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    Kim Crawford
    "Boom goes the dynamite! Boom!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Girly Badass
    Age: 13 (season 1)
    14 (season 2)
    15 (season 3)
    16 (season 4)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Olivia Holt
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Kickin' it

    Kimberly "Kim" Beulah Crawford is the deuteragonist of Kickin' It. She is a tough and confident martial artist who was born on March 12, 1998. She is portrayed by Olivia Holt who was in the first 3 seasons and had a guest appearance in a few episodes in season 4.


    Kim is the only girl in the Wasabi Dojo. That doesn't mean, however, that she doesn't have the skills to go head-to-head with any of the boys in the dojo. Kim's skills are virtually equal to Jack's, the only other black belt in their dojo, and she isn't afraid to use that to her advantage at times. She is a former member of the rival dojo, Black Dragons, but joined the Bobby Wasabi Academy after finding out the Black Dragons were cheaters... Many people underestimate her because she's a girl. Kim also doesn't like being called "just another pretty face". Kim has been known to lose her temper quickly, and she won't hesitate to threaten or attack a person, usually causing Jack to step in before things get ugly. In "Hit the Road Jack", it is revealed that she has feelings for Jack, which she admitted to Joan. She is Jack's girlfriend and main love interest.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She is memorable character in the series.
    2. Out of all characters, Kim definitely wins the snarking trophy.
    3. She is good at sports, particularly karate.
    4. She is a very good friend to Milton, Jerry, Eddie, Rudy, Joan and girlfriend to Jack, as she's always there for them.
    5. She is unnervingly loyal to her friends and will go to long lengths to help them with their problems
    6. She is very independent in the things that she does and doesn't want to rely on others for support.
      • In the episode Ricky Weaver, it is shown that she used to have a celebrity crush on popstar sensation Ricky Weaver before finding out his true intentions.
    7. She's usually the first one to resort to violence in a bad situation.
    8. Other than Jack, many guys have been attracted to her, even Jerry.
    9. Apparently, saying Kim is a Dumb Blonde is NOT a good idea. She was ready to hurt Milton (who was pretending to be Jerry as part of a plan) when he said "Forgot I was talking to a blonde".
      • She also doesn't like being called "doll". Sound familiar?
      • Also, she will beat up anyone who ruins her hair.
    10. Though she was the last to join the dojo, she was the first to befriend Jack, who later becomes his girlfriend.
    11. Anytime Kim hears music, she gets enthusiastically excited and starts to dance, or at least what she considers dancing. Everyone else just cringes witnessing her bad bad moves. Ironically, she's very good at formal ballroom dancing.
    12. Iconic catchphrase:
      • "Boom goes the Dynamite!"
      • "That's my jam!"
      • "Boom goes the dynamite!"
    13. Usually, most of the Wasabi boys treat her similarly to a boy.
    14. She has a decent singing ability.
    15. Most of them come to her for advice on dating or just other things.
    16. At times Kim may feel a bit left out and all the boys treat her like a sister besides Jack by the end of the series.
    17. Kim’s relationship with Jack is awesome, as they are there for each other when needed.
      • In Ricky Weaver, Jack is jealous of Ricky Weaver, and she thanks him for having her back. Then he asks her to go with him to Circus Burger.
      • In Hit the Road Jack, she admits to having a crush on him.
      • In Karate Games, they have a movie together and the director said they have to kiss, but don't. Later on they nearly kiss for real on top of the Hollywood sign.
      • In Kickin' It On Our Own, Kim is upset that Jack didn't keep in touch with her, therefore she is also angry. At the end of the episode, she breaks up with her boyfriend, Brett, as she still has feelings for Jack and she agrees to go on a date with him at the end.
      • In Two Dates and a Funeral, Albert makes the highest bid on Kim, which turns out to be for Jack. They lie to Milton and Jerry about the date and their feelings, until they eventually tell the truth and go on a date at the end of the episode.
    18. She was a very popular character when the show was on back then, many viewers see her as a good character.
    19. She is greatly portrayed by Olivia Holt.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She can be unlikable at times.
    2. She can be annoying at times.
    3. She started to become out of character in season 3.
    4. Fans reaction to Kim's departure in season 4 was even worse.
      • She’s sadly not in the majority of season 4, due to her character is accepted to a dojo in Japan. In real life, it's because Olivia signed on to do I Didn't Do It on Disney Channel and wanted to avoid scheduling conflicts. However, she guest stars in several episodes in Season 4.
    5. Sometimes, Olivia will slip into her native Tennessee southern accent. Could be justified as Kim is meant to be from the south.


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