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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

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    Reason: Mature topics.

    Death can have me when it earns me.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Cursed demigod/god
    Age: 20s to 30s (Greek Era)
    50s (Norse Era)
    Species: God
    Demigod (Formerly)
    Portrayed by: Terrence C. Carson (Greek)
    Christopher Judge (Norse)
    Status: Immortal
    Media of origin: God of War

    "Don't be sorry. Be better."


    "My vengeance... ...ENDS NOW."

    Kratos' famous quote.

    Kratos or The Ghost of Sparta, is the protagonist of the video game franchise God of War. He is a demigod (turned God) son of Zeus and was originally a general in the Spartan army and eventual god of war, who was well known for being cursed after accidentally murdering his wife and child whom he wears the ashes of.

    Why He Is the God of War

    1. Despite what he did to his wife and daughter, Kratos has shown countless times that he loved them dearly.
    2. Even though he failed to save his brother, he gave him a proper burial with his mother.
    3. Despite his brutality, he isn't completely heartless as he tried to save Pandora from sacrificing herself and only killed Hephaestus out of self-defense because he attacked him first.
    4. He had a good reason to go after Zeus, since he tried to kill Kratos all because he feared that Kratos would betray him and the fact that the gods took his brother from him.
    5. Terrence C. Carson (Greek Kratos) and Christopher Judge (Norse Kratos) both did great jobs with their performances of Kratos.
    6. After the events of God of War III, he learned from his mistakes and tried to become a better person and teach his son Atreus not to become like he once was.
    7. He has been shown to be a great father and teacher to Atreus, teaching him many lessons and shaping him into a noble warrior.
    8. Even though he can be cold towards Atreus, you can clearly see he tries his best to be a good father to his son.
    9. He also mellows out significantly, being less aggressive towards strangers and even scolding Atreus for lashing out at Sindri, saying it was unkind.
    10. Kratos loses his bloodthirsty nature and only kills to defend himself and his son, like with Magni. When he encounters Modi after having been beaten bloody by Thor, he tells Atreus not to bother killing Modi since he's already beaten, then scolds Atreus for needlessly killing him. He also refuses to fight Freya as he considers her a friend for saving his son.
    11. He saved his daughter and the world from Persephone, but in turn was never able to be with his daughter ever again.
    12. His design is very unique.
    13. He has been shown to have some mercy since he tried to talk Hercules out of fighting. Although, that didn't last long.
    14. He showed mercy towards Baldur and tried to stop him from following the path of vengeance and anger like he once did, even after Baldur had attacked both of them and attempted to kidnap Atreus. Also, unlike Hercules, Baldur wasn't a member of his family.
    15. When Kratos returns home to retrieve his old weapons, Blades of Chaos and is haunted by Athena's spirit, she calls him a monster. However, he tells her he is no longer their monster. He regrets what he has done in the past, and it has made him despise his own strength and status as a god, but he also knows he cannot let it define him or stop him from protecting those important to him. Then he turns and walks through Athena’s mirage as if she is not there to face the present, because for once he knows his monstrous power will be used solely to keep those around him safe
    16. He has shown to be a great warrior.
    17. Kratos has plenty of badass quotes that make him a strong character:
      • You will not see the end of this day. I will have my revenge!
      • To catch a fly from the ass of Zeus is not worth my time, Hermes.
      • The cycle ends here. We must be better than this!
      • Justice!? Justice is not what we seek. It is vengeance. Every path I walk, leads back to vengeance.
      • Fate only binds you if you let it. Do what is necessary, not because it is written.
      • Return my son, or you may meet the God I once was.
      • I regret many things, killing you will not be one of them.
      • Loki will go. Atreus remains.
      • Zeus... Zeus!?

    Bad Qualities

    1. He has been shown to be a jerk at times like how he let the ship captain fall instead of saving him, he only wanted the key he had.
    2. His vengeance lead to the destruction of Olympus, since he killed so many Greek Gods.
    3. He (at times) lets his anger get the better of him like how he let go of Pandora to attack Zeus after he mocked him about his dead family. (granted Pandora wanted to be sacrificed to activate the box anyway)
    4. When he made a deal with Ares, he became very ruthless, killing lots of innocent people.


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