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    Liam Hunnicutt
    "I look like my mee-maw!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lovable Farm Boy
    Age: 11-12
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Lara Jill Miller
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Loud House
    First appearance: Overnight Success

    Liam Hunnicutt is a supporting character in The Loud House and The Really Loud House. He is one of Lincoln's classmates and close friends.


    Liam is hard-working and dutiful at his family farm. He speaks with countryside accent and during "Back Out There" where he mentions doing stereotypical agricultural activities such as milking cows and that donkey poo was hard to get out. He gets along with his farm animals.

    He also doesn't seem to be able to understand certain metaphorical phrases, such as Rodney complimenting them on their appearance and telling them they'd need to fight the ladies off with a stick, causing him to sadly remark that he had forgotten his stick.

    He likes mud wrestling, basketball, chess and rock music.

    Why He Rocks

    1. For starters, out of all the kids in Lincoln's friend group, he is the most nicest.
    2. Speaking of which, he has a very well-written relationship with his friends and loves to help them out whenever they're in a jiff.
    3. He is very dedicated to his family's farm and will help out his mee-maw whenever she needs it.
    4. He is very kind to animals and knows how to treat their injuries because he has experience on the farm.
    5. Not only is he shown to be great at farming, but he is also great at other hobbies like basketball, chess and rock music.
      • In the episode "Cow Pie Kid", he is shown to have a great throwing arm, which impresses Lynn.
    6. He is shown to be incredibly strong.
    7. Whenever his friends wrong him, he will forgive them no matter what.
      • In the episode "Pasture Bedtime" he forgave his friends after they went to Girl Jordan's birthday party behind his back. He even gave them a little scare as a warning to never cross him again.
      • In the episode "Farm to Unstable", he forgave his friends after they made it up to him by getting his customers back by telling them the truth for taking a shortcut after they realized farm work is hard.
    8. He even made appearances in The Really Loud House.
    9. Lara Jill Miller does a great job voicing him.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Episodes like "Making the Grade", "Stall Monitor", "Wheel and Deal" and "Grub Snub" is where he is shown to be unlikable.
    2. He never made an appearance in A Loud House Christmas.


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