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    Little Audrey (Harvey Girls Forever!)

    Little Audrey (Harvey Girls Forever!)
    "PURPLE DRAGON YO-YO BALL! No-one else would say that."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Cartoon Girl
    Age: 10-11
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Stephanie Lemelin
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Harvey Street Kids

    Audrey is the main protagonist, and the official leader of the Harvey Girls from the DreamWorks Animation television series Harvey Street Kids. She is based on her official counterpart, Little Audrey.

    Why She's So Cute and Tomboyish

    1. She stands out as the most adorable of the Harvey Girls in the series.
    2. She is cute, childish, energetic and takes leadership very well.
    3. She really likes 1980s culture.
      • She loves rock music from the 1980s, and has her electric guitar.
    4. To increase her cuteness, the missing tooth in her grin fits well with her tomboyish personality.
    5. She has a nice color palette, which includes cyan, light pink and neon yellow, making her design more of an eyecatcher.
    6. When she was watching a movie on an old VHS tape, she made a gaze similar to Madison from Splash.
    7. She adorably sleeps and cuddles, with several plush toys, especially her cute stuffed gorilla, which she calls Captain Rampage.
    8. She loves boyish stuff (such as getting dirty, video games, sports and skateboarding), but unlike her official counterpart, she rather loves girly stuff (especially Horicorns).
    9. To fit her tomboyishness and childishness, she wears her cute 1980s outfit, including a long-sleeved pink shirt with a lightning bolt, jeans, and a pair of hi-tops.
    10. Her official counterpart is the Ms. Fanservice of Harvey's animation library. However, she has her cuteness of her official counterpart.
    11. She loves hanging out with her friends, Lotta, Dot, Lucretia, Tiny and the Bloogey Boys (especially her boyfriend, Melvin).
      • Sometimes, she hates the Bloogey Boys' goofy antics.
    12. She really hates her bratty sister, Zoe.
    13. She has her official Twitter account.
    14. She fell in love with Melvin.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Despite being a tomboyish little cutie, she does have her explosive temper, rather she's beating Melvin up.
      • She became extremely angry, when Melvin calling her "butt sandwich", or messing up her Hornicorn toys.


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