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    Kimi Finster (All Grown Up!)

    Kimi Finster (All Grown Up!)
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    "My one and only brother is Chuckie Finster."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Much sweeter girl
    Age: 12
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Dionne Quan
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: All Grown Up!

    Kimi Watanabe-Finster is a character from the Rugrats franchise. She is one of the main characters in All Grown Up!, the Rugrats’ spin-off series, where she appears as an older kid. She is the daughter of Kira Finster, the adopted daughter of Chas Finster, is the adopted sister of Chuckie Finster, and is a friend to the main cast. Her older kid self has gotten massive character development, which made her a better character now than she was when she was in Rugrats.

    Why She's The Bestest Sister Now

    1. She has redeemed herself when she appears as an older kid, going from a young annoying baby to an older, hilarious and more sweeter girl who basically has a charming personality like Cat Valentine.
    2. She is the first recurring character of East Asian descent in the Rugrats franchise, and intentionally fuels its diversity.
    3. Her design as an older kid looks good, and she is still pretty cute.
    4. Dionne Quan still does a great job voicing her.
    5. Whenever she does something wrong, she will often realize her mistakes and try to make things right and fix them.
    6. She likes to give people chances and see the good in them, like how she saw the good inside the cool looking bad boy Z.
    7. She often likes to hang out with her friends, and it’s understandable whenever she doesn’t want her brother embarrassing her by overprotecting her.
    8. She likes to protect animals and even help people see that some things don’t control their lives, like how phones aren’t always needed.
    9. She loves to see her family’s culture, like how she discovered that her side of the family is Japanese.
      • For example, in "Trading Places", she reunites with her biological father when he came to visit her. Not only did Kimi reunite with her father but she also got herself a new stepmother in the form of Wanda Yoshida-Watanabe and a new younger half sister in the form of Kiki Watanabe.
      • Also, in the said episode, Kiki was gifted to Kimi as her new baby sister, which makes them sisters instead of just half sisters.
    10. She’s also willing to extend her family tree by adding in Chuckie’s side of the family to her school project, seeing that Chas and Chuckie are part of her family.
    11. She has some funny moments, like when she joined the girls and Dil during Lil’s birthday party to prank the boys, and when she and her friends were playing mountain man in Tommy’s backyard.
    12. She still cares about her friends and family, and is now more shown as she grows, like how she helps Angelica with her 13th birthday party along with the others, and how she understands and is grateful that Reptar was the reason she’s with her brother and friends since they were babies, and shows her brother gratitude for making her realize that. She also cares about her real father too and her cute little young half-sister, Kiki, and never forgot about them, even while living with her current family.
    13. Her emotional side is more shown and understandable, like when she hugged Chuckie while crying after seeing how great siblings they were in the past and forgives him after his mistakes, and how she felt worried about Lil after she and Phil decide to have separate birthdays.
    14. She and Chuckie have an awesome and heartwarming sibling bond, as they care and love each other very much, help each other learn from their mistakes, and are always there for each other. Just like when she was younger, she would often look up to Chuckie for advice and his help whenever she needs it, and she often helps Chuckie right back, like helping Chuckie get over his obsession of Yu-Gotta-Go cards, and when she helps Chuckie ice skate to be prepared for Nicole’s party. Their bond was good when they were younger, but it’s grown to be at its best in the spin-off as their older kid selves.
    15. As seen in "TP+KF" and "Super Hero Worship", she has an adorable crush on Tommy, and Tommy has an adorable crush on her right back.
    16. Overall, Kimi has become a much more lovable character thanks to these qualities, and to quote Chuckie when he was a baby from "Kimi Takes the Cake": "You’re the bestest sister."

    Bad Qualities

    1. Her younger Rugrats self.
    2. She can be a little bit stereotypical.


    • Kimi is the only main character to have a half-sibling.



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