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    Kinger (The Amazing Digital Circus)

    "Huh, did someone say something about an insect collection?"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Funny King Chess Piece
    Age: 48
    Species: Human (Real World)

    King Chess Piece (Digital World)

    Portrayed by: Sean Chiplock
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Amazing Digital Circus

    Kinger is one of the main characters from the The Amazing Digital Circus

    Why He Is Royalty

    1. He is funny and likeable, just exactly like Jax, another character who comes from the same series as him.
    2. Much like Caine, he has a bunch of funny and memorable lines and quotes such as:
      • "Huh, did someone say something about an insect collection?"
      • "My Impenetrable fortress!"
      • "I think Kaufmo's gone insane. Last time I spoke with him he was rambling endlessly about some exit."
      • "Kind of like you, Pomni, you might be going insane too."
      • "Ah! Oh, Gangle, you startled me."
      • "I don't know what I'm looking at here."
      • "Oh, yeah, thank you for the recap."
      • "Boy, we're not very good at this, are we?"
      • ""JAX!""
      • "We found the Zooble hole."
      • "Well, it's good to know he hasn't completely lost his mind."
      • "Oh!"
      • "(gasps) An insect collection?"
      • "AH!-"
      • "Well, as a royal myself, I would kindly like to ask if, oh, look, there's Zooble."
      • "Hi, Zooble."
      • "Yes!"
      • "Gotcha!"
      • "Oh."
      • "Oh, Thank God you're okay. You didn't experience any game show hosts in there, did you?"
      • "You're right, how are we gonna get out of here?"
      • "Huh."
      • "Caine! Kaufmo went through some sort of Kaufmosis and abstracted!"
      • "Thank you."
      • "Well, not really, ‘cause we don't need to eat, drink or sleep in this digital world. So the digital food here only gives off the virtual sensation of eating without any of the nutritional benefits."
      • "Expert on the what?"
    3. His voice by Sean Chiplock is good.
    4. The amazing digital circus wouldn't be funny and amazing without him, similar to Pomni and Jax.
    5. Despite what Reason two in Bad Qualities say, his design is funny and cool (despite it being uncanny).
    6. He is one of the most well written Comic Reliefs ever, as stated above, as his funny and hilarious moments are pretty interesting to watch, he's almost like another character who came from the same series as him as well.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. In "POMNI WAKE UP TIME TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE", he can be seen briefly aggressively beating up someone (presumably Pomni), which can be seen as a mean-spirited side of him.


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