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    The Koopalings
    "We just LOVE being mean!" (From left to right: Roy, Larry, Iggy, Ludwig, Lemmy, Wendy and Morton)
    Gender: Female (Wendy)
    Male (everyone else)
    Type: Bumbling, Insane, Snarky yet Loyal, Crafty, Funny and Lovable Teenage Followers
    Age: Between 14 and 16 years old
    Species: Turtle-like-Koopas
    Portrayed by: Lani Minella (Larry, Lemmy, Wendy and Morton);
    Mike Vaughn (Iggy and Ludwig);
    Dan Falcone (Roy);
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Super Mario
    First appearance: Super Mario bros. 3 (1988)
    Last appearance: Super Mario Maker Update 3.0 (2020)

    Larry Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Wendy Olivia Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Roy Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr. and Ludwig Von Koopa, collectively known as The Koopalings, are seven minor characters introduced in "Super Mario Bros 3" and "Super Mario World".

    Originally, as the term "Koopalings" implies (which stands for "Koopa", Bowser's surname, with the suffix "-ling" added at the end), they were introduced as Bowser's seven children and tinier replicas of Bowser's redesigns with some minor changes, as well as mini-bosses. Despite being infamously put aside for almost a decade, finally appearing in "Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga", and then forgotten for another 6 years long hiatus, they came back as main bosses in the majority of the New Super Mario bros. installments. Since then, they would become one of the main staples of the Mario franchise, and eventually take part of other mainline Mario platform games and several spinoffs, as well as fan favorites, spawning some web series starring them as protagonists.

    Why They Should Love Being Mean

    1. Let's start with the obvious. They are seven of the most influential characters in the whole Mario series (as well as some of the longest-living ones), as they've been Bowser's first minions, as well as Boom Boom, who could put up a fight against Mario aside from Bowser. While the first encounters from Super Mario Bros. 3 were basic, but still fun and engaging, newer games take their concept to the next level, adding more obstacles while retaining most of their iconic traits seen in the said encounters.
    2. Back in the day their designs weren't that detailed due to hardware limitation. Some used to either differ largely compared to their artwork (think of Iggy) or looking featureless (Morton for instance), but their design grew more polished, distinguishable iconic and eye-catching due to how colorful, bizarre but at the same time fashionable they are compared to other well-known characters. Unlike the generic Koopa Kids from Mario Party, who were relegate as minor assistants and neverb brought back again, their looks make up for their similarities.
    3. Despite not being too relevant in the series, most of their quirks have been cemented through their sporadic, short but worthwhile appearances. In most of their fights, they show how different their fighting style, moveset, weaponry and battle gimmicks, can vary from one another, despite the fact that they all share the same attributes, such as being able to endure three stomps or spinning around in their shell in their backup phase. The only exception might be Larry, who is as basic as possible in order to lay a foundation for the others.
    4. Their simplicity comes off as endearing, as they are one of the best examples of the "Show don't tell" excuse done right, as instead of rolling their eyes and calling them generic and bland, people feel intrigued about this set of extras, leaving a wide room to character interpretation.
    5. They're masterfully voiced by Lani Minella and Mike Vaughn. It's clear how both of them enjoyed doing them, with the little Koopas' defeat screams being the most amusing and hilarious voice samples.
      1. Though to a lesser extent, Michelle Hippe, Carlee McNanus, Ashley Fannegan, Ryan Higgins, Dan Falcone, David Cooke and David J. Goldfarb also managed to make them stand out even more.
    6. With the possible exception of Ludwig, the eldest of the bunch, they tend to act impulsively and are characterized by your typical teenage nonchalance, but it's often clear how strong-willed and determined all of them can be while serving their lord Bowser. This is especially apparent in "Bowser Jr.'s Journey", in which they take care of a formerly bratty and condescending Bowser Jr. who, at the end of the story, understands how much they cared for him.
    7. For the most part, they seem to have a functional relationship with one another, as they're often seen collaborating in the RPGs, especially in "Paper Jam", in which they're fought in groups.


    1. His näivety is one of his most charming traits, as it provides a couple of funny moments such as him being either clumsy, impatient or very easy to set off.
    2. He is a decent starter boss. There is a reason if he's usually the easiest one to beat, which is helping newer players to get familiar with the game, and when he is not the weakest, he can actually be quite challenging, like in "World", in which he is fought near the end of the game.
    3. He is very sporty, as in "Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga" he is seen having interests in playing tennis, which is very fitting for him, being one of the most energetic and fastest Koopalings out there.
    4. He can actually be quite brave, as in "Bowser Jr.'s Journey", alongside Lemmy, he wanted to help giant Bowser by getting rid of Yeikki's tower, although it was far bigger than they were.


    1. His kind and childlike demeanor prevents him from having any bad bone in his body, unlike the rest of the family who have their questionable moments here and there. In short, he is just an hyperactive kid who wants to get along with people and enjoy life.
      1. So far he is also the only one who didn't come off as outright unlikable in any occasion. His high-pitched voice and tendency to move around quickly are more often charming than annoying, as it adds more to his wacky and childlike personality.
    2. His overall design is nothing but cute due to him being very tiny and having a rainbow-colored mohawk.
    3. Despite being selfless and kind towards anyone, he is one of the sharpest and, by far, the snarkiest member of the family, always having the upperhand when it comes to calling out the others' transgressions with hilarious irony and pop-cultural references. He is also pretty conniving when he wants to pull pranks at the Mario Bros., like spinning around very fast and creating interchangeable clones of himself, or when all of the sudden he chased them with a giant bouncing ball.
    4. Speaking of bouncing balls, that's his main gimmick. And it never gets old, especially in "Super Mario Maker 2", in which you can create tons of creative and wacky contraptions and scenarios with those. He is by far one of the most enjoyable Koopalings to fight and an example of how even a boss with limited movesets can be good.
    5. Character development: While he tends to get emotional when he loses (like bursting into tears) just like the others, in "Paper Mario Color Splash" he learned how to accept defeats, as he complimented Mario for being better than him and creating a more thrilling spectacle than he can do.


    1. Being the solo girl in the bunch, she expresses her femininity very well and probably better than other Mario princesses can do: even with the jewelry, her movements are graceful and satisfying.
    2. Don't underestimate her. She can be one of the toughest bosses thanks to her rings which ricochet off walls and her power to raise water.
    3. She does eventually show a surreptitious tomboy-ish side, but only when provoked. One example is Roy picking on her.
    4. Character development: In "Bowser Jr. 's Journey", she grows much more selfless and protective towards Junior and Larry.


    1. While he started out as Lemmy's twin brother, he eventually became very distinct from him, despite both of them sharing a lean physique compared to the others, an eccentric personality and a wacky design to match. He is less agile, ruder and cockier but taller, more intelligent and more determined than him.
    2. He may be jerkish and impolite, but at times he does show these traits in a humorous way, like when he spanks his bottom when the Marios approach.
    3. Since he doesn't excel in physical strength, he is the brainiest when it comes to mechanics and physics. Examples of this are when he set a contraption for Chain Chomps, building a Koopa Clown car or when he challenged the law of gravity by standing on the ceiling.


    1. While seemingly the most morally dubious, being the resident arrogant and ignorant slacker, he has actually a scale of values, such as not abandoning the battlefield once the fight gets sharper, like when Bowser Jr. confronted him in "Bowser Jr.'s Journey" in a duel.
    2. He knows how to be intimidating, as he comes up with many strategies such as relentlessly chasing Mario, catch him off-gard or making the arena shrink in order to put pressure on him.
    3. He also works as a reminder when Morton gets carried away with his speeches in the Mario cartoons.


    1. He bares some similarities with Roy, such as being stout, strong and hard to embarrass, however he manages to stand out with his calmer but helpful nature and his occasionally hilarious stupidity.
    2. Despite not being the brightest bulb in the box, he is almost as tough, if not tougher strengthwise, as Roy, being able to cause massive groundpounds and earthquakes and being able to lift and draw a giant hammer with ease.
    3. He hasn't always been that dumb, as he has some moments of clarity, like when In "Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam" he reminded Lemmy and Iggy what Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario did to the rest of the Koopalings who encountered them before.
    4. In the Super Mario cartoons he seems to have a funny gigionesque attitude with his very fluent way of talking and his wide range of magniloquent terms, although, as said before, he gets carried away with his speeches.


    1. His character evolution is by far the most interesting. Started out as a big and tough guy like Morton, but he lost a lot of strength, culminating in handling and possessing elements like fire, wind and magic which all combined make one of the best duels in the whole franchise.
    2. Like Lemmy, he seems to be the most reasonable and, although not as much as him, his remarks do reprimand the others reckless behavior.
    3. He shows some weaknesses which don't make him look like a Gary Stu, like being short-tempered or having an inflated ego.
    4. You can't find awesome, cute and in the meantime humorous his flutter jump.
    5. While he doesn't appear in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the name "Ludwig Von Koopa" is mentioned on a piano as a reference to his namesake Ludwig Van Beethoven.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Apparently, Nintendo doesn't actually know how to use them with parsimony. They either disappear for a long period of time or they make continuous appearances in the Mario series back-to-back.
    2. Some of their boss battles can be stale and repetitive at times, as they all need to be jumped on three times in order to be defeated, something that, once figured out, is no real challenge. This led to several fans being sick and tired of them over them, multiple fans complaining over them and wanting them to be removed, which led to Bowser Jr. being the only boss in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, ironically enough, wanted fans to have them back in the Mario games.
    3. Their radical shift from being Bowser's (presumably adopted) offspring to acting as seven higher-ranked underlings serving Bowser himself and his only child is quite jarring, as it destroyed the entire purpose of their character: being committed to their father and not letting him down. Fortunately they have a big portion of the fanbase who still like to believe they're Bowser's children, including FreezeFlame22, the creator of the "The Koopa Kids" and "Bowser's Children/Koopalings" series.
    4. While it's awesome to have them in Mario Kart 8, they take up seven character slots.


    The Whole Koopalings


    Larry Koopa


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