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    Kitty Katswell
    "My claws are registrated with lethal weapons!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Temperamental Secret Agent
    Species: Cat
    Portrayed by: Grey DeLisle
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: T.U.F.F. Puppy

    Kitty Katswell is the co-protagonist of T.U.F.F. Puppy. She is T.U.F.F.'s #1 agent. Kitty is also an expert in combat, weapons, and detective work. She is Dudley's partner, assigned to train him as a T.U.F.F. agent, but often finds herself and her skills foiled by Dudley's antics, she is a bit temperamental.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She is a skilled professional agent for T.U.F.F. (Turbo Undercover Fighting Force). In fact, she's got what it takes to save the day from criminal minds. She's even more serious with her work than Dudley, who normally goofs off.
    2. Grey DeLisle does an incredible job at voicing her. Kitty somewhat resembles DeLisle herself.
    3. She is very well animated and detailed like most of Butch Hartman's cartoon characters. Plus her design is is very cute and beautiful, being reminiscent of Agent 99 from Get Smart.
    4. Although not as strong as Dudley, who's got the genes of every dog breed, Kitty has proven to be the most agile agent.
    5. Despite being annoyed by Dudley's incompetence, Kitty still finds a way to make the best of working with him.
    6. Even though Kitty and Dudley don't always get along (being a cat and dog), they still prove to be loyal close friends.
    7. She's got several memorable quotes:
      • "Stop using me to hit people Dudley, or should i call you THE IDIOT!"
      • "Once upon a time, I hit a dog with a clock! THE END!"
      • "I'm nowhere and everywhere!"
      • "I'M TAN!"
    8. Just like Dudley, her action scenes whenever she fights villains are always awesome and satisfying to watch.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She can be temperamental sometimes. More specifically, she's easy to enrage.
    2. She has her moments of acting selfish or like a smart-aleck.
      • For instance, in "Watch Dog", she teased Dudley when she beat him to eating the last donut in the snack room.
      • In "Candy Cane-ine", she ate Dudley's last chocolate bar from his cubicle without asking him if she could have it.
    3. She is sometimes treated as a butt-monkey to Dudley Puppy when she receives too much physical pain because of Dudley's acts of mindless clumsiness.
    4. In spite of being usually a mature and skilled agent, there are some times where her feline instincts get the best of her.
      • For example, she chased after a mechanical mouse in "The Curse of Kind Mutt".
      • In "Guard Dog", she was stalling in the train's "cat car" with a lot of cat toys to play with, when she was supposed to help Dudley locate Snaptrap. This is unusual because usually it's Dudley who goofs off.



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