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    Lola Bunny
    "Don't ever call me doll."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Sassy and Expressive Rabbit
    Age: Unknown (possibly 23)
    Species: Anthropomorphic Rabbit
    Portrayed by: Kath Soucie (1996-present)
    Britt McKillip (2003-05-)
    Kristen Wiig (2011–14)
    Rachel Ramras (2015)
    Carla Delaney (2016)
    Zendaya (2021)
    Chandni Parekh (Bugs Bunny Builders; 2022–present)
    Kari Wahlgren (T2023–present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Looney Tunes

    Lola Bunny is one of the main characters of the Looney Tunes franchise. She debuted in the famous live action/animated film Space Jam to be as a one-time character, but she became so famous that she was brought back for reboots such as The Looney Tunes Show. She's a rebellious female rabbit that is a good basketball player and becomes Bugs Bunny's girlfriend.

    Why She's a Great Tune Squad Member

    1. She is the first female character in Looney Tunes media, to be depicted as strong and independent.
    2. She is shown with tan fur, blonde bangs, and wears a cropped white tank top, purple/blue shorts and a matching rubber band on both ears like a ponytail. She has light blue eyes and a curvy figure.
    3. Lola's personality and appearance is a combination of the tomboy and femme fatale archetypes, along with the confident professional women often featured in the films of Howard Hawks.
    4. Even though she was designed to be Bugs' girlfriend, she still has personality to be her own character.
    5. In Space Jam, Lola is both a confident Action Girl whose basketball skills impress Michael Jordan and a seductive, scantily-clad Ms. Fanservice who is lusted after by several of the male toons, especially Bugs, who quickly makes her his love interest.
    6. Throughout the film, there is a sub-plot of Bugs attempting to win her affection. Lola reciprocates Bugs' feelings when she is nearly injured by one of the opponents in the basketball game, and Bugs saves her life.
    7. She is a tough talking, no-nonsense woman, as displayed by her reactions to being called "doll," which she finds to be derogatory and highly offensive.
    8. She made appearances in other films and shows, such as Baby Looney Toons, Tweety's High-Flying Adventure, New Looney Tunes and Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run.
    9. She also appears in The Looney Tunes Show, where her personality differs greatly as the opposite in this show, being shown as somewhat less intelligent, more clueless to her surroundings and situations, talks abnormally fast, and tends to obsess over Bugs
    10. Kath Soucie and Kristen Wiig did very amazing jobs voicing her.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She was a bit creepy and annoying in the first season of The Looney Tunes Show. Luckily, she was made more likeable in the second season.
    2. There were a few things about her that many disagreed with:
      • She was slightly flanderized in Space Jam: A New Legacy.
      • She was also redesigned where it garnered controversy from fans of her character, mostly about how it was completely unnecessary.
      • Her relationship with Bugs is now portrayed as platonic rather than romantic.


    • Lola is the only Looney Tunes to be introduced in the game 90s unless one counts the Tiny Toons.


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