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    King K. Rool
    "I've been waiting a long time for this moment. Soon, Donkey Kong and his pretty little island...will be no more."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Unpredictable Antagonist (games)
    Comedic Villain (TV Series)
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Anthropomorphic Crocodile
    Portrayed by: (English)
    Chris Sutherland (video games, 1999-2005)
    Benedict Campbell (TV series)
    Len Carlson (Pilot episode of the series)
    TBA (The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2/The rumored Donkey Kong movie)

    Toshihide Tsuchiya (video games, 2007-present)
    Jurota Kosugi (Japanese dubs for animated series)

    Éric Gaudry (Donkey Kong Country, Season 1)
    Daniel Beretta (Donkey Kong Country, Season 2)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Donkey Kong Country (1994)

    King K. Rool is the original main antagonist in the Donkey King Country franchise. He is the malevolent leader of a crocodile-like species known as the Kremlings. In his debut appearance, he would have his minions steal the Kongs' entire banana hoard.

    Why He's Kruel in a Good Way


    1. He was the original main antagonist in the Donkey Kong Country series before being replaced by Tiki Goons and Arctic Pirates in later installments.
    2. His right bloodshot eye fits with his arrogant, psychotic, and sometimes feral personality.
    3. He made his Super Mario debut in Mario Super Sluggers and helps Mario defeat Bowser in the game, which is a first for any villain.
    4. After a lost opportunity being a newcomer in past Smash games, he's officially a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    5. His utilized move set in Ultimate is faithful to his boss battles, for instance, his Neutral B being based on Kaptain K. Rool, his Side B being based on that of Donkey Kong Country, and his up special being based on Baron K. Roolsenstein.
    6. Throughout the series, he has countless personalities throughout the franchise that makes him unpredictable and his personality is often interpreted differently.
      • His Kaptain K. Rool persona is just hilarious, counteracting with his more royal attitude. The same with his Baron K. Roolsenstein and King Krusha K. Rool personas.
    7. His name is a clever pun on the word "cruel", which kind of describes his actions and his personality.
    8. The boss fights against him in the DKC series are fun, most notably his first fight in the original Donkey Kong Country.
    9. He used to have no voice lines beforehand, once he was given voices, they were often done amazingly. These include Chris Sutherland and Toshihide Tsuchiya for example, giving K. Rool a level of villainous charisma to his voice, and whoever will voice him in The Donkey Kong Movie will most likely do an amazing job voicing him.
    10. Despite being one of the goofiest villains in Nintendo history, he is pretty smart and very strong. This is quite fitting, as crocodiles in real life are highly intelligent animals, especially by reptile standards.
      • He's nuts, no question about that, but he's far from stupid. After every subsequent defeat, he takes great strides and greater care to avoid their attention and set up shop so that they can't intercept him until it's too late.
        • In Donkey Kong Country 2, he kidnapped DK and raised Crocodile Isle.
        • In Donkey Kong Country 3, he took his plans far away to the Northern Kremisphere and captured DK and Diddy just to be sure.
        • In Donkey Kong 64, he arranged things just so so that DK would go about trying to thwart his plans in the usual way, all the while the real plan was to just nuke the island off the face of the earth and keep him busy with the fabricated quest. Unfortunately, the Kongs are a family of badasses, and no matter how many he removes as a factor against his plans, there's always another or two somewhere in the woodwork. Other times, the Kongs happen upon just the right circumstances they need to overcome him by pure chance or luck, and there's just no accounting for that.
    11. Even while he is one of Nintendo's silliest villains, K. Rool shows quite a few traits of being a sociopath. Not only is he an insane and narcissistic tyrant who keeps his minions miserable (sometimes even resorting to murder and torture should they fail him), but his plans often involve kidnapping/torturing the Kongs, some of whom are even kids, and he tried to destroy their island out of pure hatred and spite.

    TV Series

    1. Just like Dr. Ivo Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, his comedically evil incarnation in the Donkey Kong Country TV series made him even more hilarious and entertaining as a persistent but extremely comedic and goofy main antagonist than ever before.
    2. Despite having tons of hammy and humorous moments, this characterization gives him plenty of personality compared to the first two games, where he's depicted as a generally ineffectual and fallible but nevertheless cunning, underhanded, malicious, sarcastic, and tyrannical villain who seeks to have the Crystal Coconut while General Klump and Krusha often screw things up.
      • In "Kong For a Day", even though K. Rool can be considered a little unlikable for being a Karma Houdini, he did manage to frame DK for various incidents, isolating him from everyone and ultimately resulting in him being banished. Although DK is brought back in time to foil K. Rool, in the end, DK's friends still think he did all of that, with nobody aware that this was all K. Rool's doing. Showing much of a threat K. Rool can be if he puts his mind to it.
      • He never recycles his plans, not even the ones that got him the Crystal Coconut.
    3. His hammy and comedic tendencies make him one of the highlights of the show, and you do feel sorry for him for what he generally has to put up with.
    4. It's always entertaining and hilarious to see K. Rool lashing his anger onto his reptilian henchmen for being complete idiots who can't do anything right.
      • Especially since K. Rool has to deal with stupidity from his minions, repeated failures, and repeated beatings from Donkey Kong. In one episode, he spends most of it watching Krusha and Klump try to troubleshoot their way into decoding a message they wrote and forgot the code to.
    5. Benedict Campbell and Len Carlson both did a great job voicing him in this light. Benedict Campbell also did a very nice job at replicating the voicework Len Carlson did that makes K. Rool much the hammiest and most expressive villain in the show.
    6. He also provided tons of enjoyable one-liners and dialogue, these include:
      • “Donkey Kong, Diddy uhm, it was good match, you won and I lost, good sportsmanship and all that (chuckles) I'm just an underprivileged reptile. It's been under my jeans with uh (screams)”
      • “But what if we cast a spell, a curse
      • “That's it! Cut Donkey Kong's hair, and before it grows back, I'll have the coconut!”
      • “You wouldn't know a good plan if it'd hit you on the head!”
      • “We bad guys, never get a break.”
      • “Surrender Cranky! Hand over the coconut you sssspineless ssimian!”
      • “This is our strategy: We are here, and the Crystal Coconut is there. Here, there, here, there. Get it?”
      • “A stray? A marauder? A vigliante? Or just a dumb ape”
      • “At lasst, I'm all-powerful, the supreme leader! The grand poobah, of evil!!”
      • “Open it at once! Or I'll roast you for lunch!!”
      • “Donkey Kong (laughs), good match, once again you win, I lose, no harm, no foul, let's call it a day, what do say?”
      • “Yes! Oh ssplendid, oh the power, you little beauty, you will be all mine!!”
      • “Because it wouldn't be a surprise you numbssskull!”
      • “Of course it's bad, WE are bad you lunkhead!”
      • “You're so right. I don't know what came over me, now get the board smarty-pants!”
      • “Is this the fiendishly brilliant plan for a master strategist? Or is he simply the stupidest ape on two feet?”
      • “My army.. My precious critters... time to slither one root”
      • “One minute you're up, the next minute you're, down.”
      • “Lunkhead! Ninny! Nute!! You just tossed the coconut!”
      • “It's at times like this that I find that I must ask myself, again and again, do I really want the Crystal Coconut this badly?”
      • “He does have his moments.”
      • “Daaoow! Doh, watch where you're sanding, you mindless cretin!!”
      • “This dream was special. I had conquered the apes, I was victorious but- I don't remember how I did it, so be quiet!”
      • “Well, if it isn't Pali Roger, the brainless buzzard, everyone knows you're a double-crossing, pube-ling parrot, who'd sell his own mother to get a single cracker.”
      • “The ape is out like a light, I think I like where this is going!”
      • “Well well, it seems the big ape has gone with a big sleep, which just goes to show if you snooze, you lose. The Crystal Coconut that is (laughs)”
      • “Very interesting! Yes, just as I thought. For an unevolved species, they're clever, but not as clever as, King K. Rrrool!! Donkey Kong is asleep at the switch”
      • “Clearly you underestimated the necessity and skill of a mystic oracle translator.”
      • “Get me someone who's linguistically adept, at lamp lingo!”
      • “Hand over the lamp or it's, hasta la vista, baby!”
      • “(laughs) I will have screen power over you Neathrendal throwbacks! With the mystical oracle at my fingertips, I shall know everything before it happens. Mark my words, you will never, EVER, get the better of me again!”
      • “How, DARE you enter my private inner sanctum with an invitation!”
      • “They didn't invite me? That's so unfair, what's wrong with me? Haven't I always tried to be a good enemy to Donkey Kong??”
      • “Those arrogant apes, will soon discover that if I'm not invited to their wedding; there won't BE any wedding”
      • “Oh you're not going anywhere Donkey Kong, but not to worry, I'll be sure to send your regrets to the wedding party”
      • “Will you, disco dunces stop that!?”
      • “I don't believe it, after my years of malik-en mouthpieces have paid off (laughs and chortles), and you two little pipper snappers, playing a little trick on Uncle K. Rool, well pretending this precious little beauty was a soccer ball (laughs)”
      • “I should've known better you two leather lunkheads, couldn't mastermind your way out of bed! Let alone figure a way to steal the Crystal Coconut on your own.”

    Bad Qualities


    1. In the games he does not speak at times, so he does not have that much of a clear personality compared to his other appearances.
    2. His blood-shot right eye, when zoomed in, can come across as disgusting to look at for some people.

    TV Series

    1. His failures tend to happen due to overthinking, procrastinating, and getting too carried away at the end.
      • While some of his schemes can be conventionally underhanded and several of his schemes are smart enough to actually work as of season 1. In season 2, however, his schemes have become a lot more harebrained and ridiculous. In the episode "The Big Switch-a-Roo", he thought books had the knowledge that could be transferred into his own brain with a brain-switching machine instead of just simply reading the book, meaning that he thought books had brains (not helped by the TV series' bizarre writing in general).
      • K.Rool's insatiable appetite for grandiose schemes and using Krusha and Kump over and over for his schemes tend to fail rather than using his very adept workforce.
    2. He uses large words in an attempt to be sophisticated, yet throws tantrums like a child and lacks some common sense.
    3. Speaking of season 2, he has certainly gotten a little dumber in comparison to the first season.
    4. As mentioned above at TV Series#2, he can be considered unlikable in the episode "Kong for a Day" for being a Karma Houdini who got away with deceiving every Kong into getting mad at Donkey Kong for K. Rool's misdeeds.
    5. His music numbers can either be even more awkward than the regular ones, or just as entertaining as the regular ones, all depending on the episode.
    6. Just like how every character in the show has hilariously weird and awkward movements, he can either be more or less, laughable. Additionally, there is some inaccurate parts of him like his cape not extended like in the game and missing his signature blood-shot right eye



    • King K. Rool is the first non-Japanese character in Super Smash Bros, as his first appearance in Donkey Kong Country, made and developed by British company Rare.


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