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    Krystal (Star Fox Adventures & Star Fox: Assault)

    Krystal (Star Fox Adventures & Star Fox: Assault)
    "A stealth squadron! Look out, Fox!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Telepathic Pilot
    Age: 19 (Adventures)
    20 (Assault)
    Species: Fox
    Portrayed by: Estelle Ellis (Star Fox Adventures)
    Alésia Glidewell (Star Fox: Assault)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Star Fox Series

    "But... So many casualties... Peppy... Wolf's team... So many noble sacrifices."


    Krystal is an anthropomorphic vixen who had escaped her home planet of Cerinia when it was destroyed by Andross, losing both of her parents, and begins to live on Sauria. She later investigates a distress call and was eventually imprisoned and had to be rescued by Fox McCloud, who would become her love interest, though Panther Caroso also takes a liking to her as well. She becomes the fourth pilot in the Star Fox Team due to Peppy's retirement. She puts her telepathic abilities to good use.


    Early Life

    Krystal was originally native to the planet Cerinia, a planet outside of the Lylat System. Krystal became proficient in using a powerful Staff weapon with magical properties, as well as her own natural abilities of telepathic reading and perception. Though the events are unclear, the entire planet of Cerinia was reported to have been completely destroyed in an unknown disaster, in which Krystal's parents were killed and she was left as the only known survivor. Krystal, seeking answers concerning her parent's deaths and their home planet's destruction, she journeyed to the edge of Lylat System, where she came to Dinosaur Planet (later known as "Sauria") after receiving a distress call during her search.


    Upon arriving at Dinosaur Planet, Krystal encountered and befriended one of the noble CloudRunners and immediately learned of the troubles of the planet's natives, and their continued peril at the hands of the tyrannical dictator General Scales and his brutish SharpClaw army. When flying through stormy skies in search of the distress signal, they were attacked by the SharpClaw Galleon, causing Krystal's grip on her Staff to slip and losing it. A heated exchange of fireballs then ensued between the galleon and the Cloudrunner, allowing Krystal to board the vessel. After some exploration, General Scales emerged from his damaged ship's cabin and jumped onto deck to meet Krystal face to face. They quickly came to blows over their contrasting views on the morality behind Scales' ambitions of conquest, leading to Scales tossing Krystal over the side for a good laugh, but thanks to her returning CloudRunner friend, Krystal was able to escape, leaving the tyrant far behind to continue her search for the distress signal.

    Her flight travel lead her to the outside of the sacred Krazoa Palace, where her CloudRunner left her to find the source of the distress signal. Venturing deep inside the Palace interior, she found it was a sick and dying EarthWalker soldier to be the one who sent out the distress call. He told her what happened; all six Krazoa Spirits had fled from their sanctuary, the Krazoa Palace and became scattered all over the planet. The EarthWalker warned Krystal that the Krazoa outside of their Shrines were in danger of dying, so in an effort to turn the tide of the war and undo the damage Scales wrought, Krystal agreed to help the dinosaurs return the six Krazoa Spirits to the Krazoa Palace and save Dinosaur Planet from destruction.

    Unfortunately, Krystal only fared as far as retrieving the first Krazoa Spirit from the bowels of the temple. Upon releasing the spirit into the temple's interior, she was attacked by a then unknown assailant (who she recognized), imprisoning her in a crystalline cell at the top of the palace. Krystal's life-force began to be drained by the crystal, leaving her in mortal danger. Fortunately for Krystal, the troubles around the Dinosaur Planet attracted the attentions of the Cornerian Federation, who hired the Star Fox Team to recon the events on the planet and prevent any explosions, as the entire Lylat System would be damaged. Fox McCloud was first contacted by Krystal when he found her Staff in ThornTail Hollow, giving him telepathic instructions on how to effectively use the Staff. Under her guidance, Fox quickly learned he can use it to help him complete his mission: Save Dinosaur Planet from imminent destruction.

    Later on, when walking through Moon Mountain Pass, Fox heard the echoes of Krystal's telepathic cries for help. Then a Krazoa statue appeared in front of Fox to tell him he can rescue Krystal by returning the rest of the Krazoa Spirits. Though Fox was initially reluctant to do this, when taking his first Spirit back to Krazoa Palace, Fox quickly became determined to save Krystal, once he saw her in person, still trapped inside the crystal. After successfully returning the Krazoa Spirits to the palace, Krystal was apparently brainwashed by the Krazoa Statue to send the six Krazoa Spirits into the statue, creating a "mighty Krazoa God". No longer needing Krystal, the crystal prison was shattered and she was left to fall from her hanging cell. Fortunately, Fox caught her before she could fall to her death, but before things could get chivalrous, Krystal took her staff back, and began shooting at the "mighty Krazoa God". Fox, disappointed, gave chase to the "god" using his Arwing. Finally, the Krazoa God revealed himself to actually be Andross, Fox's arch-enemy. With aid from Falco Lombardi, Andross was defeated once again by Fox, and Dinosaur Planet was healed by the combined might of the six rescued Krazoa Spirits, putting the world back together again.

    In the aftermath that followed, Krystal sought to apologize to him for her actions and thank him for all of his help. Krystal initially sent this as a message, but then docked in the Great Fox to thank Fox and his re-assembled team in person. Fox responded in a rather shy manner, and was met with teasing from a couple of his fellow crew members. ROB 64 noticed and reported Fox's rising temperature for everyone to hear. Fox replied that he'll be just fine, as he and Krystal shared a smile to each other.


    Within the yearly gap between events, Krystal earned a placement on the Star Fox Team as the team's telepath and also the fourth pilot because of Peppy's retirement form active flight duty. When Andrew Oikonny started a rebellion against the Cornerian Military, the conflict lead to a battle above the orbit of Fortuna, leading to General Pepper hiring the Star Fox Team to backup the Cornerian Fleet. At the briefing, Krystal regarded the Ape soldiers under Oikonny's command as dedicated to the conflict even through they were mere hired guns.

    Why She's a Part of Our World

    1. Krystal's design is extremely beautiful and attractive. The fact that she has blue fur makes her very unique from the canine species.
    2. She is a very likable character, kind-hearted, courageous, and thoughtful of her friends and cared deeply for the dinosaurs and went all out to help them, even though she ended up getting trapped and Fox had to finish the job of releasing Krazoa Spirits. In Assault, if you save her from her pursuers, she will sometimes give you a power-up. She even gives a speech about the noble sacrifices of Peppy Hare, ROB 64, and Star Wolf.
    3. While she barely had any action in her debut game, Star Fox: Adventures, Krystal's expanded role in Star Fox: Assault makes up for it, and her role as the main telepath is very helpful, since she can predict enemy attacks ahead of time, read thought patterns of any foes and (similar to Peppy) she points out weaknesses and give advice at times and is capable of fighting back when she is in trouble. Where would the team be without her?
    4. Both of her voice actors did fantastic jobs voicing Krystal.
    5. Unlike Slippy, Krystal is attacked much less often than the rest of the team.
    6. Her relationship with Fox is adorable and they share good chemistry with each other; she may flirt with him at times, but she keeps it professional if it means getting the missions done.
    7. When Sauria is attacked by the Aparoids, she is right to be angry about it, due to the fact that she has many dinosaur friends and she had taken shelter there after fleeing her home world and takes immediate action to fend them off.
    8. She was always quick to help her friends when needed all because she looks out for them and wants them to have a future.
    9. Her interactions with Fox are cute and, in some cases, hilarious, especially the honeymoon scene in Assault.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She suffered heavy flanderization and character derailment in Star Fox: Command, which not only made her unlikable, but also unrecognizable as a character.
    2. Krystal only had a small role in the introduction and was reduced to a damsel in distress. This isn't helped with the fact that she had a larger central role in the cancelled N64 game Dinosaur Planet; before it was reworked into Star Fox Adventures.


    • Her voice actress in Assault, Alésia Glidewell, also voices Samus Aran in the Super Smash Bros. series.
    • In the Dinosaur Planet prototype, Eveline Fischer would be the original voice of Krystal, before being replaced by Estelle Ellis in Star Fox Adventures.


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