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    Luigi (The Super Mario Bros. Movie)

    "Haha! Luigi Number One!"
    Gender: Male/Unknown
    Type: Optimistic Scaredy Cat
    Age: 84
    Species: Jumping Human
    Portrayed by: Charlie Day
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Super Mario Bros. Movie

    Luigi Mario (Japanese: ルイージ) is the deuteragonist of the Mario franchise and the titular main protagonist of the Luigi's Mansion spin-off series. He's Mario's slightly younger fraternal twin brother and occasional sidekick, usually being regarded as one of the most beloved ones at that. In The Super Mario Bros. Movie franchise, he is one of the main characters and possibly the main protagonist of the rumored Luigi's Mansion: The Movie. He is a plumber who runs Super Mario Bros. Plumbing alongside his brother Mario, but while trying to fix a water main in the Brooklyn sewers, they are sucked in a Warp Pipe and separated. He then lands in the Dark Lands, and gets kidnapped by two Shy Guys and a Snifit. He is then put in a cage by Bowser, and Mario saves him. He is voiced by Charlie Day.

    Why He's Still a Green Wonder

    1. Similar to his Nintendo counterpart, he is pretty cowardly yet still brave when needed, especially the scenes of him running away from the Dry Bones in the Dark Lands to an abandoned castle, and the scene of Mario and Luigi becoming invincible and defeating the Koopa Troop including Bowser himself. He also gets massive character development, getting less fearless over time.
    2. Charlie Day does an excellent job voicing Luigi, despite sounding like his regular voice (and he sounds a lot like Luigi in real-life), making for a great performance. When the cast was revealed, he was one of the most well-received cast choices, if not the most well-received.
    3. Unlike his 1993 film counterpart, despite being likable, he does not get more screen time than Mario. He also has a decent amount of screen time, despite being admittedly underutilized.
    4. The opening "Nintendo Studios" logo with him and Mario and Luigi jumping on a ? Block and the Nintendo logo coming out of it is pretty cool and creative, with them running off the screen with the "Course Clear" theme from Super Mario Bros. playing.
    5. Even though his family does not believe in him and his brother in their plumbing work, Luigi still remains optimistic.
    6. Luigi has a bunch of funny moments (he can be considered a great comic-relief character), thanks to Charlie Day's excellent performance, such as:
      • Him saying to Foreman Spike "Yeah! Our mom called! She said, 'Aw, boys, that's the best commercial I've ever seen!' And I said, 'Thank you very much, mother! We're very proud of it!' So BOOM!" and him accidentally dropping his phone on the floor.
      • Him and Mario clogging a bathroom sink while an angry dog named Francis (not the one from Super Paper Mario showing his anger at them with the sink clogging and flooding (no pun intended) the bathroom.
      • Mario tells Luigi that it is their chance and destiny is calling and Luigi also says "Destiny Del Macchio from high school?".
      • Him saying to Mario "You are seriously not considering--" and "Mario-...oh!" and he is nervous about jumping into the manhole.
      • Him falling into a tree and the Dry Bones that is chasing him falling apart and wearing Luigi's hat, and Luigi saying to it "Haha! YES! You just got a Luigi'd!"'"
      • He is in an abandoned castle and getting scared by Shy Guys and a Snifit and he yells as the screen pans to black, and he yells off-screen as a result.
      • Him being interrogated by Bowser, he doesn't answer who Mario is, where Bowser is about to rip off his mustache, and Luigi answers and Bowser rips off a chunk of his mustache.
      • He reunites with Mario and he questions Mario in his Tanooki Mario suit and Luigi says "Mario, why do you look like a bear? What is this?".
      • Luigi lands in Brooklyn after the massive crash of the Mushroom Kingdom items in Brooklyn and he sees various Mushroom Kingdom items about to fall on him, and he hides in a dumpster and waits.
      • Him still in the dumpster and he waits.
      • He is holding a manhole as a cover when Bowser breathes fire and is trying to burn Mario and Luigi and then collecting the Super Star, thus turning into Invincible Mario and Invincible Luigi.
      • A Piranha Plant getting Invincible Mario and Invincible Luigi in its mouth, Mama Mario and Papa Mario looking, and them getting out of its mouth, because it realizes that since they are invincible it cannot hurt them, they are invincible.
      • Bowser tries to breathe fire on the Mario brothers when they are invincible but it doesn't work and he realizes that because they are invincible.
    7. He has many memorable/hilarious lines, of which many are funny, such as:
      • "And-a Luigi!"
      • "Mamma mia!"
      • "And-a Queens!"
      • "I was great'? Are you kidding me?! YOU were great!"
      • "That is not a commercial. That is cinema!"
      • "Oh great... Spike's here."
      • "As a matter of fact, Spike, we have."
      • "Uh, yeah! Our mom called, and she said, 'Aw, boys, that's the best commercial I've ever seen!' And I said, 'Thank you very much, mother! We've very proud of it!' So BOOM!"
      • "Are you insane?! He's three times you size!"
      • "Mmm, you'd be surprised..."
      • "Hello, Super Mario Brothers!"
      • "Uh-huh... A drip in your faucet? That's great! I mean, that's- That great you called us, because we can be there and we can fix it right away. Okay."
      • "Mario, we got one! The Super Mario Brothers are in business!"
      • "Oh no! We're gonna be late!"
      • "Hey, wait up!"
      • "Ah!"
      • "Here you go!"
      • "Oh, Mario, what are you doing?"
      • "My bad!"
      • "Ah! I'm so sorry!"
      • "So sorry!"
      • "Oh, I'm trying! I'm trying! I got bad knees!"
      • "Oh wow! We have hit the big time!"
      • "Ma'am, I assure you: we don't make messes. We fix them!"
      • "Hey..."
      • "Ay!"
      • "Francis is here..."
      • "Hey there, pal."
      • "Mario! Do something."
      • "Uh, Mario?"
      • "Ah!"
      • "The hellhound is gonna escape!"
      • "Hey, uh... Mario?"
      • "Hey-yo!"
      • "I love mushrooms. I'll take it!"
      • "Can someone pass the bread?"
      • "Mm, I'm not sure they did, Ma."
      • "Hey. Aw, you're not bringing me down. Y'know what? What do they know, huh?"
      • "Destiny Del Vecchio from high school?"
      • "You are seriously not considering--"
      • "Mario-...oh!"
      • "Mamma mia!"
      • "I knew saving Brooklyn was a bad idea."
      • "MARIO!!"
      • "MARIO!!"
      • "Mario?"
      • "Mario, where are you? Huh."
      • "Oh."
      • "Haha! YES! You just got a-Luigi'd!"
      • "Uh... Luigi."
      • "Wow, uh... Yay."
      • "No. NO!"
      • "Do you think I know every human being with a mustache wearing an identical outfit with a hat with the letter of his first name on it?! ...Because I don't!"
      • "Gah! STOP! STOP! STOP, STOP! I know him! Yes, I know him! Yeah, he's my brother, Mario, and he's the best guy in the world!"
      • "Where am I?!"
      • "How long have you guys been in here?"
      • "There's gotta be a way outta here!"
      • "Mario..."
      • "Huh?"
      • "MARIO?!?"
      • "Mario, why do you look like a bear? What is this?"
      • "Mamma mia!"
      • "Mario..."
      • "Nothing can hurt us as long as we're together."
      • "Oh, hey, Spike."
      • "Oh, thanks, uh, yeah, it's kinda my thing."
      • "Ay!"
    8. The scenes of Mario and him being separated, the flashback of a bully destroying his castle and Baby Mario standing up to him, and Mario and Luigi reuniting are emotional and will most likely make you cry. With that said, his relationship with Mario is great and extremely faithful to the games, and he cares about him a lot.
    9. In the ending, Mario and him decide to stay in the Mushroom Kingdom and take a Warp Pipe to Brooklyn.
    10. He, much like Mario, runs a plumbing business named Super Mario Bros. Plumbing after quitting Foreman Spike (although he does bully them for this) to succeed their dream, and they even made a plumbing commercial.
    11. The battle scenes with him are awesome:
      • The scene of him running from the Dry Bones in the Dark Lands, while disturbing, is admittedly fun.
      • The final battle with Mario and him using the Super Star to defeat Bowser is awesome.
    12. Similar to Mario, his design is great, as he has realistic proportions such as a slightly smaller nose, his overalls are more detailed such as a pocket on his overalls, a visible neck, and more. Despite these changes, his design is still extremely faithful to the games.
    13. The concept of a Mario and Luigi origin story is great and is executed extremely well, although this has been used in other media before.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Him and the other prisoners about to get burned in lava is a pretty disturbing concept, especially for Mario's standards.
    2. His character development of becoming less fearless over time is somewhat underdeveloped, due to the film's pacing being way too fast.
    3. When he runs in the abandoned castle and gets scared by a bunch of Dry Bones, the castle could have been Luigi's Mansion. He doesn't even use his flashlight in the castle at all.
      • The scene of Bowser intergrouting him could have been a bit longer.
      • While he does get kidnapped, it was huge missed opportunity to have him and all of the other prisoners and maybe the Lumalee escape from their cages with help from the other prisoners, even if he ended up getting caught and being put back in his cage, and there could have been more scenes between him and Bowser, especially with the fact that their relationship got hyped (even to the point of Bowigi ships and fanart on the internet happening and being posted) and the fact that Mario got massive character development, and he doesn't really do anything when he is in his cage waiting for Tanooki Mario. This would've given Luigi more scenes and character development, thus making him less fearless over time. He doesn't even get that much screen time when he is in the cage for a while. He will likely get more spotlight in the sequel and in his Luigi's Mansion movie. According to concept art, Luigi was supposed to do a breakout in his cage.
      • He does not get to use that many power-ups at all with the exception of the Super Star.
      • His girlfriend, Princess Daisy does not appear, and their relationship, could have been implied in the end.
      • Princess Peach does not kiss Mario and Luigi in the end.
      • There is no Luigi's Mansion post-credits scene of him and King Boo.
      • His flashlight could have been in the end credits in place of Luigi's phone on his casting with Charlie Day's name, since it would have been Luigi's Mansion's themed.
    4. Charles Martinet does not return to voice Mario and Luigi, which is disappointing, but understandable as he voiced their father.
    5. He does not make a kart nor get to drive on Rainbow Road, though this is excusable, as he is kidnapped for a while in the film until he is rescued by Tanooki Mario and in the beginning of the climax.
    6. Much like the other actors, while Charlie Day does an admittedly great job voicing him, he was also the subject of memes when the infamous casting was revealed in the September 2021 Nintendo Direct.
    7. The scene of him running away from the Dry Bones, while fun, is disturbing.



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