest of the ocelots and will come back with them to help defeat the Wither Storm and even if Jesse doesn't allow him to leave, he will still shoot fireworks to distract the Wither Storm. Alongside fighting off Aidan so Jesse could save the Founder, uncaring whether he'd fall off the edge or not.
    4. He doesn't let his initial rivalry with Jesse's group and the ocelots and acts jovial and friendly to Jesse and their group and is willing to assist them in anything they need help with (unless Jesse is mean towards him, of course).
    5. He is incredibly loyal, such as nursing Petra/Gabriel's wither sickness and going back to rescue the rest of the Ocelot gang. And if he's kicked out the camp in Episode 1, he will return with apples for the entire gang.
    6. When Reuben dies, Lukas is incredibly consoling to Jesse, acknowledging how much Reuben meant to them and comforts Jesse when Reuben's memorial is destroyed by Romeo.
    7. He also shows a great compassion for animals, such as petting Reuben and mourning him alongside Jesse after his demise and owning a pet Ocelot named Dewey, who he had fed until earning its trust.
    8. He isn't a complete pushover, as he won't tolerate other's discourtesy towards him and is willing to give them the same attitude.
    9. His design is very attractive, such as his greaser-inspired look in his casual wear and his more professional and stronger look when he's in his armor.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He can be very arrogant at times, such as not stopping Aiden from bullying Jesse and their group and bragging about the Ocelots' builds instead.
    2. He can be cowardly at times, as he didn't help Jesse rescue Petra/Gabriel from the Wither Storm, although he grows from this experience and strives to be braver and helpful to Jesse and the group.
    3. If Jesse chooses mean options against him, he can be very apprehensive and sardonic, albeit his attitude is reasonable.


    1. Eric Stirpe claims that the reason Lukas' name is spelled with a K instead of a C is because of the fact that Minecraft was made by a Swedish company, and they decided to use Swedish spelling.
    2. Although being in "Giant Consequences", Lukas' voice actor, Scott Porter, could not be in "Jailhouse Block", as of him becoming a father and not having enough time to record his dialogue.


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