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    Lili Zanatto


    "I'm gonna kill you so much."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Snarky, but Sweet, Goth
    Age: 10
    Species: Psychic Human
    Portrayed by: Nicki Rapp
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Psychonauts
    Rhombus of Ruin
    Psychonauts 2

    Lili Zanotto is the deuteragonist of the Psychonauts series. She is Raz's main love interest. She is the daughter of the Grand Head of the Psychonauts, Truman Zanotto, and a Junior Psychonaut.

    Why Raz Should Just Shut Up and Kiss Her!

    1. Lili is presented as a stoic, snarky young girl with a hidden soft exterior. Whilst she's bored with her surroundings due to having past all of the tests the Psychonauts have to offer, she's still always up for a new experience.
    2. However, her meeting with Raz softens her up considerably. Having her become a harsh, stoic girl to a sweet, yet robust girlfriend.
      • Speaking of her and Raz's relationship, their relationship can be considered to be one of the sweetest relationships in the game and the proper way to write a tsundere.
        • In the first game, their relationship starts off slow, as Lili is indifferent to Raz, and Raz views her as nothing more than an acquaintance. However, Raz's plucky attributes and kind heart causes Lili to begin developing romantic attraction towards him. When Lili is kidnapped, she remains strong and never doubts Raz's abilities, knowing that he will rescue her, displaying how faithful and loyal she is.
        • And her kiss with Raz at the end of the first game is very touching and adorable.
    3. Despite her apprehensive and occasionally violent tendencies, she is a very kind girl. Best displayed when she comforts Dogen, reassuring him that he won't die and her relationship with her father, Truman, as she displays great concern for him when he's ill and does everything in her power to help him.
    4. Her design is very cute in a Tim Burton-esque manner. As she has a cute mixture of gothic and girly fashion. Girly with her ponytails and skirts and dresses, while leaning towards the gothic side with the dark coloration.
    5. She defies the stereotype of people with nature-based powers being kind, but weak by being a headstrong, assertive girl that is also a goth and simultaneously using her pyrokinesis as well.
    6. She is hard to break, as she remains assertive while Loboto is holding her captive and even goes as far as threatening him.
    7. She has funny lines at times, her most notable being "Just shut up and kiss me!" in relation to her infatuation over Raz.

    Bad Qualities

    1. As emphasized multiple times, she is very aggressive and can become violent at times, even to Raz.
    2. She's been captured multiple times.
    3. She hardly got any development in the later games.
    4. She starts off as a very apathetic individual, such as preferring to garden than attend class.


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