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    Lori Loud (seasons 1b-present)

    Lori L. Loud
    "I just got obsessed with this idea of the stuff I had to do before high school was over. But I realize now that those things aren't what matter, it's you guys. And doing stuff like this."
    Gender: Female
    Type: On and Off Tomboy
    Age: 17-18
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Catherine Taber (cartoon)
    Lexi DiBenedetto (live-action)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Loud House
    First appearance: Left in the Dark

    Lori Loud is the titular tritagonist in seasons 1-4 and one of the titular main characters in 5th-present season of the 2016-present Nickelodeon series The Loud House, a recurring character in The Casagrandes, and a reccuring character in The Really Loud House. She is Lincoln's cute and tomboyish 17-year-old (later 18-year-old as of season 5) sister, one of the eleven children in the Loud family, and is the oldest of them, being a cute 17-year-old as a teenage (later 18 years old as adult in the fifth season) tomboy. She gets annoyed easily, and mostly uses the phone that she has, mostly using it to chat or talk to her boyfriend, Bobby Santiago. She is the former oldest sibling in the house, before the fifth season which she eventually moved out to college at Fairway University and visiting home once in a while.

    Why She's Literally Cute Now

    1. She's literally one of Nickelodeon's cutest tomboys.
    2. Although she likes some girly stuff (such as makeup, pedicure and romance), she literally loves more boyish hobbies, such as boys' clothing, rock music and boyish sports.
      • Like Lincoln, Lana and Ronnie Anne, she really loves video gaming, because she's one of the video gaming experts. In addition to video games, she also loves video arcades.
      • Due to being a very cute and tomboyish teenage dudette, she also really loves hanging out with boys.
        • She also hangs out with Bobby's cutest and toughest little sister, Ronnie Anne Santiago.
    3. Despite having boyish sports, she would do badminton and golf.
    4. She loves her siblings and friends despite she sometimes can be mean and bossy to them.
    5. Catherine Taber does a really nice job voicing her, while Lexi DiBenedetto described below doesn't in A Loud House Christmas, but she thankfully improved her acting in The Really Loud House.
    6. Her relationship with her parents is so cute, since she was a baby.
    7. She literally cares for her other sister, Leni, which is heartwarming.
    8. She literally loves her younger brother, Lincoln for caring about each other.
    9. Her relationship with Lincoln is so adorable, so she and Lincoln can hang out, play video games and in the mud, jam to rock music, and have fun. On top of that, when she was very younger, she played with him, since he was born.
    10. Her relationship with her baby sister is extremely cute, so she can play with Lily.
    11. She has a very cute tomboy-esque design.
    12. She mentions that she'll move out from Royal Woods to attend Fairway University in the episode "Driving Ambition", which she will be close to Bobby again.

    Literally Bad Qualities

    1. Like Lincoln, she literally loves being gassy, especially when she was officially being interested in farting. However, Lori and Lincoln are having so much fun belching and farting.
      • She has been farting in "Making the Case", and then accidentally farts in "Garage Banned" and "Tripped!" because she is frequently fussy and hates gross stuff.
    2. She mostly has clumsy/accident-prone moments in the series, but in these seasons, she is a true butt-monkey.
    3. It was very harsh of her to threaten to smash Lincoln with a cabinet in the episode "Save the Date". That wasn't necessary of her, but she was just very upset at the time (due to Bobby breaking up with her).
    4. She sometimes acts like a child sometimes despite being the oldest child and can be bossy to her siblings.
    5. She is an occasional annoying jerk through the first season to second season onward until at the near end in "Change of Heart", which she's now a better sister to her siblings (including Lincoln).
    6. Similar to Poof being gone in 48 episodes from The Fairly OddParents in its ninth and tenth seasons, while it is nice to see her moving out to attend college as of season 5, however, she is retired from being the oldest sibling in the house, has been appearing less frequently even up to the point where the other sisters, and most of the secondary characters have been appearing more frequently than her and having more major roles than her.
    7. A woman named Lexi DiBenedetto did almost kind of did not have a good time playing Lori in the live-action Christmas movie, but as mentioned above in WS'sLC#5, she did thankfully improve her acting in The Really Loud House.
    8. She was unfortunately reduced into a background character in season 5. It's like the show's new showrunner Michael Rubiner, producers and writers wanted her as Lori doesn't even exist!, which is one of the most worst choices in The Loud House ever.
    9. She wasn't such a good character in the beginning of the series in the first season’s first half.
      • And considering that she wasn’t a good character during season 1a, this makes her during early season 1 makes her the dreaded Naggedy Ann, but at least she redeemed herself in the latter half thereof.


    • Her name is a variant of the Latin name "Laura" and is the abbreviation of "Lorraine".
      • Her name also means "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree".
    • She was named after one of Chris Savino's five sisters.
    • She usually wears shorts instead of a dress, due to being a tomboy, but she loves fashion and other stereotypical teenage girl things.
    • She is portrayed by Catherine Taber who also voices Girl Jordan, as well as Padme in Clone Wars and Female Jesse in Minecraft Story Mode.
    • As of season 5, she now moves out from Royal Woods to attend Fairway University and is a freshman there which she and Bobby were close again. Because of that, she is no longer the oldest sibling in the house cause her former roommate Leni is now. Because of that, she has been appearing less frequently up until the point where the other characters have been appearing more than her and have had more major roles than her. She has only been making 15 appearances in that season where its 5 major roles and 7 minor roles for her. There are now also episodes in 5th-present season where the entire Loud family appears without her.


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