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    Lucy Wilde (Despicable Me)

    I have survived lots worse than this...
    Gender: Female
    Type: Perky Spy
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kristen Wigg
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Despicable Me

    Note: Not to be confused with Lucy van Pelt from Peanuts or Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail.

    Lucy Wilde is a major character in the Despicable Me franchise. She was a rookie agent of the Anti-Villain League and turned out to be her love interest of Gru since Despicable Me 2.

    Why She Rocks

    1. Lucy is a serious and stoic woman, yet she also expresses happy, enthusiastic, cheerful, and perky moments during the films which make her quite a character with fair fun moments.
    2. She seems to be quite alert at times like when she counterattacked Gru's freeze ray with a flamethrower. Her awareness, spy skills, and combat skills could actually be pretty useful in a situation that doesn't look good. Just look at her action scenes in the movie series and you get a wife who happens to kick some tail.
    3. She's good at keeping cool in dangerous situations like being strapped into a rocket in the second film. (though she was also freaking out on the inside).
    4. According to screenwriter Cinco Paul, it actually states that Lucy's parents died. In other words, you could consider her backstory calamitous. Even for Despicable Me standards.
    5. She admits that she misses Gru as soon as she was reassigned to work in Australia. In fact, she actually has a crush on him thus marrying him at the end of Despicable Me 2.
    6. She's a good mother of Gru's adopted girls. With that said, she embraces motherhood and learns about being a mother. This is really prominent in the 3rd film when she gets some screen time with the girls.
    7. You really should announce your weapons, after you fire them.
    8. When she defeated Shannon in the second film, she knew something was up with her ever since Gru hung out with her.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She's impatient in traffic as noticed in the second film.
    2. She does have some traits of jealousy like when she sees Shannon date Gru (though Shannon is rude and ignorant which is understandable).
    3. Can be a bit childish at times. But not to the point where she's unlikable.
    4. Despite her training in martial arts, Lucy was easily defeated on two separate occasions.
    5. She is somewhat of a hypocrite. As an agent of the AVL, she praises Gru for his past villainy, and she is even aware of what she is doing.


    • Lucy has been on one or two dates before Gru (though they aren't really successful, as she had to tranquilize both her dates.)
    • The moment where Lucy gave Gru her number if his mind changed followed the one where Gru told Ramsbottom he should phone people instead of attacking them and placing them in the trunk of a car.
    • Lucy may partially resemble Lois Griffin from the animated comedy series Family Guy, as her nose is triangular-shaped, which is the exact same shape as Lois's. Also, both Lucy and Lois have orange hair and wear turquoise shirts as well. She also shares similarities to Valerie and Fiona Frizzle from The Magic School Bus franchise, as shown through their red hair, intelligence and flamboyant personality. She also has a resemblance to Pearl from Steven Universe, both have pointed noses and their hair straight up (Pearl's hair color is a brighter orange, close to light peach).
    • When Gru is about to call Lucy Wilde and he flips over a business card and it has Lucy's cell phone number on it: 1-(626) 584-5723. The number is a working telephone number for Pasadena, California. If you call the number it will go to Lucy's message box and you will hear her answering machine message. This telephone number is no longer in operation.
    • It was Lucy who taught Gru to announce the name of a weapon after the fact, not before in order not to give his opponent the head up. She was especially proud after Gru zapped a mutated and deranged El Macho, then announced the weapon is (her) lipstick taser, saying, "Ahhh... He copied me"
    • The scene where Lucy's car turns into a submarine is a parody of the Lotus Espirit submarine car from the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.
    • "Lucy" is actually the feminine equivalent of "Lucius", which means "light" in Latin, referring to her cheerful and positive nature.



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