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    NOTE: This page is dedicated to the late Hans Conried (1917-1982), who modeled and originally auditioned this character, and to some extent, the late Taylor Holmes (1878-1959), who, despite his bland speaking performance in the final version, provided the singing voice for him.

    King Stefan
    "Seize that creature!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Loving Father
    Grumpy, yet Debonair Monarch with a Heart of Gold
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Hans Conried ("It Happens I Have a Picture", Deleted Song)
    Taylor Holmes (Sleeping Beauty)
    Corey Burton (Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sleeping Beauty

    King Stefan is the overarching protagonist of the Disney 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty. The ruler of an unnamed kingdom in France, he is Princess Aurora's father and Queen Leah's husband.

    Why He's a Decent and Loving Father

    1. He has a great character design and perfectly modeled after the late Hans Conried, who would have easily done a much better job in complimenting this character's personality. (See below)
      1. Indeed, his appearance and voice in a cut song is quite identical to Captain Hook from another Disney film Conried worked on, which is Peter Pan. It makes sense because his film movements and voice in a deleted song were taken from Hans Conried, who had previously voiced Captain Hook as well.
    2. He is a loving father of Aurora, as proven when he let her live with the fairies in order to make sure she's safe from Maleficent.
    3. Despite his limited screen time and lack of chemistry, he is a debonair husband of Queen Leah.
    4. Despite leading to nowhere in terms of story, his scene with King Hubert is entertaining, especially the song "Skumps", and deleted song "It Happens I Have a Picture".
    5. He and Hubert do make a good comic relief and as minor characters, even though their scene was supposed to be set in the beginning, like the demo song did, which would possibly have Aurora the opportunity to have extended screen time as a main character.
      • Speaking of which, their friendship is interesting, considering they are both loyal and slightly arrogant monarchs (though Stefan is the nicest of the duo for the most part).
    6. He is pretty considerate towards his family and others, as well as caring for them the best he can.
      • For the most part, he is more thoughtful and considerate than King Hubert as he told him to take time with their plans.
    7. Sure he does have his bad temper and may overreact at times, but it somehow does make valid points in his case.
      • Even though his initial opposition to have Aurora marry Phillip to their unite their kingdoms may come across as somewhat hypocritical, it does have some of its merits since he didn’t see his daughter, who was in the care of the Three Good Fairies as a result of Maleficent’s curse.
      • Speaking of which, Maleficent’s curse is what cause him to worry about Aurora and preferred it’s best to wait until their children get better acquainted.
    8. Hans Conried for the deleted demo song ("It Happens I Have a Picture") and Corey Burton for Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams both have amazing performances as this loving father by making him dignified, fatherly, and debonair.
      1. While not a great casting choice as Walt's reckless decision likely resulted in some consequences we are feeling today, Taylor Holmes did a better and more tolerable job as the singing voice for Stefan than he did as the speaking voice.
      2. Aside the singing parts, the only few times Taylor Holmes' performance sounded good was when he angrily said "Seize that creature!", laughing with King Hubert after quarreling over their proposals, and when seeing Aurora for the first time in 16 years.
    9. His black robe really fits well with his caring and grumpy traits.
    10. His reunification with Aurora is heartwarming, despite being rushed.
    11. He is also a likable character in Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams.
    12. He was able to recover from his flanderization in Maleficent when he appeared in Chibi Tiny Tales.

    Intentional Not-So Debonair Qualities That Will Control His Temper

    1. Unlike the other actors, although he was not terrible, Taylor Holmes' performance as King Stefan was incredibly bland, as he sounded a little unenthusiastic, somewhat depressed, and a bit too old for this role at times.
      • Also, it felt like a missed opportunity to have Hans Conried voice Stefan, as he should have been officially chosen for the character in order to make him sound more dignified and laid-back, just like with his performance in the deleted song and as both Mr. Darling and Captain Hook in Peter Pan.
    2. He tends to act like a stubborn, temperamental, and pompous equivalent to King Hubert.
      1. He offended Hubert over the thought of Aurora and Phillip being together as a shock, which upsets Hubert even further.
      2. His anger arises when he insulted Hubert by calling him an old windbag, which is flat out embarrassing to see and/or hear.
      3. He also went as far to declare war with Hubert over offending his daughter, which contradicts his original plan to have his daughter marry Phillip to unite their kingdoms and he should have acted better because of this.
    3. He can be somewhat hypocritical when he initially opposed the original idea of Aurora marrying Phillip soon, even if Stefan understood that he hadn't seen Aurora because of the threat of Maleficent, yet he originally supported the original idea.
    4. While he cares deeply for his family, staff and kingdom, he's sometimes prone to having anger issues or losing his temper that gets the better of him, as stated above.
    5. Even if he's trying to protect his family and kingdoms, he failed to explain his lack of invitation to Maleficent, aside from Merryweather stating to Maleficent that she wasn't wanted.
      • One could argue that Stefan (and Queen Leah) were unintentionally responsible for causing the film’s conflict by enraging Maleficent, as they did nothing to respond to their lack of invitation to her (as stated above).
    6. Overall, he can come across as a very inconsistent character at times when being written (from being a caring ruler to being a complete grump like Hubert or a worrisome type of fellow). Even with these inconsistencies, he is still a likable character.
    7. Unfortunately and sadly, he was terribly flanderized as the main antagonist in Maleficent, in which he’s depicted as a cruel and evil tyrant who abused his powers to kill Maleficent, and acted very negligent to Aurora and Queen Leah. Worst of all he was even more of a bad tempered, stubborn, and a grumpy jerk than he was in the original film and would be that way until it was undone in Chibi Tiny Tales.


    • Hans Conried was considered to voice King Stefan and even provided some additional voice lines until his own replacement by Taylor Holmes that soon gave rise to unanswered questions like the unnamed herald's voice. However, Conried remained the performance model for Stefan.
    • Not counting his horrendous live action counterpart, he is the first Disney Princess father to remain alive.
    • He is the first Disney King to not have gray or white hair/beard, not counting some book or comic adaptations.


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